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Hello, my name is Lea. Welcome to my Healthy Lifestyle Blog. This is a collection of what has helped me during my weight loss challenges, as well as all of the valuable information I've learned as a Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor. Please feel free to add me as a friend at the networks above; subscribe to this blog for updates, natural weight loss tips and monthly newsletter!

A little about my weight loss journey ...

Just as with you, I didn't come into the world with a weight problem. I was a healthy 7'8 lb baby girl born of two physically fit parents that just so happen to have CHALLENGING genes and even worse eating habits :( My mother's side of the family is REALLY tall and juicy. That side of the family loves to get together to eat and drink. My father's side of the family has a potpourri of sizes, though most on the "thick" side and they love to get together to eat. Both sides of my family battle diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, digestive issues, etc. My mother's side is prone to hypothyroid (Hashimoto's) and gall bladder issues. Both of my parents have battled weight issues over the years. As I got older, I followed suit in some of the unhealthy habits, genetics and weight gain; especially during pregnancy years ...

My vicious cycle of baby fat ... I started putting on weight during pregnancies!

I know that we are supposed to gain weight while pregnant, but I always gain weight incredibly fast during pregnancy. I swell up in the first month, putting on 20 to 30 pounds in my first trimester, and even though I thought that I had my plan to eat healthy under control with my last baby, I BLEW UP in my first trimester, again. I started off eating right and ended up begging my husband to buy me Whoppers every other night by the 3rd trimester. Pregnancy is a time that showed me that I had no control over my body and very little will power with food cravings (or what I thought to be hunger). I needed to learn how to change bad habits, but my immediate motivation was just to lose weight for health and comfort.

Plus, my body shape changed and stored fat more after having kids.

It is really hard to get back on track after having children because your body and life goes through such a tremendous transitions. All focus goes from you to the needs of your child(ren). Eventually there should be a balance, but I struggled with how to balance that "time for you" everyone talks about. I worked from home, had a husband, breastfed and cared for the kids. Breastfeeding helped me pay more attention to my eating, BUT I did not exercise or do the things I used to do for myself. The weight was not coming off as easily as before I had children. I developed health issues and lack of will power (it is so much easier eating the cookie with my kids than watching them eat cookies --- know what I mean?). There were times that I fell into thinking that it was so much easier to be fat than it was to lose weight BUT I knew the extra weight was killing me ... Just as obesity is killing us as a nation. I needed to make a change and this is how I ended trying finding Skinny Fiber and helping others with their weight loss needs, too.

I did not want to be fat another day, let alone another year!!! Yet, consistently doing what I needed to do to lose weight has always been a major weakness!

When I got "Sick & Tired" in the past, I would just go to a diet doctor for B12 shots and diet pills. They gave me a diet plan each week that I usually didn't follow because I just took the pills, drank a pot of coffee, and threw out all of the junk in the house until I got under control. I would buy the kids what they liked and pretty much starved to lose weight ... until I got sick of it, eventually went back to eating what I wanted and gaining weight again. The diet pills helped for appetite control but increased my blood pressure a little more each time that I took them on and off. By the time I had my 3rd child, my blood pressure was at a critical hypertension which required that I had to stay longer in the hospital until the doctor got it back under control with blood pressure medication. It took a long time to get my blood pressure down and by the time my son was a year, I was still fat, sick and lacked energy. This was when I came across Skinny Fiber.

Skinny Fiber Distributor & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

I spent many months watching before and after weight loss pictures that my friends were posting. I also saw how long they remained in the business opposed to jumping to another one (as people usually do in direct sales). Skinny Fiber was becoming an all around GREAT experience for them. I came aboard and lost 24 pounds in my first 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. I did not change much to lose the weight at first; just took my skinny fiber, watched a bit what I was eating and drank a lot of water. I lost 20 pounds in my 2nd 90 day challenge ... my blood pressure improved; my energy improved; some inflammation issues improved; I started making healthy lifestyle changes, too.

This blog is a collection of information about how to lose weight, as well as getting healthy through certain LIFESTYLE CHANGES. You can follow along whether you use Skinny Fiber or not. The goal is for all of us NOT to be another statistic in their obesity epidemic and prevent other family members / friends from making the same mistakes! Both weight loss and health requires change ... It is my mission to help through education, example and support. 

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Look forward to chatting with you some time!

Hugs & Blessings!

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