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Why You Should Join The Weight Loss Challenge Before The New Year

If you start your weight loss resolution before the holidays, you can start the 2015 new year off healthier than ever before!

There is something very special in the air this time of year ... 

Christmas cookies and holiday recipes are popping up all over the Internet. Retail stores are sending inserts and emails to distract us with shopping specials. The kids are excitedly choosing costumes, making their Christmas lists and looking forward to all of the festivities of the holiday season. Excitement is in the air and a potpourri of emotions increase this time of year. Some of them will contribute to holiday weight gain; including the hopes of being able to stick to a weight loss resolution in the 2015 New Year. The problem is that most us of enter the holiday season already needing to lose weight and usually give up on our weight loss resolutions by February of the new year.

If this is a cycle that you keep repeating year after year -  read on and join us!

Weight Loss Now - Start The 2015 New Year Off Right

No matter which of the holidays you celebrate (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, Super Bowl Sunday), there is no denying that extra temptations will be everywhere over the next few months. The holidays bring more candy jars, food advertisements, parties with goodies and your special occasions become extremely food intensive celebrations. Between the holidays themselves and all of the events leading up to the days, this time of the year is an emotional eater's nightmare. One thing for sure is that your weight loss goals can get lost in the festivities. The key is not to let yourself get too far off track from your health goals and the Skinny Fiber challenge helps with that. This doesn't mean to deny yourself completely - that would make it a very miserable holiday season - but, if you start you weight loss challenge now, it will help you minimalize the holiday weight gain.

Here are some reasons why losing weight will be incredible for you and why you should join the weight loss challenge with me now ... way before the New Year begins!

Weight Loss Makes You Feel & Look Good

Feeling good on the inside translates into looking and feeling good on the outside.

When you eat right, maintain stress levels, drink the proper amount of water, exercise, diminish your salt and sugar intake, cook your own foods in healthy spices and minimize eating at fast food restaurants, en you contribute to your losing weight and feeling good on the inside.

Begin with the foods that you will incorporate on a daily basis. Remember to include balanced meals and foods that are essential for a healthy body. A thinner, stronger and healthier body, means a new you that your friends and family will say they haven’t seen in awhile. Thus, starting your 2015 New Year at an advantage of not focusing on weight loss so despirately as you have in the past! You are increasing your weight loss success for the new year!

By starting your weight loss challenge now, you can quickly implement your nutrition and fitness plan for losing weight and getting your body healthier for the 2015 New Year.
Can You Say MORE Energy? During The Holidays & 2015 New Year
As you begin to lose weight, you will starting to feel more energized. Less weight on your body to carry around means that your heart does not have to work as hard. It also means that there is less pressure on your bones and joints, allowing you to walk, run and move around easier. More weight in the core area (specifically the belly) does not allow the energy creating insulin to get to other parts of the body. This uneven distribution of insulin makes you feel fatigued and can lead to the devastating disease of diabetes. Also, massive amounts of weight can lead to other issues like heart disease, thyroid problems and a number of other weight related diseases. As you lose weight, with your new found energy, you will discover that there are so many things that you are able to do better than before. You will statistically do more of what you set on after discovering this energy again! Wouldn't it be an incredible feeling to come into a new year with so many other goals in mind? Starting your weight loss challenge now can help you with this by January!
Losing Weight Helps to Develop a Healthier Mindset and Other Areas
When your body is overweight, it begins to affect your mind. A healthy body must also have a healthy mind to continue to send the right signals in helping it function properly on a daily basis. When your body is unhealthy and filled with trashy substances, then it allows your mind to not develop properly and be misdirected down a path which makes the mind feel cloudy, unorganized, disoriented, depressed, consumed with fear, doubt and other negative emotions, that a healthy mind should not emit. When your body feels powerful and healthy, then your mind feels the same. The mind can then function properly, while leading the body in the way it should go. A healthy body weight, allows the body to heal naturally, as it was created to do, without the help of medicines or bandaging up the disease. When your body is at its’ desired weight and getting the nutrients that it needs on a daily basis, along with exercise, water and other ingredients that make up a healthy body, you will begin to see that not only will your body feel better because of the weight, but it will overlap into every area of your life, including your mind, body, soul and spirit.

You will not feel overwhelmed by the holiday rush and can focus on tackling your other new year goals!
Skinny Fiber Helps Control Your Appetite Naturally & More
Beginning the new year at your best is essential and losing weight is one of the best ways to get your body healthy. Your weight loss goals should be an important item on your "to do" list during the holiday season and before going into the 2015 New Year.

With Skinny Fiber you can beat the bulge without feeling hungry ...

It is an all natural appetite suppressant and curbs cravings. It also helps you block fat, increases your metabolism, aid with digestion and pushes toxins out of your body.

If you join the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge now and take your Skinny Fiber correctly, it will help you avoid falling into the same, old, trap of "holiday weight gain". It will also help you begin the 2015 New Year with a healthy lifestyle.

Wouldn't it be awesome to maintain or lose weight this holiday season and not worry about a stressful weight loss resolution this year? Get started today and lets do this together!

Here's to your weight loss success!

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What Foods Do I Eat? Shopping List, Meals, Drinks & Treats

Weight loss foods, shopping list, drinks and treats I eat while on Skinny Fiber and in general!

One of my group members asked for a shopping list (well, several have asked over the years), so this blog post shares what I most recently bought at the store as well as the foods that I buy and keep in the house at all times (staple food).  I never thought to share my personal shopping list because the way I eat is much more restrictive than what most people want to eat when starting their Skinny Fiber challenge. I personally set goals that are not only based on weight, but more so eating clean (natural / organic) and especially with the least amount of processed foods and sugar in my diet. My goal is to one day be completely processed free and eat only raw food organic; this is a process for sure. I try my best to include my family but they are not always on board. I have tried to share clean eating tips with customers and members of my weight loss support group, but sometimes they are not on board because it's hard ...

So, I am sharing this shopping list and meal ideas by request for this person, and hoping that some of you will become inspired to make some healthy food changes in your diet, too!

What Foods Do I Eat For Weight Loss / Weight Maintenance?

My Last Shopping List

- Blueberry Keifer (for my toddler)
- Just Great Stuff Peanut Powder (non-gmo)
- Apple Cider Vinegar (I use this for salads and cooked greens)
- Almond Milk (all of us use it)
- Organic Romaine Lettuce
- Organic Grape Tomatoes
- Organic Spring Mix Greens
- Organic Kale Leaves
- Organic Bok Choy
- Organic Eggs (found white ones this time)
- Flax Seed Crackers (red & golden)
- Butter
- Miracle Rice (I prefer these to the Miracle noodles)
- Organic Chicken (fresh)
- Organic Ginger
- Wild Fish (I bought salmon and swordfish)
- Green Onions
- Portobella Mushroom
- Organic Asparagus
- Avocados
- Coconut Milk
- Thai Red Curry Paste
- Organic Garlic
- 2 Gallons Alkaline Water

I also bought these that weren't on the list:

- Natural cheese (cheddar, romano, mozzerella)
- Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my toddler begs for it)

- Wild Albacore non gmo / bpa-free

- Natural Sea Premium Pink Salmon - No Salt

(I wanted to try this non-gmo, bpa-free can product for salmon patties)
- Natural No Sugar Bacon

Foods That I Already Had At Home (always buy at the store)

- Organic Stevia
- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
- Coconut Secrets Coconut Aminos (Organic)
- Flavor Fresh Pouch Albacore Tuna
- Organic Valley Fresh Chicken
- Field of Greens (powdered, vegan, greens)
- Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein
- Organic Chia Seeds (black)
- Organic Cold Milled Ground Golden Flax Seed
- Onions
- Smoked Turkey Breast
- Organic Frozen Berries
- Lemons, Bananas, Squash, Zucchini, Broccoli Flourettes, Green Beans
- Fresh Basil, Parsley, Dill, Chili Peppers (organic)
- Garlic Powder, Curry, Tumeric, Crushed Red Peppers
- Dill, Dulse Flakes, Sea Salt,  Cinnamon
- Cocoa Powder
- Apples
- Cases of 16.9 ounce bottles ot water
- Publix Organic Mediem Salsa

My Vices ...

- Lite Spinach Flat Out Wraps
(I keep these in the freeze just in case I want to use one on taco / fajita night. I usually use romaine or make a taco salad, but sometimes I will use a wrap)

- Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
(yes, I know not the best, but it's my on the go bar)

- Hellmann's Mayonnaise

- Philadelphia Cream Cheese

- The raw food section of the natural food store where they have little cocoa, coconut, protein balls and such. I'm pretty good at not buying them anymore, but I have weak moments for those.

Foods I Buy Often (but do not eat myself)

- Lakewood Organic Juices
(I don't drink bottled juice, but I keep these in case my husband and kids want to break up the water and tea with a glass of juice).

- Brigg's Liquid Aminos
(My husband loves soy sauce, so this is better for him to me)

- Grassfed Beef or Natural Beef (the guys like steak and burgers)

- Frozen Pizza (emergency food per hubby) and he also likes Frozen Meals

- Organic Mac & Cheese

- Pancakes, Syrup, Fruit Snacks ... Some things the kids "demand".

How Do I Eat Daily?

I have tried every popular diet ... Including the 80/10/10 and raw food vegan. I finally resolved at one that works for me (not sluggish, not gaining weight, no digestive issues, etc). I eat lean meats, lots of vegetables (mostly green and tomatoes), almond milk, eggs and sometimes cheese. I occasionally eat berries, apples, Green Vibrance. I was able to lose weight like this and maintain ...

In general, unless I eat an occasional Flat Out Wrap, I do not eat bread. I do not eat rice or noodles - just the Miracle Rice and occasional type noodles if the rice is not available.

Sugar is pretty much eliminated from my diet except for an occasional 4 grams in the peanut powder or if I have berries in my smoothie; there are alcohol sugars in the Atkins bars (which are occassional for me as well).

I drink one cup of coffee in the morning with Stevia and Half & Half.

I drink water all day; parsley and green tea a few times a week.

I take Skinny Fiber, Omega Krill, Sublingual B, Sublingual D, Raw Probiotics
Do You Overeat A Lot?
Yes, sometimes, I overeat protein and really have to watch the "oil" fats or I can have more than I should, but I try to keep a good handle on these. YES, fats are good for you, but overdoing the "good fats" can have consequences. I only use butter every so often for flavor (for years it was my fat of choice, so that was quite a change in eating for me).

I still take Skinny Fiber daily ... 

It helps me to not overeat and has had health benefits on my body (my blood pressure, leg pain and swelling during menstration have been benefits.)

Skinny Fiber is a product that we all can take with any type of diet. When you watch the videos or read that you can eat whatever you want with Skinny Fiber, this is the truth, though it best applies to any type of diet plan and not necessaribad foods". In other words, you can do the Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Paleo Diet, South Beach, USDA recommended or low fat ... Any type of diet plan, though it does not include any recommendation of living on fast food, treats and other non healthy foods.

I hope this blog post has been helpful to you. Please feel free to Comment, click the Contact Page or join me at Facebook to discuss anything. 

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October Fitness Challenge - Walk / Run / Interval Workout

Join us for the walk / run challenge for all fitness levels. Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Support with Lea.

Back by popular demand ... Walk / Run Challenge!

This is a quick post to catch you up on what's going on in our weight loss support is right now. We've finished the 30 day plank challenge (woo hoo) and jumped straight into the October Fitness Challenge today. This month's exercise program is a Walk / Run Challenge that is perfect for beginners and intermediate fitness levels; if you are advanced, you can still join and participate. You would just stretch this out to 3x the routine each week and it will be an awesome workout for you, too. The goal of the October Fitness Challenge is to jump start us into either losing weight or maintaining our Skinny Fiber Weight Loss over the winter months. We want to be fit and fabulous NOT fat and flabby coming into the 2015 New Year, so each month we will have a new workout goal and you can participate whether doing the Skinny Fiber Challenge or not.

NOTE: I actually started a new 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge today, so you are welcome to get started in this Skinny Fiber program with me now - or - over the next few weeks and have that advantage to losing weight and getting healthier, too.

How To Join The October Fitness Challenge

Login to your Facebook account and go to our Facebook Group
(make sure to read the description and add me as a friend)

Here is the Weight Loss Support Group link - JOIN RIGHT NOW!

If you are new to this blog and wonder about this group. It is a private group where we support one another in our weight loss goals. Each day, healthy recipes, health tips, water counts, check-ins, food tips, exercise / fitness challenges and even more loss weight loss details are posted. We're a fun group of friends and a place where people are struggling with weight loss can go when the are too embarrassed to tell family or friends that they are trying again.

*** If you know anyone who would benefit from this Weight Loss Suport Group, please make sure to invite them from the group or give them this link to join us:

Statistically, everyone benefits by having a support system like this for weight loss!

Walk / Run Fitness Challenge - What Does This Entail?

The walk run challenge is designed to help us transition into running for health and fitness. I hosted this challenge last year and it was a lot of fun ... Many of us have fallen off track with running, so by request, I have started it again and we invite you, your friends to join us.
Benefits of Walking
- Helps with WEIGHT LOSS and weight maintenance
- Alleviates Fatigue & Depression
- Limits Disease
- Increases Attention & Decision Making
- Cuts the risk of alzeimer's in 1/2
- Improves Blood Pressure
- Lowers risk of heart disease
- Works arms and shoulder muscles
- Reduces back pain
- Limits the risk of colon cancer by 40%
- Strengthens legs, quads, hips, hamstrings
- Improves over all fitness
- Relieves Stress
- Increases Confidence
Benefits of Running include most of the benefits of walking plus these:
- Helps burn more calories for more weight loss
- Helps maintain weight loss
- Tones your body like crazy
- Decreases risk of cancer
- Decreases the risk of having a stroke, heart attack
- Helps early stages of diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis
- Actually helps strengthen joints
- Helps with brain function
- Increases life expectancy for cancer survivors, smokers, ex-smokers and people w/ heart disease.

I'm sure there are more benefits to walking and running, but these should give you enough motivation to join us in this challenge and JUST DO YOUR BEST no matter what fitness level.




Look forward to seeing you there!!!

Hugs & Blessings,



Win A Brand New 2014 Chevy Camaro - WOO HOO!!! #contest

All Skinny Body Care Independent Distributors have the chance to WIN a 2014 Chevy Camero.

A few surprises came from the SBC Convention in Las Vegas, NV this month. I'm super stoked to share this one with you ... Every single distributor (both new and existing) have the chance to win a 2014 Chevy Camero (brand new / fully loaded) and earn multiple entries, too!!!

Still time to get in!! This doesn't end until Nov 7th :)

How does this Skinny Fiber Contest work?

For a chance to win this 2014 Checy Camero, you get 1 entry for each 3 sales from now until the end of the promo ... So, 6 sales = 2 entries, 30 sales = 10 entries, and so on. Everyone who joins me as a Skinny Fiber Distributor and gets at least 3 sales, has a chance to win this car!

This company amazes me and gets even better and better ...

This is not just about a car contest, but YOU doing fulfilling your dreams and creating a lifestyle that is better for your family / you/ Plus, this company is ALWAYS making awesome changes and provides all Skinny Body Care Independent Distributors the resources, training and support needed to help each one of us accomplish personal goals. Being a Skinny Fiber Distributor is awesome ...

Skinny Fiber Distributors get free money from the company - rank bonuses - to use how you want / need.
Company pays Skinny Body Care Independent Distributors free money via rank bonuses in the amount of $250, $1000 (Laptop Computer Bonus), $5000 (Vacation Bonus), $25,000 (Car Bonus), $100,000 (Car Bonus), $300,000 (House Bonus). This is the potential to earn $431,250 in bonuses in addition to regular income. SBC is one of the only company that helps you own a new car or home flat out; no installments! You just have to put in the work!

Go here to register for this opportunity ->

Become a distributor and you may be the winner of this beautiful 2014 Camaro!!!!

BOTH new and old distributors have the same odds of winning ... I want someone I know to be the proud owner of this fully loaded 2014 Chevy Camero in February!!!!!

Please feel free to Contact Me directly with any questions!

Look, it's not just the car ... There is an incredibe opportunity for you here! If you have been looking to supplement your income or career change, as well as lose weight and help others do the same, start this work at home business with our team and change your life!

Whether this car or the one you can earn with the bonus you get from the company (free money on the chart above) and YES, the company pays the bonus as a one time payment --- not a crappy lease --- the car is yours flat out. The sky is the limit with SBC. It is just about your wanting to make the change and you MUST LOVE helping people!

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Does Skinny Fiber Work For Pear Shaped Women?

One of my online friends asked if Skinny Fiber works for pear shaped, spoon shaped, triangle shaped women. Her exact question was:

"This might seem like a weird question, but does skinny fiber work for a pear figured women? I seem to see a lot of women with large bellies and skinny legs that have success is this true?"

This is a really good question and I've had a few people ask this over the past few years, so I want to make sure to nip this misconception about Skinny Fiber in the bud. The product does not discriminate ... Skinny Fiber is for all figures! On the other hand, after going through a bunch of weight loss pictures, I realized how hard it is to determine the body shape of some of the women in the testimonials. Apple and pear shaped bodies look very similar depending upon how much overweight or obese a person is before they reach their weight loss goal weight. For example this customer looked more pear shaped / triangle shaped to me until she lost her weight:

Does Skinny Fiber work for pear shaped women? Yes, Skinny Fiber is for all body shapes!

Different Body Types - Which Shape Are You?

It's sometimes difficult to determine what a body shape is depending upon how overweight the person. Just because someone has larger legs or leg points that give a triangle appearance or such a round apple middle, it does not mean that their figure is going to be the same when they lose weight. I've seen some Skinny Fiber testimonials where the person is banana shaped after losing weight or appeared apple shaped until revealing her hourglass shape after weight loss. Here is a chart for if you are confused by what these apple shaped / pear shaped reference mean:

Skinny Fiber is for all body types, body shapes.

Triangle Shaped
Inverted / Downward Triangle shaped women have a waist that is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement.

Rectangle Shaped
Banana / Straight / Rectangle body type women are evenly proportioned from shoulders to hips; straight figure; slight or no curves to the bodyshape.

Apple Shaped
Round / Apple shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, round tummy and narrower hips.

Pear Shaped
Upward Triangle, Bell, Spoon or Pear shaped women have hips that are greater than their bust measurements.

Hourglass Shaped
Full and Neat Hourglass shaped women have a bust and hip measurement that are almost of equal and a narrow waist.

Pear Shaped Weight Loss with Skinny Fiber

Does Skinny Fiber Works For Pear Shaped Women?

YES, Skinny Fiber is for all body types and works according to you. Some people lose slowly; some people lose weight quickly. Some people lose more pounds than inches (even weight loss). Some people lose more inches than pounds (maybe this contributes to why someone will go from what appears to be pear shaped to hourglass or rectangle shaped). Some people lose without making changes and some people have to work harder at losing weight. Everyone's metabolism and body shape is different, so you will just have to try Skinny Fiber to see how it works for you!

Buy Skinny Fiber Online

Buy Skinny Fiber w/ Free 90 Day Challenge

Since there is an empty bottle guaranteed (currently up to 90 days, so that you can give the weight loss challenge a total effort), there is little risk to you. Skinny Fiber works if you take it consistently as directed and don't procrastinate on what you need to do to lose weight.

I look forward to following your progress and featuring your weight loss testimony!

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End Of Summer Weight Loss Tips - Stop Stressing & Start Losing

You can still lose weight by the end of summer with these weight loss tip. Take all natural Skinny Fiber for weight loss is recommended, too!

It's the last month of summer and some of my online friends are getting EXTREMELY anxious about trying to get skinny "in a blink of an eye". Despite all of the months of my reminding them that summer was coming, how to get swimsuit ready for vacation and how weight loss takes time, they didn't listen and are now stressed to lose weight in August, so I am writing this post ... Maybe this is you, too?

Slow down and think about this for a minute!

It's August! You've already ditched the sweltering 3/4 sleeve tunics for cute little plus sized summer tops. You've already found a swimsuit or swimdress and "made do" at the pool / beach. Some of you have even gone as far as to swap out the maxi styles for some really cute breezy skirts and are sporting your beautiful thick legs in some stretchy comfortable shorts ... Isn't it just awesome how summer makes us accept our bodies and clothes sizes; plus, dress accordingly.

So, life went on this summer season dispite your lack of weight loss. Yet, this is still want to drop the weight before getting into the cold weather months. If you get started on your weight loss challenge THIS MONTH and stop making accommodations for your weight, you can actually still lose weight this summer and maybe reach your weight loss goal ... at least by the winter holidays.

Still stressed about losing weight this summer?

This is what you need to know!

It is just the beginning of August and warm weather is still on your side; if you are REALISTIC and carry things out as described here, you can do it. It is NEVER TOO LATE to get the weight loss started, but keep in mind that you may not lose a significant amount of weight in just one month BUT YOU CAN get "swimsuit ready" ANY TIME OF THE YEAR ...

You just need to stop thinking about it and get started.

If you only need to lose 5 to 20 pounds, you can accomplish this over these end of summer weeks and many of YOU WILL because you want it so badly. You can do this by taking Skinny Fiber and doing the 3 diet plans (see link below) that can help you lose up to 7 pounds in a week / 21 pounds a month. Plus, August and September are still months where you can enjoy warm weather fitness activities. Keep this in mind if still planning for a vacation where you can jet ski, swim, scuba, beach yoga or whatever outdoor fitness is offered that can help you stay on track while away. As for walking, running or whatever is availabe in your home community, you can mix up the exercise routine with both outdoor and indoor workouts.

On the other hand  ....

For most people, "last minute" weight loss works just about as well as anything else procrastinated about in life ... It's NOT LIKELY to go as planned. You will probably not lose 20 or 100 pounds over the end of summer weeks, so this is an awesome time to stop stressing about your weight loss and set goals for over the next few month!!! Accepting this relieves that pressure involved in trying to accomplish fast weight loss goals. This is important because stress can become counter productive to your weight loss goals. It affects how you sleep, eat and live each day; the chemical / hormonal effect on your body results in weight gain / weight retention ...

STOP STRESSING so that you can start losing the way that you need.

End of Summer Weight Loss Tips

Set Your Goals & Commit To Lose Weight

Just as you have goals for completing any other task in life, weight loss is just the same. First you have to MAKE UP YOUR MIND (commit) to the decision to lose weight starting TODAY and then set your weight loss goals accordingly. This is true whether you have 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 30 pound, 100 pounds or even 200 pounds to lose. No matter what your end of summer weight loss plans, you have to get organized (set goals) and be realistic. Average weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week. Some people lose more and some lose less, but if you commit to losing the average weight, that 4 to 8 pounds a month, that is realistic. If you want to lose more, that is possible, too, though will take quite a bit of change in habits on your part; especially to have healthy long term weight loss.

Take Skinny Fiber Everyday

I can't emphasize enough how incredible Skinny Fiber is as a weight loss product. It has helped so many people lose weight and inches naturally; some experiencing beautiful health advantages after weight loss with Skinny Fiber, too. It is not a miracle drug nor weight loss in a bottle, but it does work for appetite control, natural energy, keeping the digestive system clean and more. Some people lose weigh JUST by taking Skinny Fiber. Usually, their only major change is increasing the amount of water they drink and giving up soda / pop or other unhealthy constants (food or drink) they consume in excess each day. When they start to experience "weight loss success", some of these people end up making food and fitness changes, too, because they start feeling better and want to become their healthiest. On the other hand, the rest of us try the product for a few weeks to see how it works and add on some of the traditional things that help with weight loss like healthy food changes, exercise, increasing water and sleep, as well as working towards life changes that decrease the stress and fat accumulation.

3 Diet Plans For Healthy & Fast Weight Loss

You can actually lose up to 7 pounds a week (up to 21 pounds in a month) with these 3 diet plans and this will still be healthy weight loss for you per the doctors who created them. You just have to be disciplined while doing them or you will not lose the weight you want. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to maintain the food changes for long term results, therefore, try all three of the eal plans and switch them up at times, but stick with the one that is easiest and how you like to eat. This way, you can add on with adaptations for variety, though not pile the pounds back on!!!!

Don't want to follow a certain diet plan? Then just make healthier choices according to how you like to eat. You can lose weight fast by getting rid of foods that have sugar, refined starches, GMO / CHEMICALS, eating more protein, veggies and low sugar fruit, giving up or eating smaller portions of lean meats.

Exercise For Weight Loss & Health

Yes, exercise is part of the equation. How often and what workouts you choose have a major impact on your weight loss and long term health. For example, some people not only lose weight but increase how quickly they lose weight, just by walking 20 to 30 minutes each day - OR - even just by getting up to walk ot jog in place during each commerical while watching television at night. This is all it takes for some people. Others need more of a workout 3 to 7 days a week for stress, weight loss and health needs. When it comes to burning fat, losing weight and toning up, you can still walk or run a few days a week, but mixing the routine with strengthening fitness activites (lifting weights, yoga, etc) will help expedite the results. If you are unsure of which routine(s) is best for you, it doesn't hurt to do a free gym trial. A fitness expert will give you a routine when you get started and then you can decide whether to join the gym or just adopt that routine at home. There are also a TON of resources online that can help you get started as well. Just Google "online fitness programs" or search in the Facebook bar and you will find some awesome resources to guide you.

Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water each day!

This is something I mention all of the time and NOT just because Skinny Fiber needs water to swell the glucomannan. Professionals have made drinking water a health staple to avoid dehydration and keep you from drinking too many calories each day. If you would just drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water each day, you will notice changes in your skin, hunger, energy and your digestion. You body (organs, blood, muscles) need the proper amount of water to function optimally and you can increase your brain activity by 14% according to University of East London scientists. Nothing is more quenching or helpful towards your health as making this one simple change. DON'T LIKE WATER? So what!!! Make yourself learn to like it even if you have to buy metro water or make infused waters; just don't turn to chemically flavored waters as an alternative. Keep your water and weight loss natural!

Getting the right about of sleep and reducing stress in your life!

I have found that sleeping right and reducing stress can be the most difficult changes for weight loss and health; many of my online friends agree. I suppose this is why health professionals emphasize their role in weight loss so much. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day and reducing stress is what everyone needs. The problem is that some of you don't realize that this is what's making it hard for you to lose weight. Stress and Sleep are related, so this is why I have coupled it here in one topic. Stress affected how you sleep (amount and quality) as well as the production of hormones that are directly related to sleep, eating, metabolism, etc. Lack of sleep affects cognitive function, liver production and release, and causes the same weight related diseases as obesity. Both are related to the production and storage of fat; especially that stubborn belly fat. If you are not losing weight despite the Skinny Fiber, exercise, healthy foods and drinks, then you best evaluate your sleep habits and how you are dealing with stress in your life. Getting plenty of hours of sleep? It might be the quality of sleep opposed to just hours. Invest in a fitness tracker, join a sleep study or ask your doctor for some help - they can help confirm that for you. Think you're not stressed or handle stress well? We all deal with stress in our lives, so how can you tell if your stress is affecting weight loss and health? Again, a fitness tracker can help screen stress levels. There are also online quizes and phone aps you can try to double check (Google this), but it is best to ask your doctor about a stress management test if you are concerned that this may be an underlying issue for your weight, sickness or amount of fat vs muscle in your body.
End of Summer Weight Loss Tips - Will You Do Them?
Ok, I have written my heart out here in hopes that you will REALY follow these end of the summer weight loss tips! Scroll up and go over all of the bolded words in this article  ... will you do what they tell you THIS TIME? Please do not be offended by my saying "this time" - I am not judging and will never get tired of sharing this information, motivation and support - I understand how it is but want those words "this time" to STICK with you whether you get irritated with me or not because the truth is I have written these for you so many times before and we are now going over these again. For most, this is not the first summer you've tried - or failed to really try - to lose weight. Wouldn't it be AWESOME to make this the last "fluffy" summer of your life? This is my prayer for all of you!


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Child Obesity & Teens - Weight Loss Program - Skinny Fiber Kids

Skinny Fiber for Kids, Teen Weight Loss Program & Child Obesity Statistics

There is no disputing that obesity in America is still very much of an issue; especially with cases of childhood obesity. The USA ranks #5 in the top 10 list of countries with the most overweight kids. * Although this has been a drop from #1, it is such a disappointment after all of the years of experts trying to increase obesity awareness, benefits of clean eating and exercise, and reshaping the health of families. It is also sad how damaged economies and Western influence is hurting the health of children in the world.

Here's a list of the top 10 countries w/ the most obese children and in this order:

1) Greece (a,c)
2) Italy (c)
3) New Zealand (c)
4) Slovenia (a)
5) United States (a, b, c, d)
6) Mexico (a, c - soda is becoming an issue)
7) Spain (b, c)
8) Canada (b, c, d)
9) South Korea (c)
10)  Israel (c)

Aren't some of the countries on the list shocking? It is not that the experts lied to us about the health benefits of eating Mediterranean or Asian diets, it is that the a) economy, b) lifestyle changes (more work, less active), c) quality of food (eating more processsed / fast foods / junk food) and / or d) larger food portions are the issues dependent upon region. I have marked each country with the reason (either 1,2,3 or 4) so that you can see the reason why the increase in child obesity.

Childhood Obesity | Teens & Skinny Fiber

Every so often someone will ask me if an overweight child can take Skinny Fiber. For example, here is a recent inquiry from my Facebook page messages:  "A girl of 12 years old having weight 86Kg and height about 5 feets. How much she can reduce her weight using Skinny Fibre and how to use it?". Although there are pre-teens and younger that take the all naural product, questions like this leave me feeling kind of torn. This is because children that age (usually pre-teen) are approaching or have started puberity. They are prone to gain about 10 pounds a year and usually slim down naturally moving into the teen years or when we limit the foods with sugar / refined starches (not completely take away all they like) and increase their physical activities. This is how it was for me, my children, friend's kids and statistically - if you research other information on puberity and weight gain online. So, it is hard to support any weight loss products for prepubescent kids with that in mind.

Yet, as a parent, I understand how extremely difficult it can become to help kids eat healthy in general, as well as control physical activity. Some schools have removed recess from their schedules and made gym class an optional elective. In other cases it is hard to control what children eat at school, church, friends homes, etc. Where a parent will usually get support for a child that has a documented health issue such as diabetes or high cholesterol, teachers and other adults are often less supportive for kids that do not have medical food restrictions, though are obese; especially when they are providing treats to a group of children or as rewards. Another scenario includes Grandparents or other family members, childcare / after school programs, that feed our children what they see fit and sometimes as much as the  kids want to eat, too. Overweight / Obesity is not considered the same type of health issue that warrents change until it leads to a potentially fatal disease or a child starts developing behavior issues from the results of how others respond to them (i.e. teasing / bullying). There's a catch 22 in helping kids retain healthy lifestyles and not become overweight ... Some kids struggle far worse then adults with weight issues. All of this is why there has been more and more mention of child obesity issues when reading the obesity statistics in general. There is an increasing child obesity epidemic.

Skinny Fiber can help with a lot of the issues that are causing weight gain in children and adults: overeating, lack of fiber, sluggish metabolism and energy, etc. For this reason, I am delighted to represent a product that can serve such a vast range of ages. On the other hand, I am a bit conflicted by whether children under high school age should take Skinny Fiber and / or participate in the Skinny Fiber teen weight loss program. Yet, some younger children have experienced creditable results from the challenge with the help of their parents. It is beautiful to see their smiling faces on the before and after weight loss pictures.

Why Do Some Kids Take Skinny Fiber?

There are circumstances where alternative weight loss help is needed for children of all ages. I am not saying that Skinny Fiber should be the first choice or even the best choice for most adolescents and especially younger ages, though just like with adults, it can become a part of the solution if your doctor thinks it will help. This is especially true for youth in these situations:

  • Kids dealing with some of the top obesity related diseases like child diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol or other health issues.
  • Children who have been overweight most of their life (even under doctor's care) and are not losing weight on their own (with help of parents and / or other adults). This could be a physiological, behavioral, psychologial ... metabolic issues, too.
  • Kids with constipation, GERD, Acid Reflux or other disgestive conditions.
  • Children discriminated against, experincing peer isolation and / or bullied at school.

There are other scenarios that concern medical professionals and parents about a child's weight problems / obesity, but the point being that there could be an issue where the ingredients in Skinny Fiber and being part of a weight loss challenge with motivation and support would benefit an older child. Ideally one should get it under control before puberity kicks in, but child / teen weight loss can be even more difficult for an adult to manage than even their own. For this reason, the Skinny Fiber Teen Challenge can help both the parents and child.

Skinny Fiber Teen Weight Loss Program

This is the video introduction for the Skinny Fiber Teen Weight Loss Challenge. It's attractive to them and is right to the point; as is the program. There have been children from age 8 (with parent supervision) to young adult that have been benefiting from the all natural supplement.



Cha De Burge

Carralluma Fibrata

Digestive Enzymes

* Detailed breakdown of Skinny Fiber Ingredients


Each kids gets their own challenge website where they can track their measurements and weight loss progress, follow the health and fitness guides, and see how others are doing, there is potenital for better judgement and results for staying on track. Plus, it helps that there is the incentive of winning prizes, too.


It is suggested to take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules at least 30 minutes before 2 largest meals of the day with 8 to 16 ounces of water. 

Everyone needs to drink a lot of water while taking Skinny Fiber. At least 1/2 your weight in ounces of water is what the health professionals recommend for water intake. It is really important to make sure that children drink enough water with Skinny Fiber.

As with any kid (no matter the age) parential support and often guidance is needed. This is for you to determine how much or how little involvement you need depending on your child's age. Mostteens just need a reminder, but YOU KNOW BEST.

Since the product has glucomannan (swells in the tummy for the fullness feeling), it is important for you to decide from the beginning whether your child should take the capsules whole or you should open them and mix with applesauce, yogurt or in a smoothie each time. For example, I personally would not give a young pre-teen  the capsules to swallow or even an older child that is hard to manage / follow instructions, they may not drink enough water to push the pills down completely because they are rushing or just don't want to listen about drinking a full 8 to 16 ounces of water.


Here are some more details for you to review before buying:

* Skinny Fiber is all natural, NO jitters, NO soy, NO gluten.

* One of the enzymes is from the pineapple family; could be a possible allergen.

* Skinny Fiber has gelatin capsules, though there is also a VEGGIE CAPSULE option. You need to tick the little check box for the vegetable capsule option ($2 more).

* Although the FDA approves harmful prescription weight loss products (WHICH SKINNY FIBER IS NOT A HARMFUL WEIGHT LOSS DRUG), there are NO backed herbal supplements for adults except Alli / Xenical which is for age 18 and older (has side effects); and nothing for children. When considering any weight loss product for your child or yourself, you have to research the ingredients in products that you are considering and I recommend that you choose natural / organic options. You should always discuss with a doctor before giving to your child or taking yourself especially if a diagnosed health issue is involved.

* Side effects: can cause bloating if not water is drinken.

Please feel free to Contact Me directly with any questions you have when considering Skinny Fiber for weight loss.

Here's To Your Weight Loss Success!!!

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Skinny Fiber Guarantee - Nothing To Lose But Weight!

Skinny Fiber 90 Day Guarantee. Skinny Fiber 30 Day Guarantee.

A lot of people ask me to send samples of Skinny Fiber. They think that trying Skinny Fiber for a few days will let them see how the product works for their body and this is not true. As much as I love to accommodate customer requests, unfortunately, I cannot help with samples. In fact, No distributor is allowed to give Skinny Fiber samples. First of all, it is against company policy. The company provides a full guarantee instead. Secondly, samples are just no good. This is because a couple of days of Skinny Fiber is not long enough for you to see how the product really works. The average body cleanse is from 7 days to 42 days and Skinny Fiber results are dependent on the individual's body. Skinny Fiber helps with cleansing, appetite control, fat blocking, natural energy and what the enzymes can do for your body. 30 days gives a great start and doing the 90 day challenge is the perfect amount of time to invest in weight loss with Skinny Fiber. Samples just do not provide enough time for your body to experience the benefits of the product. If I were you, I would be very skeptical if someone offered samples of Skinny Fiber (especially on Ebay or Amazon). It is likely that the product is not authentic / real Skinny Fiber if the person is giving out samples. Keep that in mind!

What Is The Skinny Fiber Guarantee

The company always had a 30 Day Guarantee, but last month announced that Skinny Fiber would have a 90 day guarantee available instead "for a limited time". Since the weight loss challenge is for 3 months this 90 day money back guarantee helps customers dedicate the full time to the program. As you can see from the testimonials on the Facebook page, so many people experience incredible results during that time frame.

How Does the Skinny Fiber Guarantee Work?

If you start your 90 day challenge with either the Buy 2 Get 1 Free or Buy 3 Get 3 Free package, then you qualify for the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Guarantee. All you have to do take the Skinny Fiber as suggested by your distributor / company website, drink your water and follow the information in your free tracking website ... Your Skinny Fiber is guaranteed. The program is for you to give your weight loss 100% effort during that time and without the stress of trying to drop all of the weight in just 30 days when you need the time to adjust, remain consistent and achieve results.

How Do I Take Skinny Fiber / How Does The Challenge Work?

Take 2 capsules twice a day at least 30 minutes before your 2 largest meals of the day and with 8 to 16 ounces of water. Some people take Skinny Fiber 3 times a day and that is ok, too. Make sure to drink at least 1/2 your weight in ounces of water as health professionals recommend. Water is extremely important for your health and weight loss; the glucomannan in Skinny Fiber uses water, too.

The goal is for you to also start making the healthy lifestyle changes you need to lose the weight once and for all. The company gives you a free tracking website where you login to your account and privately monitor your success. There is also a health guide, fitness tips and information on how you can connect with your distributor, support group and company. This way you have all the support you need while doing the 90 day weight loss challenge. If you have further weight loss goals after the initial 90 day, you can do another challenge. There is no limit to how much you can lose, no shakes or fake food to buy, and no one will bombard you with support. It is there is you need / want it even if just to follow along in your support group for recipes, health tips and encouragement.

90 Day Guarantee Is Better Than Samples

The Skinny Fiber program not only gives you a quality, all natural, weight loss product, but also health information, support system and TIME to give the product to work in your body. With just a 2% return rate on the product in all of these years, it is certain that customers love Skinny Fiber. The 90 DAY GUARANTEE is just in case the product is not for you! In this sense it is so much better than getting a few samples where you don't get the time and full experience of the product; you might miss out on how beneficial it can be for your weight loss.
Ready To Give Skinny Fiber A Try?



Have questions? Please leave it in the Comment section below or Contact me directly!

Here's To Your Weight Loss Success,


2 Year Skinnyversary | Skinny Fiber Distributor Anniversary

Platinum Distributor Skinny Fiber / Skinny Body Care Independent Distributo
Photo: Gold & Platinum Leader Pins - Skinny Fiber / (SBC) Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor

This month is my 2nd anniversary as a Skinny Fiber Distributor ... My "Skinnyversary" WOO HOO!!! It feels awesome sharing that with you because it's been one more year with this life changing company and working towards long term goals with both customers and other distributors ... even though it doesn't feel like work most time because I enjoy what I do! I am sitting here blown away that I have been here for 2 years ... WOW! So, I thought that I would share some information about my experience with you!

First of all, I NEVER expected to have been in a direct sales company for so long none-the-less believe in a product, opportunity and love the people so much that I work with and serve each day. I had given up on finding the best home business so many years before becoming a distributor with this company. So many that I came across were not legitimate or even long term (they ended up not paying or went out of business). Some legitimate network marketing companies I tried pushed party planning, meetings, inventory ordering more than I needed to make goals, and had realy pushy upline mentors that did not reflect the business person that I wanted to be. Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with any of that as a Skinny Fiber Distributor. That opened a whole new world of network marketing for me ... and so many others before / since I've been a distributor with the company.

When, How & Why Did I Become A Skinny Fiber Distributor

I became a Skinny Body Care (SBC) Independent Distributor on July 15, 2012. I had known about the product since the company launched, though did not decide to try Skinny Fiber until my husband asked if I had heard about it. He knew that I wanted to lose weight but couldn't go to a weight loss doctor as I wanted because my blood pressure was high. One thing lead to another and I ended up not only trying the product - it started to work for me - and became an active distributor, too. I worked my busiI went to all calls and webinars while working my Skinny Fiber business for just 1 to 3 hours week (from the comfort of my home). This went on a few months while I kept taking my Skinny Fiber, learned the business and company culture. I increased time and efforts a few months later; quit the work I was doing before joining the company and have been doing this part time with what many would consider a full time income. It has not always been easy, but sure worth the change.

What Do I Like Best About Being A Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor?

This Skinny Fiber business ended up being an opportunity that didn't require me to jump through hoops to make money and develop professionally. I had been in companies in the past where they always required buying more product for inventory, paying for websites, 3rd party trainings, contact managers, etc; SBC does not push like this. Skinny Fiber Distributors get a virtual office with everything they need to do the business from anywhere, plus ongoing training and support is available daily. The company even ships the products for us, though we have the ability to interact with our own customers - which is awesome - but they provide support to the customers, too. As a result, I now have a career that is much more flexible, fun and rewarding because I am helping people from experience and heart; it's SO MUCH better than the demanding, stressful and exhausting work that I used to do. So many customers have lost weight with Skinny Fiber and the weight loss support; same with the distributors and their accomplishments, too.

What Exactly Do Skinny Fiber Distributors Do?
I think the work is easy and fun to do. In my experience, it is a business that just about anyone can do ... Skinny Fiber distributors basically share information that helps people learn about the product, losing weight and healthy lifestyle changes; most also provide health, food and life tips that can help people, as well as product and weight loss support. The flip side is that distributors also help people start careers with the company and learn what they need to do to reach their goals. It is a very systematic and team driven business. Many feel like this is a family oriented company (not just caring about yours, but also one big family) especially since the owner is hands on and has the motivation that he wants SBC to be the last company people ever want to do. He encourages people to learn how to do well in this business, eliminate debt, create savings, take care of what they need in order to live more stress free and happy. PLUS, HE ALWAYS PAYS THE DISTRIBUTORS fairly according to the compensation plan and ontime!!!

You can learn more by visiting this page:

Skinny Fiber Distributor Business, Questions Answered

It has everything you need to know about becoming a Skinny Fiber distributor. If not for you, please feel free to share the link with someone that might need the opportunity! Distributors can work from home and this is an international business!

This ended up being just what I needed to start losing weight and break away from my lifesucking career choice ... Yes, I could have done something else; I have a college degree and diverse work experience, but neither were permitting the work / life quality I needed to maintain for our family's happiness. I am not talking about the extravagant wants (which are certainly possible for all), but being able to work from home and be there for the kids, provide more than just basic needs and avoid living from check to check, having the ability to make more money if / when needed (not sitting trying to figure out what to do), etc. It has been work, time invested and the need for development, but far much more enjoyable then being stuck in a pay range and on a time clock while wondering if the job security is there or if that is even the place to be. Can you relate?

WOW 2 YEARS ... In one work at home business!!! It just blows me away!

Thanks for being interested enough to read along!!!

Blessings to you,
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Who Do You Turn To For Weight Loss Support?

Who do you turn to for weight loss support? Join the Skinny Fiber weight loss challenge with Lea H

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent." ~ John Donne

Have you told anyone that you're trying to lose weight? Are you being private about your weight loss goals or are you sharing this experience with other family members and friends? I'm asking this question to EVERYONE whether you are taking Skinny Fiber or not! Please feel free to comment below or in our weight loss group; read on to learn a bit about what you should do when starting a weight loss plan!


I KNOW that a lot of people choose not to tell anyone when they are trying to lose weight. Does this include you? Are you one of my online friends that are trying to lose weight on your own? If so, I'm glad you've gotten started and hope that you are doing well so far, but I am also concerned about your long term weight loss goals; especially for those of you that have been at this point may times before? You know "that point"!!! It's when you feel like you "have it under control" and no one needs to know until you have lost the weight. This is especially true for a lot people trying a low carb or trendy diet, as well as those of you taking Skinny Fiber for weight loss and worried about what others will think. Meanwhile, you're feeling super motivated to work towards your weight loss goals; to feel better, look better, get the weight down for a special occasion, etc. So, why not tell other people to become accountable and also provide some support for them, too?

Maybe you feel that you "have it under control" this time ... Yet, you don't want to tell family and friends because the last time you were embarrassed by either THEIR or YOU OWN weight loss failure. Is this true? Are you planning to share information about Skinny Fiber or whatever other weight loss plan you are doing ONCE weight starts coming off?

This is TOTALLY understandable, but I want to explain something important to you!

Statistics /Studies show that people are more successful at losing weight / sticking to their weight loss program when they are part of a support group (social group) or better yet working on weight loss with personal friends / family as part of the group. Here are some study conclusions for your review:

"A low-cost program offering treatment of indefinite duration produced large long-term weight losses and may be suitable for widespread replication." 1

"The main finding in this study was that recruiting participants with a team of three friends and treating them with a strong social support intervention decreased the number of dropouts and markedly increased the percentage of participants who maintained their weight loss in full, over a six-month follow-up period when the social support intervention was still in effect. The social support manipulation was somewhat effective in this study and improved the maintenance of weight loss for both participants recruited alone and those recruited with friends." 2

"The structured commercial weight loss program provided modest weight loss but more than self-help over a 2-year period". 3


Who do you turn to for weight loss support?


I used to tell everyone when I started a weight loss plan. My friends were usually supportive, but through the years, I noticed that certain people were not helpful in my plans and progress. Sometimes it was friends bringing homemade goodies or not showing up to work out with me. Sometimes, it felt like family had no consideration of my goals. For example, when my children and I were younger, I noticed that my mother was totally non-responsive to my weight loss needs. She was awesome at judging and commenting at times, but not willing to help with adjustments that I needed. She was great at making the kids different foods at meals, so I know that it was not that she didn't want to cook for each person. In fact, she always cooked a bunch of different things on Sundays, so that she had meals prepared for the week and sent some home us, too. Yet, she rarely made meals or additions to the menu that would benefit my low carb / low fat needs and always had a lot of processed junk in the kitchen, too. It felt discouraging and it really hurt me, especially when my very young cousin was like 50 pounds at 2 years old and she did not adjust that child's meals to not contribute to her obesity. Now that I look back, I think that my mother just wanted us to eat the comfort meals as normal because it made her feel happy and what was characteristic in our family over the years. Still, I learned to say no to coming over for family meals when I was working hard to lose weight.

Later in life, especially after having our baby, I went through this again with my husband and have learned NOT to tell my husband when I am purposely avoiding certain foods. It seems like he loads the kitchen with even more sweets and carbs than normal when he knows that I am avoiding them; like a subconscious sabotage that really irks me. I used to take over the shopping loading us with tons of fruits and vegetables, but it was making the kids miserable. I eventually learned not mention my weight loss plans to him and work my meals around theirs. It is not easy, but Skinny Fiber and my external weight loss support system helped.

So, I got in the habit of not turning to certain people when I was trying to lose weight ... Even though I thought that I could handle it on my own, it ended up each time that the lack of support wore my weight loss success. This is how I ended up surrounding myself with people that were having the same experiences or sharing with others struggling in their weight loss issues, so that we all could support one another.

I am sharing my experience in case you can relate. 

It's not that friends and loved ones don't want you to lose weight, but that they are used to eating and doing certain things with you that they do not want to stop ... WHATEVER THE REASON ... If you have people that are close to you and don't tell them about your weight loss plans because they are no help, you have to find some type of support because your weight loss success is less realistic if you do not have listening ears during challenging times and also encouragement to you.


Maybe you have personal friends that can join you in weight loss and / or provide motivation for you. If so, that's awesome and I encourage you to meet for exercise, meal planning and share with one another what has been working or not. On the other hand, I know that some of you have already been there and were unsuccessful with a friend as your weight loss buddy  --- that is why you are trying to lose weight again, therefore I am suggesting different weight loss support.

It doesn't matter whether you are just getting started, have been doing good for a while or at the breaking point! Weight loss support is important and social support is especially helpful for maintaining your momentum, taking weight off, obtaining valuable resources, ideas and long term weight loss goals (keeping the weight off)! Weight Loss Support is not only important for your personal motivation, accountability and results, but also beneficial to others in the group for who you share information with, too.

Statistic show that you will do better with weight loss if you do it as part of a group and / or have personalized support. It is your back up for when you feel like expressing the challenges or not (sometimes it's just as simple as seeing success stories and struggles; reading along whether you mention anything at all). The information shared by the members will remind you of the foods, health tips, logical and emotional factors to deal with daily and teach you how so many others are accomplishing weight loss goals. If everyone participates, then the group will benefit even more for weight loss support.

You should find local weight loss groups and participate according to their schedules. Whether it be a weight in and guidance group, exercise meet up or something similar, it will be worth it. I also invite you to join our online weight loss group and become active in it over time ...


Our online weight loss support group is just a group of strangers who have come together as friends in a group where there are Recipes, Food and Health Tips, DIYs, Motivations and Stories from people just like you. No one will hunt you down ... You are warmly accepted and appreciated while there!

NOTE: Another FANTASTIC way to change your health and life in general is to become a Skinny Fiber Distributor. We just pay a one time $10 more to get started in both the weight loss challenge and business, so it is not an expensive process to get paid while losing weight. I don't know if you can envision the potential for your weight loss and finances, but with double the support of both team and weight loss group, it could be of tremendous benefit to you. Visit THIS PAGE if interested in learning more!


Don't want to join a weight loss group right now?

We would love to have you join us right now, but will also be there if you want to join later when you feel like getting "back in the saddle again". I want you to remember this blog post. In fact, save it to your Favorites / Bookmarks, so that you can refer back to it and join us for weight loss support!  Share the link with friends and family to join you, too!

Here's To Your Weight Loss Success!!!

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1 International Journal of Obesity (2000) 24, 893-898
2 J Consult Clin Psychol 1999 Feb; 67 (1): 132-138. PubMed ID: 10028217
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