Free Skinny Fiber & Free Ageless Anti Aging - October 2015 Specials

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Happy October Skinny Friends!!! It's Oktoberfest at SBC ... Check it out!!!

Hope your summer ended with a splash and that you're well settled into the new school season :) Hasn't this been such a quick year? Now, we have to get ready for the holidays ... Only 90 days until January 1, 2016. Are you ready? Have you lost the weight you planned last New Year?

If not, it's OK ... Don't get down on yourself. You have plenty of time to get the ball rolling again. NOW is the best time to get serious about your weight loss goals. If you've gotten off track over the past few months there is no need to put your weight loss plans off for January 1st. October is the best time to start as any for your weight loss challenge ...

Ditch the BAD HABIT of a New Year's Resolution to lose weight this year!!! Most of us fail at that New Years Resolution anyways ... It's time to trick the mind and body by getting into a weight loss and fitness routine this month and spend the last quarter of the year getting in the best shape of our lives.

Aren't you tired of not losing the weight year after year?

Wouldn't it be incredible to start 2016 off as a slimmer more confident you?

The Skinny Fiber company (SBC) thinks that would be an incredible experience for you, too, So, this is what their doing this month ...

Free Bottle of Skinny Fiber or Ageless Serum


SBC is running a special promotion to help motivate your 90 Day Challenge.

All customers that Order Skinny Fiber from This Website between October 1st to October 8, 2015 will get a FREE GIFT ($60 Value) directly from the company.

You can choose to have a FREE BOTTLE OF SKINNY FIBER (another month of this weight loss product) or you can choose a FREE BOTTLE OF AGELESS (highly effective anti aging serum ) at the time of your order.

If you've always wanted to try the Ageless Anti-Aging Serum, here is your opportunity to get it for free. This is a limited time offer, so don't drag your feet.


What Is Ageless Anti-Aging Serum?

Ageless Anti-Aging Serum is a skin health product that helps to hydrate, firm and tighten your skin with quality ingredients. It helps to "fill in" wrinkles, lines and creases to help make you look younger. Ageless also helps with blemishes and some have experienced lightening of stretch marks. If you don't have crows feet, blemishes or wrinkles yet, you can start using Ageless Anti Aging Serum to help control signs of skin damage from the sun and weather, as well as to prevent signs of aging. The company's generous gift give you the chance 1st hand to see how it works for your skin.


The ingredients in Ageless include 12 antioxidants from fruits that make Ageless like an anti-aging superfood for your skin!

This offer is only available from the SPECIAL WEBSITE and ends on October 8, 2015, so jump on it today!

2 New Products Coming Your Way!!!
Lastly, I want to give you a "heads up" before next month hits. We are expecting 2 new products sometime in November 2015 (hopefully by Thanksgiving so we have them for Christmas gifts). One is a highly effective weight loss product that works while you sleep --- WOO HOO!!! Research has shown that weight loss has a direct correlation with sleep: People who get 5 hours or less of QUALITY SLEEP are 73% more likely to be Clinically OBESE than those who get 7+ hours of QUALITY SLEEP! This new product will help battle this issue. I will leave the second product a surprise EXCEPT to say that it will have instant results for problems we experience as we start to age!!! I'll let you know when the products launch!!!

Please feel free to send me a message if you have questions!

Here's To YOUR Success,


The Role Of Fats In Your Diet & How Fat Helps Weight Loss & Health

Learn the role of dietary fat in your diet and which are the best for weight loss health!

Dietary fats have gotten a bad reputation from many diet-conscious circles, but the truth is that fats play an important role in your health. Fats in your diet directly affect your energy level, hormones, brain function, nervous system and more. It is important to our metabolism, but the types of fats and the amounts of fats that determine whether this dietary component has a positive or negative effect on your body. This is why it's important to learn how the role of fats in your diet can help with weight loss and health goals.

Different Types of Fats & The Roles

You have probably heard of "good fats" and "bad fats" over the years; maybe reintroduced to them while researching different diet plans for weight loss. For example, the Atkins Diet encourages more protein and fats while limiting carbohydrates. On the other hand, the Slimming World Diet encourages less fats and calories in comparison to other diet plans that count points or portions.

Understanding the different types of fats and how they work in your body can play a huge part in which eating plan is best for you, as well as how to lose weight and your body metabolism.

The role of bad fats in your diet. It is best to avoid / limit bad fats especially trans fats.


Saturated fats are considered "bad" fats, that is, fats that are linked to clogged arteries, high cholesterol and increased heart disease. These fats are generally solid at room temperature. Examples of saturated fats include lard, butter, meats, poultry skin and coconut products. Eating these foods in moderation can help protect you against their unhealthy effects even though they may have benefits, too. For example, coconut oil has numerous uses and benefits for weight loss, infections, lauric acid for the heart and blood pressure, skin, helping with blood sugar and so on. It is best to choose cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil and still a saturated fat.


Many health professionals have been spreading the word on the negative health effects of trans fats. These are fats found in meat and dairy products. Trans fats are also formed when hydrogen is added to liquid oils, creating "hydrogenated oils." Consuming trans fats are associated with higher rates of LDL cholesterol, the "bad fat" type that is linked to heart disease and other problems. You should eliminate trans fat from your diet as much as possible. You can do this by eating more lean meats and non-fat dairy products.
The unsaturated fats especially Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids play an important role in your weight loss and over all body functions. Eat these good fats in moderation!


Unsaturated fats are healthier than saturated fats and provide the components needed for body functions. These fats are usually liquid at room temperature. Unsaturated fats are further divided into monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Examples of monounsaturated fats include olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, peanut butter, avocado oil, avocados, canola oil, oils found in nuts like pecans, almonds,  macadamia nuts, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans and olives. Polyunsaturated fats include corn oil, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, soybean oil, walnuts and certain types of fatty fish as listed below under the Omega Fatty Acids.


Dietary experts recommend eating omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which provide all the important components for body function without the negative effects of some types of fat. Humans cannot produce omega-3 and omega-6 in our own bodies, so we must consume it in our foods. Corn oil, sunflower oil, nuts, seeds, salmon, mackerel and tuna are good sources. Green, leafy vegetables are also good sources of these compounds.

Exactly how fats help with weight loss and general health benefits

The Role of Fats & Human Metabolism

Fats are necessary to the function of the human body.

1) Fats are concentrated sources of energy that can be utilized quickly when needed.

2) Fats provide the cellular materials for healthy brain function.

3) Fats also aid the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.

4) Fats help to transport nutrients into cells throughout the body.

5) Fats help to keep nervous systems healthy.

6) Fats also aid in hormone production.
How Much Fat Is Good For Me
Nutritional experts recommend that fat should be no more that 30 percent of the total caloric intake each day, but this amount should be primarily healthy fats. There are two basic types of dietary fat, saturated and unsaturated.

Consuming Fats Wisely

Although being conscious of the amount and types of fat you consume can help to safeguard your health, you don't have to become "fat-phobic" ... You just need to lean towards eating the good fats in moderations (according to serving sizes and recommended daily amount) AND understand where the bad fats "hide out" in the grocery story under labels that make you think the food is health for you, as well as what you choose for cooking meals.

For example:

Vegetable Oil is not an unsaturated fat, so it is not a wise choice for frying and baked goods. Frying is not a better choice than baking, though using an unsaturated fat while sauteeing is a better option. The boxed crackers, cookies or cake mixes (baked goods), doughnuts, nuggets and taco shells (fried), margarine or boxed popcorn (not counting just the plain organic popcorn kernels) --- these are all unhealthy for you and why there is such encouragement on TV shows, articles and directly from health experts to cook foods from scratch instead of eating out and / or buying pre-packaged processed foods (like macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, microwave meals, as well as the pre-made baked goods,

The better choices include the good fats above as well as fruits, vegetables and sprouted grains.

Here are some resources from this blog:

Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Clean Eating Guide

Diet Plans To Help You get Started

How Skinny Fiber Blocks Fat

You can also join our Weight Loss Support Online group for more tips, encouragement, recipes and weight loss help. We can discuss the questions you have about dietary fats and weight loss.

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Clean Eating – Is This Your Diet Plan For Weight Loss & Better Health

Clean Eating Diet Plan and Weight Loss w/ Skinny Fiber

Clean Eating is a subject that comes up all of the time these days. Mix it with all of the information about how successful you could be on a low carb diet, low fat diet and counting calories, and it can be challenging to even think about another way of eating for weight loss … Yet, this is one to pay attention to if you want less chemicals, pesticides and hormones in your foods!

Are you are confused about what Clean Eating is in general and whether this type of diet plan can help with your weight loss goals? It’s actually a life change that can have HUGE rewards on how you look, feel and live. Clean eating focuses on the way foods are produced and processed, in order to achieve the most natural effects on your body. This article provides a closer look at how clean eating can help you become healthier, more energetic and lose the weight for good.

What Is Clean Eating?

Clean eating involves a few key concepts that make it the most desirable way of eating for individuals trying to lose weight, detoxify their systems or avoid food sensitivities. Most importantly, it is a way of life, opposed to just a diet plan, for people that want to eat and live as clean as possible without going vegetarian or vegan.

These concepts include:

1) Eliminating processed foods from your diet.

2) Eating organically grown fruits and vegetables; natural foods free of pesticides and chemicals.

3) Eating unrefined grains such as sprouted breads, quinoa, steel-cut oatmeal, brown rice and beans / legumes.

4) Buying organic, pastured or wild meats instead of grain-fed meat

5) Using hormone-free dairy products

6) Cooking foods in ways that introduce a minimal amount of other ingredients such as stir-frying, steaming or baking.

7) Using healthy oils, such as olive oil, grapeseed oil, walnut oil, coconut oil or sesame oil.



If you are worried about being able to afford organic fruits and vegetables. Use this list courtesy of Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in ProduceTM from as a guide for which are the most important to buy organic or not. Any fruits and vegetables at the top of the list are MORE TOXIC and you want to buy organic; any from the bottom of the list and up are LESS TOXIC;


1. Apples
2. Peaches
3. Nectarines
4. Strawberries
5. Grapes
6. Celery
7. Spinach
8. Sweet Bell Peppers
9. Cucumbers
10. Cherry Tomatoes
11. Snap Peas (imported)
12. Potatoes
13. Hot Peppers
14. Blueberries (USA)
15. Lettuce
16. Kale and Collard Greens

17. Cherries
18. Plums
19. Pears
20. Green beans
21. Raspberries
22. Winter squash
23. Tangerines
24. Blueberries (imported)
25. Carrots
26. Summer squash
27. Broccoli
28. Snap Peas (USA)
29. Green onions
30. Bananas
31. Oranges
32. Tomatoes
33. Watermelon
34. Honeydew melon
35. Mushrooms


36. Sweet Potatoes ---
37. Cauliflower
38. Cantaloupe
39. Grapefruit
40. Eggplant
41. Kiwi
42. Papayas
43. Mangos
44. Asparagus
45. Onions
46. Sweet Peas (frozen)
47. Cabbage
48. Pineapples
49. Sweet Corn
50. Avocados

What Are The Benefits Of Clean Eating?

Clean eating can help you to:

· Reduce blood pressure

· Regulate blood sugar in Type-2 diabetes

· Reduce the risk for heart disease

· Reduce the risk of stroke

- Reduce body fat

· Improve digestive function

· Lose weight
Can I Eat Clean While Doing A Special Diet Plan?
YES, you can eat clean while doing Atkins or other low carb diets.

YES, you can eat clean while doing the Paleo Diet.

YES, you can eat clean on a diabetic or low cholesterol diet.

YES, you can eat clean as a vegetarian or vegan.

YOU CAN EAT CLEAN while doing most any diet that does not require you to buy and use their pre-packaged foods, shakes, etc. If you are vegan, do not include the dairy and meat, etc.

Just follow the guidelines and / or recipes for your diet plan by replacing the ingredients with organic, natural, unprocessed foods. Clean eating is kind of easy that way.

It is likely that you will feel so much better (less sluggish, reduce blood pressure, lower insulin levels) while making the changes because you are choosing REAL, CLEAN, HEALTHY foods and drinks. Not processed carbs and other foods that increase health risks!
How To Integrate Clean Eating Into Your Daily Life?
Because our culture relies a great deal of convenience foods (i.e. fast foods, quick boxed foods, frozen foods and eating away from home), clean eating requires a little more planning than what you might be used to.

It’s not too hard though does require you to decide in advance which foods for shopping, daily meals and snack attacks. Simple changes like carrying a lunch, instead of eating out on your lunch hour at work, will allow to maintain a clean diet, as well as save money. It is the same when you are home with the family or planning to spend time with friends. Cook a clean meal instead of going out to eat; they will appreciate a new style of eating while learning more about this new theory of nutrition. If you do eat out of the home, patronize a health food restaurant that uses organic ingredients that are cooked fresh. When in a restaurant, try to choose the simplest items on the menu, ones that are likely to have less or no processed ingredients, such as a stir fry dishes or grilled fish and steamed vegetables.


Whether you choose clean eating for weight loss or management for a certain health condition, you may find that your health improves significantly with this type of diet plan, helping you to have better digestion, improved mood, increased energy and so much more. You will probably even feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before and never go back to unnatural eating.

Also, the theory is that one of the major advantages to clean eating is longevity! That eating healthy increases your potential for a longer life! I am not here to make claims to you, but I sure know that I get less gas when I eat organic eggs and feel so much better when OFF of processed foods. Maybe it will be this way for you, too, especially if you think that you are starting to experience allergic reactions to certain foods and / or gluten intolerance.

Lastly, if you find yourself OVEREATING while trying to make your healthy lifestyle changes and losing weight, you can take Skinny Fiber with this clean eating diet plan. The ingredients in Skinny Fiber are all natural; it helps with cleansing, appetite control and has digestive enzymes that help you better absorb the nutrients in the foods you eat, as well as block fats, increase metabolism and natural energy. Take it short or long term which working on your health and wellness.

I hope that you've found this information helpful. Please feel free to shoot me a message HERE with your experiences, ideas and questions ... You can connect with me at the links below for encouragement, weight loss tips and support:

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Winners of the Skinny Fiber Global Weight Loss Challenge (April - June)

April to June 2015 Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge Winners lost 46 pounds, 53 pounds and 75 pounds - JUST AMAZING!!!

I posted an announcement a few months about a very special promotion hosted by the Skinny Fiber company. It involved a three month Global Weight Loss Challenge that ran from April 1, 2015 until the end of June 2015; the first of it's kind with this company with very exciting Grand Prizes. The winners were announces on Here are the contest details and the list of winners with their amazing weight loss results:

Winners of the Skinny Fiber Global Weight Loss Challenge?

Our TOP 3 WINNERS of the Global 90 Day Challenge!

1st place winner lost 75 pounds with Skinny Fiber in just 3 months
John Cooper is our 1st place winner with 75 pounds lost with Skinny Fiber in 90 days. JUST INCREDIBLE and we are all super proud of him.

Veronica Smith - 53 Pounds Lost (Waiting for her pictures)

Karenne Menz - 46 Pounds Lost (Waiting for her pictures)

Honorable Mention 4th place, edged out by just 1 pound:

Here's is 4th place winner Autumn Richardson showing us what 45 pounds weight loss looks like - JUST AWESOME!!! Autumn lost 52 Pounds Lost w/ Skinny Fiber in 4 months which 45 pounds was in 90 days during the weight loss challenge!!!

How Was Global Weight Loss Challenge Different Than The 90 Day Challenge?

The Global Weight Loss Challenge was very similar to the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge. The participants used all natural Skinny Fiber as their supplement for appetite control, fiber and digestive enzymes. They we all issued a special account where they received health, exercise and weight loss tips, as well as a free tool for tracking their weight and measurements. The difference in the program was that it was just held for 90 days (no personal extensions as is common for customers to do more than one 90 day challenge throughout the year). The Global Weight Loss Challenge also included mini challenge videos from the CEO of the company and the grand prizes were different.

Prizes For The Weight Loss Challenge Winners

The top 3 Winners get an all expense paid trip to Miami, Florida. Their trip includes an exciting makeover and they will become our featured weight loss celebrities on television later this year.

When will they be on TV?

I'll share the broadcast information just as soon as I get it.

I am soooo excited for the winners. They have done such an incredible job at sticking to the weight loss program and losing so much weight while taking Skinny Fiber. They are an inspiration for others working so hard to lose weight this year, and also quite an example of how Skinny Fiber works!
Congrats To Everyone Who Did The Challenge!!!
Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated in this Worldwide Challenge!!! You are ALL WINNERS for LOSING weight and should be extremely proud of the progress you have made, too! Please keep going with your weight loss journey, and submit your before and after pictures when you ready to share your progress to the world, too!!!!!!
Want to be our next success story?
Have you been sitting on the fence as to whether you should try Skinny Fiber and do the weight loss challenge, too? What are you waiting for? Skinny Fiber was ranked #8 in the top 25 best weight loss products for 2014! It is one of the most affordable programs in the USA and comes with a full product guarantee, too!!!

Want To Become A Skinny Fiber Distributor?
Skinny Fiber Distributors have the unique opportunity to lose weight while learning the business and getting paid to help others. This is an international work at home business that is open to men and women in 150 countries. It is just a one-time $10 plus your product package to become a Skinny Fiber distributor. The company provides websites, virtual office, training, resources, incentives and support to help you become successful in your personal goals through your efforts and hard work.

You can LEARN MORE ON THIS PAGE and also CONTACT ME directly with any questions.

How did you do during the Global Challenge?

I have heard from some of you, but would sure love to hear from more! If you are my customer or distributor, and have lost weight during the Global Challenge or 90 Day Challenge, you can contact me on Facebook, send me a message through this blog with your testimonial and pictures, or post it in our Weight Loss Support Online group.

Here's to your weight loss success!!!

Your Friend,


Winners Of The 10,000 Steps & Strength Training Fitness Challenge

Here's a list of the winners from the 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge w/ Strength Training. Several of the participants kept up for the whole challenge and it was fun! Of course the prizes and weight loss goals were awesome incentives to stay on track through the four weeks. I hope that everyone continued to step away throughout the month of June, too. I am planning for another fitness challenge soon, so make sure to subscribe to this blog using the form on the right hand side of the page. Scroll down to see the box and enter your info!

Winners For The 10K Steps A Day Challenge!

As previously mentioned, all of the 10,000 Steps A Day challenge winners were randomly selected as seen in the first blog post w/ our week 1 winner. The prizes were either a bottle of Skinny Fiber, a bottle of Ageless Anti-Aging Serum or a $30 Amazon Gift Card. The members checked in each week by posting their stats in our Weight Loss Group. My toddler helped select a winner each week except for the one where he did not feel cooperative :)

Here are the pictures with the challenge winner's names and prizes selected:

Week 1 winner for the 10,000 Steps A Day Fitness Challenge!
JOAN W was the winner for week 1. She had already ordered her Skinny Fiber, therefore chose to have a bottle of our other product - Ageless Anti-Aging Serum - as her prize! Joan excitedly reached her 10,000 steps a day goal!

Week 2 winner for the 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge
KARLA K won the fitness challenge on week 2 and chose an Amazon gift card as her prize, so that she could buy compression socks for running (great choice, right?) since she had already ordered and taking Skinny Fiber before we started the challenge.

3rd week winner for the strength training and 10k steps challenge.
KRISTY B was our week 3 winner. She has been working on her weight loss for quite a while now and is almost at her goal weight (Very proud of her! She such an inspiration.). Kristy chose the Amazon gift card as her prize to buy a mat or resistant bands to help increase her strength training! FYI: Kristy exceeded 10,000 steps a day consistently throughout the challenge.

Winner for week 4 was Kristy!
KARLA K won again on week 4 - Lucky Girl! She chose the Amazon gift card and mentioned that she was up to an impressive 20,000 steps a day by week 4.

I want to extend a HUGE CONGRATS to everyone who participated in the 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge and did their Strength Training at least 3 times a week. You are all winners to our weight loss support group family! Thank you so much for participating ...

Also, a shout out to my little guy for helping with the challenge! It was a learning experience for him and rewarding to us as a family for him to learn the importance of what I do to help people AND in his striving for at least 10,000 steps a day with me :) He did at least a mile each time and then rode in his stroller while I walked, so I am extremely proud of him.

Why Fitness Challenges Are Important To Us

Although many people take Skinny Fiber and lose weight without working out at all, I ALWAYS ENCOURAGE customers and weight loss support group to exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise helps with weight loss, muscles, body toning, cardiovascular health, mood, energy, aging and so much more. It really is a necessity in our lives regardless of where we are at in our weight loss and / or health journey. It should become a consistent healthy lifestyle change during and after your weight loss challenge!

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Here's To Your Weight Loss Success!!!

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10K Steps A Day & Strength Training Challenge - Week 1 Winner

As per the details of the May Fitness Challenge, Friday is our check-in day each week. I post reminders on our Facebook and Google pages, personal profiles and in the weight loss support group for everyone to see. All participants have until Sunday afternoon to let us know how many steps they took each day and how many days of strength training completed (some posted snap shots of their app counters during the week - it was motivational and fun).

Since everyone is at different fitness levels, the winner is based on participation. This is actually a giveaway type contest. This week my youngest son helped select the Week 1 Challenge Winner. We had lot of fun and selected the gift recipient as follows:

Skinny Fiber and 10,000 steps a day challenge!
1st week's 10k steps a day & strength training members are the 6 names here.

Wonder who won the 10,000 steps a day challenge this week?
It was Mother's Day this Sunday, so my toddler helped folded up the names ...

Join our weight loss support group online for health and weight loss tips, exercise routines and fitness challenges!
We put all of the participant names in his favorite sun hat (his choice of course).

Not really a contest more like a giveaway!
I shook the hat to mix up the names, and let my son selected the winner's name.

Everyone is a winner in the Skinny Fiber weight loss challenge and the 10,000 steps a day challenge. Join with Lea Hunt
Here's a picture of him opening the paper with the winning name. He was serious :)

Picture of my sweet toddler helping me on Mother's Day!
He selected JOAN W's name as the winner (holding it upside down - LOL).

The 10k steps a day and weight training challenge winner is ...
*** As you can see, it is more like a "Giveaway" instead of a contest! Still fun!!! ***

Week 1 Winner - 10,000 Steps & Strength Training

Congrats to Joan W for being the winner for this week! WOO HOO!

She had the choice of a bottle of Skinny Fiber, bottle of Ageless Anti-Aging Serum or a gift card that she could use towards something to help in her fitness / weight loss journey. She chose to try the Ageless Anti-Aging Serum :)

One more thing ...

Two other awesome and ironic details I want to share is that Joan has been doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge since May 1st (Day 1) - AND -  was able to do her first 10k step day within 4.27 miles the 1st week. If you every try the 10k steps challenge, you will see that it's takes quite a bit of efforts especially when you are not used to doing it.

I love when people win at weight loss. Don't you?

Joan may not be where she wants to be yet, but she is sure working at it and getting results one small change at a time. Same with the other members of our weight loss support online group. They are all winners for participating and the changes they are making for weight loss, too.

YOU CAN do this, too! If you would like to follow along in the group or join the fitness challenge, just do one or both of the following:

Read the 10,000 Steps A Day & Strength Training post and do what it says, so that you can join us in getting more fit with the group members.

You can double your efforts by joining the Weight Loss Challenge, too. It is not a requirement of the fitness challenge, but ca help a lot. CLICK HERE for the details!

Add me as a friend and request to join our group!

Thanks for reading along! If you are a member of our group, please make sure to congratulate join and encourage her to keep going in the challenge!

Check back next week for the Week 2 Winner :)

Here's to your weight loss success!

Your Friend,

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Happy Mother's Day | Biblical Love & Parenting

Happy Mother's Day 2015 from Lea Hunt Skinny Fiber Distributor Florida USA

For all of the moms ...

I don't often have it together enough to get posts out for each holiday. Usually, I do well to share a quick post on Facebook or Google, but I am thinking of you all so much today that I just want to say "Hello" and "Happy Mother's Day".

I just received another lovely hug and kiss from our youngest child. Of course, I became overwhelmed with gratitude again (for the 1000th time today) while thinking that motherhood is such an amazing gift and inspiration to love not just in heart but in action according to the scriptures:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
1 John 3:18
1 Timothy 1:5
Deuteronomy 4:9-10
Deuteronomy 6:5
Ephesians 4:29-32
Ephesians 5:1-2
Ephesians 6:1-3
Isaiah 49:15
Isaiah 66:13
Leviticus 19:3
Luke 1:38
Matthew 10:37
Matthew 20:20-21
Proverbs 13:24
Proverbs 19:18
Proverbs 20:20
Proverbs 22:6
Proverbs 22:15
Proverbs 23:22
Proverbs 29:15
Proverbs 31:25-30
Psalm 127:3
Psalms 128:1-6
Psalm 139:13-16
Romans 15:13
Titus 2:4-5

and so on ... I thank God for my children; yours and you, too!

Whether you are spending time with your kids today or by cherished memories of your child(ren) because you can't be together, I hope that you are having a beautiful day.

Happy Mothers Day



P.S. Don't forget to take your walk today (smile!)

May Fitness Challenge - 10,000 Steps A Day + Strength Training

May Fitness Challenge with Lea Hunt. 10,000 Steps A Day and Tank Top Arms Strength Training @ Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Support.

As promised, we are kicking off the month with a new fitness challenge ...

Our May Fitness Challenge is two fold: The first part embraces a 10,000 Steps A Day goal as discussed in our weight loss support group. Strength Training is the second part of our fitness challenge. Between the cardio from the 10,000 steps a day and the strength training workouts, we are going to to turn our bodies in to toned, fat burning, machines as muscle building goes hand in hand with your weight loss, fitness and health goals.


Please check with your doctor before joining in the May Fitness Challenge, and make sure to stretch before and after each workout! Enjoy and Check In each week at our group!


May Fitness Challenge - How To Get Started!

PART 1 - 10,000 STEPS A DAY

It is said that most people walk 1000 steps (sedentary) to 5000 steps (moderately active) a day with 2000 to 3000 steps a day being the average. That would be a mile or two depending on how brisk you walk, jog or run and how long your walking stride. This would mean that 10,000 steps would equal to about 4 to 5 miles depending on your height, speed and the length of your steps. You can use this info as an estimate for how many steps while exercising until you get a pedometer or fitness tracker (see information below).

Our fitness and health goals:

  • The goal of the May Fitness Challenge is to see how many steps you currently walk, jog or run and improve upon that each day / week until you are at 10,000 steps or more daily. Our group is going to keep track of steps with a pedometer, fitness tracker or mobile app and share the results weekly in our weight loss support group (Click this link and login to Facebook. Click JOIN on the group page) and also add me as a friend at Facebook to follow along there, too.

  • You can record your steps at the end of the day on a calendar (manually) or by using an app that pulls that info from your fitness tracker - or you manual enter it. Check in at our weight loss support group once a week (Fridays are check in days and I will announce random winner on Sunday) to share your steps for the week and any other progress you feel comfortable sharing.

  • We are going to wear fitness shoes to protect our bodies and feet.

  • We are going to wear comfortable clothing each day because ill fitting clothes cause stress to the body.

  • We are going to be consistent in tracking and doing this each day, and completely honest.

  • All daily activities and workout types will count, but WALKING is the basic / standard for tracking, so don't stress yourself out if just getting started in working out again. You don't have to do advanced workouts - or - if you are more experienced, log in more than 10k steps a day!

  • You will need hand weights. One, two, three, four or five pound weights are plenty. You don't want them too heavy unless you have exceeded these weights. Just start low and work your way up because our focus is on more REPS not more weight. You can actually use food cans or water bottles if you don't have hand weights.

  • Most importantly, we need to eat healthy and drink water (1/2 our weight in ounces of water) each day to achieve weight loss, too!


The second part of this challenge is to include strength training - at least 3 times a week - to build muscle, tone and become a fat burning babe. You will get your cardiovascular workout from walking, running or other activities you do. You can do the strength training with the free videos I share with you --- you can weight train at the gym / class --- you can strength train or do yoga through a DVD at home --- Just as long as you include this as part of your May Fitness Challenge. Here are a few that I found for tank top arms and done standing (Make sure to stretch your muscles for a few minutes before starting your upper body workout).



What Do I Need For The 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge?

Comfortable Pair of Shoes - Preferably New & Specific

Two things you may not know is that fitness shoes break down every couple of months (even if they still look new) and fitness shoes should be specific to workouts. If you wear your shoes often, then you should invest in a new pair every 3 to 4 months. You should buy the type of shoes appropriate for the type of exercise(s) you do and your gym shoes should be worn for workouts only. For example, if you take Zumba, the shoes you wear for Zumba should not be the shoes you wear all day every day. The shoes you wear for Spinning class should be specific to that class; you take them off when you are done and put on your daily walking shoes.  In the case of 10,000 STEPS A DAY, you are going to wear your shoes all day long unless you are at a more advanced fitness level where you are going to run 5 miles or more at one time. With this in mind, you need to invest in a new pair of walking shoes, running shoes or cross trainers.  I know this can become expensive to buy a new pair of fitness shoes every couple of months, but is best because the fitness shoes should provide proper support and do not after a couple of months of continual usage because they break down inside. If this poses a strain on your budget, go to Payless, Walmart, shop sales or frequent your favorite discount outlet to find the best deal on a well fitted pair of walking shoes, running or cross trainers.  *** The alternative is to buy knitted ankle supports and / or new supportive shoe inserts until you can buy the shoes you want! ***

Clothing - Wear More Comfortable Clothing

Whether for work or workout, you need to be super conscious of the comfort of your clothing. Ill-fitting clothes actually cause stress that can affect weight loss and sleep. Keep it cute, light weight and fashionable for work, travel and daily activities, but COMFORT is key!

Pedometer , Fitness Tracker or Phone App

You are going to need to track your steps by using a pedometer, fitness tracker or phone app. Since you will need to track steps throughout the day, it is recommended not to use the phone app unless you are able to have your phone in hand or strapped to you all day, and it is an app that tracks accurately. It is easier to use a wearable pedometer or fitness tracker. *** If you don't have a pedometer or fitness tracker TODAY, just use your phone app or estimate how many steps you've taken based on the chart below until you get one, but keep in mind the chart is on average size so if you are overweight you may take less steps per minutes. On the other hand and on a more positive note, if you are overweight and walk briskly, you may burn more calories per active time than someone that is at ideal weight. Still, it is best to have a pedometer or fitness device that tracks heart rate, steps, miles, calories ...

Just keep these details in mind while choosing a fitness tracker, pedometer or app:

Check the Official Company Websites as well as Review Sites:
- Accuracy is one of the most important details when buying a pedometer, fitness tracker or using a phone app to track fitness. Look at the reviews to determine how accurate the pedometer, phone appp or fitness tracker is because that is most important. Use sites like Amazon, Walmart or Google searches to find the reviews (looking at the lowest as well as the highest), to determine the effectiveness of the tool. Do this even if you are comparing the pedometer, fitness tracker or app on their "official" sites.

Battery Type and Life
- Does it need recharged or does it use a battery? How long does it last. This is extremely important when choosing which fitness tracker is best for you especially since you are tracking all day.

Does it track heart rate, calories, distance, steps. etc.
- The more it does, the better you are going to learn how active you are and how to improve, as well as to keep yourself in a healthy heart range. Since interval walking can be highly effective for weight loss, having a heart tracker can help with achieving balance while interval walking.

Is it water resistant, waterproof or just splash safe?
- This would make a difference for those who will walk / run in the rain - or - just in daily activity where you may not have time to take a wrist tracker off like washing hands, doing dishes, getting caught in the rain, etc. Water Resistant would work in the shower, washing hands, etc. Being completely waterproof is extremely important if you like to swim or plan to do some water fitness to break up the walking, though still want to accurately track while in the water. Splash Resistant provides less protection on a daily basis.

Some other features that you might find important:
- Does it measure your sleep time and quality of sleep?
- Is it as light or heavy as you feel comfortable?
- Does it come in your preferred color?
- Which tracking app / software does it integrate with? Some us their own and some use myfitnesspal or other common services.
Accurate Pedometers & Best Fitness Trackers
Instead of cluttering this post with all of the options available, please click the links below to research which type of fitness tracker is best for your budget and needs.

Best Pedometers & Trackers by Customer Reviews

2015 Top Fitness Trackers Reviews & Suggestion

Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers For Swimmers
Ready To Get Started? 3 More Important Details!
Here are 3 more tips before you commit to get more fit:

Some people struggle with their weight because they are not active enough, others struggle with overeating, health issues, etc. If you struggle with your weight because of overeating or health issues, please feel free to JOIN US in the 90 DAY CHALLENGE, too.

It is is a weight loss program using All Natural Skinny Fiber, Tracking & Weekly Support. You can use any diet plan or exercise choice!

Some of the fitness tracking devices have their own software and / or integrate with free online services. You are welcome to track there instead of using a calendar or notebook for recording your daily steps and whether you did strength training.

I will include weekly prizes for group member that participate in the challenge and check in each week (selected at random). You can put it towards a new pair of exercise shoes, pedometer, fitness tracker, bottle of Skinny Fiber, bottle of Ageless or whatever you choose. All current group members can participate or not because is it not mandatory. I do reserve the right to approve or disapprove new members because this open to my customers, followers and personal distributors, but no one with conflicting business interests. I do hope you understand. If not, contact me with questions.

OK, that's it. You have the challenge info to get started.

Please make sure to click the share buttons to give this article to people you care about, so they can learn some other ways to manage their stress, too!

I am looking forward to enjoying this May Fitness Challenge with you.

Your Friend,


Special Testimonial - Lost 40 Pounds In 3 Months / 73 Pounds Total

She lost 40 pounds in 3 months with Skinny Fiber!

Here's another special weight loss testimonial ... WOO HOO!!!

Here are pictures of Tiffany's AMAZING Skinny Fiber results.

She's super excited to share and inspire you! Here is what she had to say:

"Love this product! Down 40 pounds in 3 months! And down 73 pounds in the course of 7 months.... stopped for 2 months! Went from a size 26-28 to a 16! I love this product! I have referred it to many friends as well! Exercise pays off and water aerobics is a great workout too!! I have been doing a lot of water aerobics! Was walking 5 miles a day and now 2 miles and 30-2 hours in the pool!"

Trying to lose weight this summer? Try this pool exercise routine for weight loss and muscle toning.

Tiffany shared her super cute pool workout chart, so I asked if someone made it for her or if she created it herself. Her reply:

"No I did haha I researched a lot I was 350 pounds now 277 so I want to do everything right! I am only 27 so I still have time to take back my life!"

She Lost 40 Pounds w/ Skinny Fiber & Exercise

This is pool workout routine comes at a perfect time since summer is right around the corner! Many thanks to Tiffany for sharing this with us, as well as her before and after pictures below.

Before & After Skinny Fiber - Tiffany's Weight Loss Pictures - Beautiful!!!
Tiffany's before and after weight loss with Skinny Fiber results are amazing!
She says: "The left was a year ago and the right was 1 month after I started."

After & Before Skinny Fiber (she has them reversed, so the 1st one is the after pic)
Special testimonial for Skinny Fiber weight loss results.
She says: "The right was 5 yrs ago on my wedding and the left was 2 weeks ago!"

Congrats to Tiffany For Her Weight Loss

Tiffany plans to add some strength training to her cardio workouts, so that she can become a fat burning machine --- SMILES! Regardless, there is no doubt that she's done such an incredibel job so far, so make sure to give her a HUGE CONGRATS by commenting and sharing her special testimonial with friends.

She is a weight loss success and proof that exercise w/ Skinny Fiber can bring AMAZING results. Soooooo proud of her!!!.

CLICK HERE to see more customer pictures and for the links to the read Skinny Fiber testimonials on my Facebook page!

LEARN MORE about the ingredients in Skinny Fiber and how they help with weight loss.

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Week 4 - How To Lose Weight w/ Skinny Fiber - Make Or Break Time?

Skinny Fiber is a tool to help you lose weight! How fast or how slow is up to you and this atricles shares why as well as how to lose weight with Skinny Fiber!

WEEK 4 of the weight loss challenge - We're fired up!

By now, you should be taking Skinny Fiber consistently, drinking 1/2 your weight in ounces of water each day, walking at least 20 minutes a day and starting to make any other necessary changes to get the ball rolling. I know that some of you doing all of this and are starting to lose weight and / or inches lost. I am extremely excited for you. Congrats!

If you have been struggling and confused by exactly How Skinny Fiber Works, please make sure to read everything I am sharing in this blog post for you! You can click on one of the share buttons below if you want to save this post to read to later. If you are receiving this message by email, then you already have it to read - Please feel free to contact me, too (info below).

Since we're about a month into the challenge, and this is a "make-or-break" time for you, I am reaching out with some information on how to lose weight with Skinny Fiber.

Weight Loss Challenge Videos

I hope that you have been checking your emails weekly because the owner of the company has been sending out videos with motivational messages and weight loss tips for you. These are brand new and specially made for the current Weight Loss Challenge. He is addressing everything that I have been sharing with you on Facebook. You can watch the first four videos here if you've missed them, but make sure to look for them each Wednesday, so that you can stay on pace. The videos are in order from left to right:



Not Losing Weight Yet? Skinny Fiber Tips To Help

If things have been kind of slow for you and you're wondering why, just keep a positive mind and remain consistent in taking Skinny Fiber and the other tips in the challenge videos. Just keep in mind what Skinny Fiber was created to do; it helps with appetite control and helping your body get healthier so that you can lose weight.

A while back I wrote a blog post on everything you need to know about how to lose weight with Skinny Fiber. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE and contact me w/ questions.
Friend Me at Facebook & Join Our Support Group
Please make sure to Add Me as a Friend on Facebook (it is better to friend me so that I will see your messages faster). It is completely safe to add me as a friend as I DO NOT post anything about Skinny Fiber on your page. It just keeps us connected to chat, learn and share with one another!

Please make sure to join our Weight Loss Support Group and stay connected. This is a private group and a safe place to learn, share, get recipes, tips, motivation, We post progress and set backs each week. We keep a positive place, but venting is permitted to get out some of those stressful thoughts that are holding you back from true happiness and results. Don't miss out on this support resource with people doing the challenge just like you!
Wednesday Starts Week 5 - Wonder What's Next?
Week 1 Recap
- Getting Started and Developing the habit of consistently taking your Skinny Fiber and Drinking Water (it should be AT LEAST 1/2 Your Weight In Water with the understanding that the Glucomannan in Skinny Fiber does suck up water.

Week 2 Recap
- Start cutting sugar out of you body. This means white starches like refined sugar, noodles and bread that turn in to insulin spiking carbs in the body. This also means pop /soda, store bought juices and juice drinks, Starbucks Frappachinos, etc. etc. etc. Stick to low sugar fruits like berries and melons. Start looking at labels and if it says sugar, corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup, then you need to reconsider whether that food is worth your weight loss progress.

Week 3 Recap
- Start Exercising: Walk at least 20 minutes a day or more. If you're further along then do more, but if you struggle to walk at least 20 minutes a day because of your weight, then you really need to commit to this weeks challenge. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes. This new habit to exercise is something that you will not stop during the 90 day challenge and after.

Week 4 Recap
- Give up bread! This is probably one of the most difficult changes for most people, but bread has no true nutritional value in comparison to real, whole, foods. It has gluten, is hard on the joins and keeps you fat because it is one of the most dangerous insulin spiking foods.

There you have it! Skinny Fiber is just a tool that helps with appetite, metabolism, fat blocking and digestion - it gets your body healthy to lose weight, but learning how to get healthy is key.

Yes, you can take Skinny Fiber for longer and wait for it to eventually happen, or you can gey the ball rolling by making healthy lifestyle changes, too.

This concludes how to lose weight with Skinny Fiber post. Please make sure to either comment below, contact me personally on Facebook or pop into our group with how you're doing so far.


Praying for all of you daily, too!

Your Friend,