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Who Do You Turn To For Weight Loss Support?

Who do you turn to for weight loss support? Join the Skinny Fiber weight loss challenge with Lea H

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent." ~ John Donne

Have you told anyone that you're trying to lose weight? Are you being private about your weight loss goals or are you sharing this experience with other family members and friends? I'm asking this question to EVERYONE whether you are taking Skinny Fiber or not! Please feel free to comment below or in our weight loss group; read on to learn a bit about what you should do when starting a weight loss plan!


I KNOW that a lot of people choose not to tell anyone when they are trying to lose weight. Does this include you? Are you one of my online friends that are trying to lose weight on your own? If so, I'm glad you've gotten started and hope that you are doing well so far, but I am also concerned about your long term weight loss goals; especially for those of you that have been at this point may times before? You know "that point"!!! It's when you feel like you "have it under control" and no one needs to know until you have lost the weight. This is especially true for a lot people trying a low carb or trendy diet, as well as those of you taking Skinny Fiber for weight loss and worried about what others will think. Meanwhile, you're feeling super motivated to work towards your weight loss goals; to feel better, look better, get the weight down for a special occasion, etc. So, why not tell other people to become accountable and also provide some support for them, too?

Maybe you feel that you "have it under control" this time ... Yet, you don't want to tell family and friends because the last time you were embarrassed by either THEIR or YOU OWN weight loss failure. Is this true? Are you planning to share information about Skinny Fiber or whatever other weight loss plan you are doing ONCE weight starts coming off?

This is TOTALLY understandable, but I want to explain something important to you!

Statistics /Studies show that people are more successful at losing weight / sticking to their weight loss program when they are part of a support group (social group) or better yet working on weight loss with personal friends / family as part of the group. Here are some study conclusions for your review:

"A low-cost program offering treatment of indefinite duration produced large long-term weight losses and may be suitable for widespread replication." 1

"The main finding in this study was that recruiting participants with a team of three friends and treating them with a strong social support intervention decreased the number of dropouts and markedly increased the percentage of participants who maintained their weight loss in full, over a six-month follow-up period when the social support intervention was still in effect. The social support manipulation was somewhat effective in this study and improved the maintenance of weight loss for both participants recruited alone and those recruited with friends." 2

"The structured commercial weight loss program provided modest weight loss but more than self-help over a 2-year period". 3


Who do you turn to for weight loss support?


I used to tell everyone when I started a weight loss plan. My friends were usually supportive, but through the years, I noticed that certain people were not helpful in my plans and progress. Sometimes it was friends bringing homemade goodies or not showing up to work out with me. Sometimes, it felt like family had no consideration of my goals. For example, when my children and I were younger, I noticed that my mother was totally non-responsive to my weight loss needs. She was awesome at judging and commenting at times, but not willing to help with adjustments that I needed. She was great at making the kids different foods at meals, so I know that it was not that she didn't want to cook for each person. In fact, she always cooked a bunch of different things on Sundays, so that she had meals prepared for the week and sent some home us, too. Yet, she rarely made meals or additions to the menu that would benefit my low carb / low fat needs and always had a lot of processed junk in the kitchen, too. It felt discouraging and it really hurt me, especially when my very young cousin was like 50 pounds at 2 years old and she did not adjust that child's meals to not contribute to her obesity. Now that I look back, I think that my mother just wanted us to eat the comfort meals as normal because it made her feel happy and what was characteristic in our family over the years. Still, I learned to say no to coming over for family meals when I was working hard to lose weight.

Later in life, especially after having our baby, I went through this again with my husband and have learned NOT to tell my husband when I am purposely avoiding certain foods. It seems like he loads the kitchen with even more sweets and carbs than normal when he knows that I am avoiding them; like a subconscious sabotage that really irks me. I used to take over the shopping loading us with tons of fruits and vegetables, but it was making the kids miserable. I eventually learned not mention my weight loss plans to him and work my meals around theirs. It is not easy, but Skinny Fiber and my external weight loss support system helped.

So, I got in the habit of not turning to certain people when I was trying to lose weight ... Even though I thought that I could handle it on my own, it ended up each time that the lack of support wore my weight loss success. This is how I ended up surrounding myself with people that were having the same experiences or sharing with others struggling in their weight loss issues, so that we all could support one another.

I am sharing my experience in case you can relate. 

It's not that friends and loved ones don't want you to lose weight, but that they are used to eating and doing certain things with you that they do not want to stop ... WHATEVER THE REASON ... If you have people that are close to you and don't tell them about your weight loss plans because they are no help, you have to find some type of support because your weight loss success is less realistic if you do not have listening ears during challenging times and also encouragement to you.


Maybe you have personal friends that can join you in weight loss and / or provide motivation for you. If so, that's awesome and I encourage you to meet for exercise, meal planning and share with one another what has been working or not. On the other hand, I know that some of you have already been there and were unsuccessful with a friend as your weight loss buddy  --- that is why you are trying to lose weight again, therefore I am suggesting different weight loss support.

It doesn't matter whether you are just getting started, have been doing good for a while or at the breaking point! Weight loss support is important and social support is especially helpful for maintaining your momentum, taking weight off, obtaining valuable resources, ideas and long term weight loss goals (keeping the weight off)! Weight Loss Support is not only important for your personal motivation, accountability and results, but also beneficial to others in the group for who you share information with, too.

Statistic show that you will do better with weight loss if you do it as part of a group and / or have personalized support. It is your back up for when you feel like expressing the challenges or not (sometimes it's just as simple as seeing success stories and struggles; reading along whether you mention anything at all). The information shared by the members will remind you of the foods, health tips, logical and emotional factors to deal with daily and teach you how so many others are accomplishing weight loss goals. If everyone participates, then the group will benefit even more for weight loss support.

You should find local weight loss groups and participate according to their schedules. Whether it be a weight in and guidance group, exercise meet up or something similar, it will be worth it. I also invite you to join our online weight loss group and become active in it over time ...


Our online weight loss support group is just a group of strangers who have come together as friends in a group where there are Recipes, Food and Health Tips, DIYs, Motivations and Stories from people just like you. No one will hunt you down ... You are warmly accepted and appreciated while there!

NOTE: Another FANTASTIC way to change your health and life in general is to become a Skinny Fiber Distributor. We just pay a one time $10 more to get started in both the weight loss challenge and business, so it is not an expensive process to get paid while losing weight. I don't know if you can envision the potential for your weight loss and finances, but with double the support of both team and weight loss group, it could be of tremendous benefit to you. Visit THIS PAGE if interested in learning more!


Don't want to join a weight loss group right now?

We would love to have you join us right now, but will also be there if you want to join later when you feel like getting "back in the saddle again". I want you to remember this blog post. In fact, save it to your Favorites / Bookmarks, so that you can refer back to it and join us for weight loss support!  Share the link with friends and family to join you, too!

Here's To Your Weight Loss Success!!!

P.S. Add me as a friend on Facebook and Google - I make a great friend and help with support!


1 International Journal of Obesity (2000) 24, 893-898
2 J Consult Clin Psychol 1999 Feb; 67 (1): 132-138. PubMed ID: 10028217
3 JAMA. 2003;289(14):1792-1798. doi:10.1001/jama.289.14.1792.

My Big Fat Workaholic Syndrome - Addiction & Weight Loss - Relate?

How workaholic syndrome weight loss. How to deal with addictions that affect weight loss.

I am posting this CONFESSION for both you and me ...

I am genuinely a workaholic. This has always been more than just "a money thing" for me. It is not your normal 8 or 12 hours at work (with breaks) and checking in on things from home later, but the rest of life not being work. I used to go year upon year in an unhealthy pattern of sedentary work, as well as a rushed personal lifestyle with a virtually non-existent leisure time. If I do not keep myself in check, I can go back into a situation of falling into that same horrible schedule of work and it being more important than sleeping, exercise, activities, eating and although I have always loved my children, spent time and kept them busy, it affected them so much, too. I was either on the computer during movie nights or when their friends spent the night; rushing through play times; on a device or doing follow up calls during sports practices; half together physically (rushed to dress, ponytail, plain Jane always) for scheduled activities and games. I used to blame it on being a single mom back then, but when it was the same after I was in a serious relationship again and came back as a married mom, too. By my third child, I had to start learning how to deal with this addiction and get my life back again. It does not mean that I don't slip at times, but never the way it used to be for my children and me!

Addicted to work, high stress, isolated activity!

It is very hard for me to admit this to the world. It is a syndrome of addiction and it has really affected my life in some crazy ways over the years; especially with weight gain and weight loss, relationships and with God. I can gain weight overnight because of the years of doing this which include food / meal changes, lack of activity and self-imposed stress. My workaholic syndrome can trigger other addictions that have become easier to nip in the bud over the years. These are problems such as being addicted to quick foods, as well as carbohydrates and sugar foods, insomnia, drinking more coffee than water, drinking wine to sleep, not wanting to plan any activities in case my work ended up taking priority and disappointing others, etc. I have gotten much better with this over the years; even Skinny Fiber has helped a lot believe it or not. This is because we take Skinny Fiber at least 30 minutes before meals, so if I eat breakfast soon after I wake, plan when to take Skinny Fiber later each day and meals that will go with it, and then how I can work and be active in between, then it helps me stay on track in areas that I ignore at other times. Also, learning so much about health and nutrition daily keeps me on my toes for my family and me, too. Another change I've made was moving to areas that made it easier to embraced more activity; like right now I live on the water where I see the action and it motivates me to do more than work, it is easier to walk to places than drive, the gym is right in walking distance, too. Before this was a pool home where I could make myself jump in each day. Prior to that was a house with a lot of land where I could set up a huge garden and manage that some time each day. ANYTHING to make it easier for me to stop working and do things which motivated me to go out and do more. On the other hand, even if I moved next time onto a trampoline where I had to bounce to get anywhere each day (LOL), the reality is that an addiction is an addiction and one can slip right back in a danger zone again ... it is "a mind thing" to deal with daily, too.

Change and self-control are somethings that we all have to do when trying to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle, but when you have an addiction or addictions, disorders or even just some long rooted bad habits, then you have to watch and deal with them over and over again.

Foods / behaviors that hurt weight loss and health!

Lately, I've been catching myself slipping back into a pattern of this self-destruction, so I am writing about it today before I make myself get off this computer and do what I need to do (and without a cell phone, tablet or strategic planning for work). My pattern of both good and bad times include worrying about time and productivity, success and failure, how to efficiently multitask work, life needs and play, etc. Most importantly, my sleep and eating habits will get way off. My oldest son was in town the past 9 days and I am sure that having company has a little to do with being off track, but I know it is just my big fat workaholic syndrome creeping back in since I have been dealing with this for well over a decade now. I have to stay on a schedule. Mine is not as structured according to time as someone who works out of the home, but more like waking after feeling well rested, getting lemon water or coffee and not running to the computer to "check on things", time for breakfast for baby and me, etc. etc. etc. To be very systematic in a productive way that carries over to God, family, work and life opposed to work running everything from the time I open my eyes.

This is how I caught it today ...

It wasn't until making my first meal of today (a quick 4 oz dill salmon microwaved from leftovers, a handful of celery and carrots, a little dip for the veggies and a bottle of water), that I realized I was now cooking ahead to rush my meals around work, PLUS IT WAS 3:39 PM when I ate my first meal today. I felt horrible and am still overwhelmed with disappointment in myself for doing this several times this week, but today is much later than the other days and I know to nip it in the bud right now because before I know it months will go by and my whole family is affected ... Plus, my weight and health. I end up eating less and at the wrong times, etc. etc. etc. It can be a mess!!!

If this is something that you cannot relate to, think about some addictions that you have or might have heard of like binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, fast food addiction, being too depressed to eat, etc. Other examples to consider are just the bad habits you or someone you know has had over the years like huge food portions, overeating until stuffed instead of just when satisfied, not eating veggies and only meat and carbs AS WELL AS obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), hyperactivity, insomnia and other disorders that people have to learn to control.
Why am I sharing this personal information with you?
Having workaholic syndrome is definitely not the same as that personality of a super driven executive whose hard work leads to a better lifestyle where he or she ends up chilling and enjoying everything in life once he or she makes it. It is more like having Steve Jobs OCD inside of you pounding you through code after code regardless of whether you want to take a break or if that product is going to even make it to production. It is like that person we all say would work whether they have to or not; they retire from one job and make sure to find work again right after. Kind of like an alcohol or casino addiction --- the habit is repetitive and side effects are vast. Still, my heart will always think that being a workaholic is better than being an underachiever, but I know there has to be a balance and to get myself back on track ASAP. Catching it quickly helps for everything not to get out of control.

This is what we all need to do - no matter what your addictions / syndromes / bad habits - when trying to lose weight, keep weight off, and make all of the healthy lifestyle changes that we can stick with!!! You cannot lose weight, keep weight off or be your best all the way around without dealing with such things ... Our WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT ONLINE group is a place where we can discuss such topics as well as get recipes, health tips and motivation. So, I am sharing this ongoing struggle from my weight loss journey and posting it there for your input, too.

Hope to hear from you in our group!

Your Friend,

4th of July Weight Loss Tips & Motivation To Stay On Track!

Are you going to a 4th of July picnic tomorrow? Cooking ahead or pondering over the menu today??? Here are some quick 4th of July Weight Loss Tips for foods to eat and dieting tips, getting yourself motivated to stay on track with your weight loss goals. You know how it is when you have one bad day; you could be setting yourself up to ruin your progress the rest of the month. This is short and sweet, but will help to get you in the mindset for tomorrow!

Just getting started w/ your healthy lifestyle changes? Commit to your weight loss goals with our 4th of July Special bonus for anyone getting the Buy 2 Get 1 Free and Buy 3 Get 3 Free Skinny Fiber packages! Contact Me for details and check out the 4th of July tips below!

#1 Skinny Fiber On 4th Of July

This 1st tip is obviously for those of you taking Skinny Fiber. Please make sure to take your Skinny Fiber before you go to the picnic (or whatever your plans for the 4th of July) and even take them with you (in a pill container in your purse), so that you won't get off track. I know that sometimes you need to make your plate as soon as getting to the picnic. DO JUST THAT and sit it aside if it is not time for your Skinny Fiber and getting prepared to eat. For those who are new to Skinny Fiber, you need to take it at least 30 minutes before you eat your 2 largest meals of the day and with 8 to 16 ounces of water. DON'T FORGET, so that you have Skinny Fiber helping with appetite control, cravings, metabolism ... Stick with your weight loss challenge even on holidays!

#2 Healthy Food Choices / Don't Hang Near The Food

First of all, stay on track today while cooking ahead or just knowing that the 4th of July might be a day where you indulge in what you normally do not eat. You know that choosing healthy substitutes is part of your weight loss and lifestyle changes, therefore there is no reason why you can't stay on track with what you are already doing. It will take some self control, but watermelon and other fresh fruits are an awesome personal choices instead of chowing down on cookies, pie or cake. Stay away from the food table(s) because they may tempt you to mindlessly snack. Call ahead to see what the menu will be; maybe YOU can be the one to bring the fruit salad or other low sugar / low starch dessert to the picnic. We have a ton of healthy recipes in our Facebook Weight Loss Group (click the Photos link to access Photo Albums with recipes) and Skinny Fiber Facebook Page (click the Photos link on the left hand side of the page and healthy recipes are there). It's not too late to whip up with your own special dishes to share!

Staying away from bread, potatoes, corn, etc if you are doing a low carb diet! Meat, Deviled Eggs, Cheese / Veggie Tray (even just Celery w/ cream cheese) and vegetables are always the best choices. If just eating a normal diet while on Skinny Fiber, remember not to ignore how the pills work and your body! Keep eating what you like but less, though it is still an awesome choice to limit your starchy sides to 1/4 cup of linguini salad / pasta salad / potato salad. Starchy, Sugary and Prepackaged / Processed Foods are addictive. It may be hard to stay on track if you make a habit of including those in your diet (whether for your Independence Day Celebration) or at any time.

You can stay on track for what has been working for you and stay away from what you know does not! 4th of July Weight Loss is just like any other day ... POINT BLANK!!!
#3 Make Sure To Have Water On Hand
Call ahead to make sure that your host will have plenty of water as well as the other traditional picnic beverages. If not, just bring a little cooler with your own water or a case of water to share! The weather is hot and your body needs at least 1/2 yoru weight in ounces of water, in general, so do not screw this up! You are at risk for eating more and drinking sugary drinks or diet drinks if you let yourself get dehydrated, so just make sure to have plenty of water on hand.
Stay On Track With Weight Loss Goals on 4th Of July
Having fun, eating well and not stressing yourself out is key! This is the say before the 4th of July, therefore you have plenty of time to get your head together TODAY about the healthier choices you will make tomorrow ... THIS is the KEY to not feeling bad about yourself 4th of July evening or the next day, as well as NOT GETTING OFF TRACK completely for the rest of the month. You know how it goes, so set yourself up for success TODAY instead of putting yourself at risk for not accomplishing your weight loss goals.


Much love and blessings to all of you!



Blessed, Healthy & Happy Easter To You

Happy Easter from Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Support
(We do let the kids have candy on Easter, but fill the basket up mostly w/ toys, books, etc., and sunflower seeds for the older son)

Wishing You A Blessed, Healthy & Happy Easter Day

Easter Blessings to you from our family to yours. Although this special day is in honor of the most high, there are still lots of sweet treats in homes today and more than likely a big Easter Dinner planned. ENJOY!!! Don't be too tough on yourself today, but try to stay on track with the healthy food options and take your Skinny Fiber to help control how much you're eating. If you eat more sweets than normal or more food in general, just make sure to get right back to your healthy eating and weight loss goals tomorrow; don't let splurging carry over to tomorrow / next week! Just keep in mind that our goal is to make changes that you can live with forever. Watching what you eat and how much you eat are just as much the key to your healthy lifestyle changes as exercise, sleeping well, keeping stress to a minimum, etc.

I send you this reminder with your health and happiness in mind.

Happy Easter Blessings to you my friend!


How To Make Skinny Fiber Work For You | Fast Weight Loss & Resistance

Have you been taking Skinny Fiber for a month or less and wonder "what's up" with the weight loss? Have you caught yourself thinking, "How are some people losing weight so quickly and I am losing weight slower than expected?" If you just started taking Skinny Fiber and have questions about how to make it work for you, this is the information you need! It will explain how to make Skinny Fiber work for you (which it is and you may not realize it) as well as some info on natural weight loss in general.


How To Make Skinny Fiber Work For You

Be Realistic About Your Weight Loss Expectations!

The hardest part about losing weight is that we expect immediate gratification. We want to lose an insane amount of weight within a few weeks and without thinking about how long it took to gain the weight. This is just human nature and an understandable desire for people motivated to lose weight quickly! If this is what you expected when ordering Skinny Fiber then you are not completely wrong. Some people do lose weight so quickly that it blows my mind. On the other hand, most people lose gradually and if you read the Skinny Fiber Testimonials that we post on Facebook, then you will understand that weight loss has not been an overnight experience for most of the people that have had success with Skinny Fiber. The product "kicked in" as their body responded to it. Some had to work at losing weight in addition to what the supplement has done for them. They took it faithfully, started drinking more water, started watching the types of drinks and foods they chose to eat and exercised. Since they were not losing weight at all before Skinny Fiber (even though they were trying), they were amazed by the weight loss success with Skinny Fiber and continued to do what it took to lose the weight. On the other hand, some people have made no changes aside from taking Skinny Fiber and drinking water; they patiently waited until the product got their body ready to lose weight and kicked in for them - they lost weight doing nothing different than that. Some people lost weight quickly and some lost slower than the others. They kept their weight loss expectations realistic because watched the videos and understood how the product works!

How Skinny Fiber Works Videos

The videos clearly state that Skinny Fiber helps your body get ready to lose weight first (digestive enzymes) and cleanse; then the other ingredients in Skinny Fiber (glucomannan, cha de bugre, caralluma fimbrita) work to help you eat less, curb cravings, block fat, increase metabolism and feel energetic. If you go into the weight loss challenge with these realistic weight loss expectations and understand how the product works, then you know what to expect. The goal is to keep taking your Skinny Fiber as instructed, drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water, pay attention to when you are experiencing detox and when you are actually full enough to stop eating, how energy increases, inches lost ... if you understand how Skinny Fiber works and take this all seriously you will be one of the happy ones that lose weight without stressing (which contributes to weight gain and weight loss resistance).
How Will Skinny Fiber Work For Me?
I would love to say that you are going to take off 10 pounds each week with Skinny Fiber and that you're going to be your ideal weight by the time you've finished the 90 day challenge, but this is unlikely if you have a lot of weight to lose or other factors that contribute to weight loss resistance. Extreme weight loss is not a guarantee of this product. In fact, extreme weight loss is just not healthy for you. This is why there was such controversy when Rachel Frederickson looked so incredibly thin on the day they announced her as the winner of The Biggest Loser. Everyone questioned whether she was even healthy and said that she looked too skinny after she breaking the extreme weight loss record. That is not how Skinny Fiber works.

Whether taking Skinny Fiber or not, on average, healthy weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Yes, some people lose much more than average in their first 3 months (90 day challenge) and some people lose the average amount of weight or less; some people do not lose weight at all because they do not do what they need to do to make Skinny Fiber work for them. It is a cut and dry process just as if you were taking one of those harmful weight loss pills for appetite control EXCEPT for the fact that Skinny Fiber is more than just an appetite suppressant and it is all natural with some benefits instead of health risks. Just as you take Vitamin B, Vitamin B, Omega 3s and so on, you need to take them consistently and Skinny Fiber is a supplement just like these examples, too.


Skinny Fiber does work and this is why it is so popular (even voted as best weight loss product). Skinny Fiber works immediately for some people and they never change a thing to lose weight with the product. This happened to me in my first 90 day challenge as well as a lot of my customers and other distributors. Other people wait longer for the results depending on their bodies. Health issues, toxins, types of drinks and foods, the amount of food and drinks (calories), stress levels, lack of sleep, improper hydration (amount of water), metabolism / physical activity and inconsistency (not taking the Skinny Fiber each day as instructed) --- these all play a role in why it takes some people longer to lose weight on Skinny Fiber.

Health Issues

If you have health issues like diabetes, autoimmune disorder (like hypothyroidism), candida overgrowth, depression, cushing's syndrome, digestive issues (GERD, IBS, etc), pituitary cancer, musculoskeletal conditions, PCOS, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and so on ... it may take your body longer to lose weight with Skinny Fiber ... it may not. Regardless, the reality is that these are health issues that cause weight gain and weight loss resistance. You cannot compare yourself to a healthy person taking Skinny Fiber. It may take longer for your body to "get healthy" or you may begin to see results immediately. On the other hand, we have customers that have been able to get healthier and even doctors reducing or taking them off of medications after taking Skinny Fiber. It just depends on your body. In fact, there are nurses and doctors that tell their patients that Skinny Fiber will be good for them.

Food & Drinks

So many people do not change how they eat as the Skinny Fiber cleanses and controls the appetite, but that does not mean to eat as much as you were used to eating before taking Skinny Fiber or that you may not need to make some changes. It also does not mean that they all ate super unhealthy before taking Skinny Fiber either ... maybe they ate kind of healthy before but just too much food. Maybe they always ate fast foods or salads. We do not know what everyone is eating before they get started, but we do know that overeating is a top cause for weight gain and obesity. Overeating is a bad habit like smoking, swearing, biting your nails. Bad habits require intentional motivation / control to stop repeating the habit. Especially for those of us were conditioned to eat this way from childhood by the types of foods we were fed, generous portions we were given and being told to "eat everything on your plate" at each meal. You have to recognize and listen to your body as it says stop. That is one of the hardest things for people to do because they are used to IGNORING that full feeling and think that stuffed is what it should be.

Additionally, unhealthy foods and drinks have become more than just bad habits; they are addictive especially for those who live on processed foods, fast foods, starchy foods, junk foods, pop, commercial juices, etc. These foods have chemicals and sugar under different names. They make you want to eat more and crave unhealthy foods. If you are always eating fatty, starchy, foods over the healthy, fresh and nutritious foods, you are getting the calories and problems that go with these foods. Yes, the enzyme blend in Skinny Fiber will help, but you are still counteracting progress and putting your health at risk. Couple that with a sedentary lifestyle (inactive / no exercise), and it will be hard to lose weight no matter what you do; especially if you are an emotional eater.

Food is such an emotional crutch for some people that they need professional help (they are so used to ignoring what is healthy and that full feeling ... they don't even know when they are full anymore) and when food has become a favorite pastime (eating and drinking is what they do every time they get together they "break bread") with family and friends, this can become even more problematic for weight loss, too. Skinny Fiber helps with detoxing, overeating and feeling good, but some people have to intentionally work on these habits as well. It is the same "you have to want" or "you have to commit" to losing weight that most people have to work through, except they have an extremely hard time sticking to what they need to do. If this is you, admit it and get some help. You can join our weight loss group and / or get professional help.

If you think about how Skinny Fiber works to help with digestion, cleansing and appetite control, it really does not make sense to ignore your body's need for healthy foods and the proper amount of water ESPECIALLY if you are already weight loss resistant. You are putting the toxins right back in for the product to have to work out of your body again and you are counteracting with how the product works to help with your cravings, desire to overeat and feel it's best. Keep this in mind when you are comparing your weight loss with someone else's success!

ONE MORE THING ... EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ... Skipping meals and / or not eating enough calories in a day can KILL your weight loss dreams. This affects your metabolism, caloric intake, energy ... and is another blog post to explain the disadvantages of putting your body in survival mode (or starvation mode) even if you don't do it consistently. Keep this in mind when tracking your progress.

Dehydration / Drinking Water

If you are not a water drinker, then this is an area where you must become incredibly passionate about making change while taking Skinny Fiber. You should make yourself drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of WATER each day. Some of my customers say this is so hard for them. Many think they are drinking enough until they learn how to detect when they are dehydrated and what is best for their bodies. Skinny Fiber and water work hand in hand, so does weight loss and water.  The glucomannan sucks it up. Additionally, NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER makes you hungry ... DEHYDRATION makes you hungry. Whether you realize that you are dehydrated or not, there is a connected and is most often the case for those who drink more soda / pop, sugar drinks, commercial juices, artificial sweeteners ... Depending on age and body fat, our bodies are made up of 55% to 78% water which is distributed incredibly throughout body organs, blood, etc. Nothing can satisfy your body's need for hydration like water and the more you drink the better when taking Skinny Fiber. Take your weight and divide it in half ... that is the amount of water you need (ex: 140 pounds / 2 = 70 ounces of water) and could actually drink more since the glucomannan absorbs some of it to make you feel full. There are some awesome mobile apps for tracking water intake or you can do this on your own. Use one of the water apps or track manually on a calendar if you need help tracking how much water you drink each day.

Stress Levels

Maybe you have heard about this and ignored it, but STRESS can make you fat, keep you fat and even kill you. Stress makes people overeat (emotional eating as mentioned above). Stress causes people to lose sleep which increases the ghrelin  hormone that affects appetite control. This can hurt weight loss and your health in general including the nervous system, as well as creating blood sugar problems, depression and anxiety. Stress increases the production of cortisol in your body which is a stress hormone that makes it hard to lose weight and contributes to body fat in dangerous areas like belly and upper body fat. Therapy, lifestyle / work changes and exercise helps decrease stress. Although exercise is not required for weight loss with Skinny Fiber, it helps for this and other reasons. Consider it for overall health.

Sleeping Habits

Our bodies need sleep. Some say 7 hours and other say 8 hours; children need even more. There is no making sleep up at a later date nor ignoring the fact that you do not function at optimal level when sleep deprived; even if you don't think that you are deficient in sleep. This is one of the hardest points to emphasize to my teen and my customers that suffer from sleep issues. It does catch up to you and often WEIGHT GAIN and WEIGHT LOSS RESISTANCE are a side effect of the lack of sleep. Your body is a machine with timing and depriving it of sleep is hard on the organs and for weight loss.


Nothing is going to work if you don't put your mind to it. You have to be committed and consistent. Make sure to take Skinny Fiber as instructed. So, how do you take Skinny Fiber? The company says to take 2 capsules with 8 glasses of water at least 30 minutes before your 2 largest meals of the day. This is what works for the majority of people and what you should do. Some people need to take their capsules with more water (I actually take mine with 16 ounces and so do many others). Some people take 3 Skinny Fiber twice a day and others take 2 capsules three times a day. Yet, the original instructions are what the the company says is needed; I have had customers tell me they needed a little more for their bodies. Depending on your appetite and health issues, this may be the case for you as well, but start off in the first month taking it as instructed.


The truth of the matter is that everyone gains and loses weight at different rates depending on calorie intake, calories burned, hydration, sleep and stress levels. Keep all of that in mind when taking Skinny Fiber.
We cannot tell you exactly how the product will work for you because each person loses weight with Skinny Fiber at different rates. Some people start losing immediately and other people just take a bit longer to notice and see changes, but the Skinny Fiber results do come ... If you are more weight loss resistant than others, then patience and often changes are in order (YES, you may have to cut out all soda pop, cakes, candies, fried foods, as well as get off your butt to walk a few times a week. THAT IS WITH ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM!!!). Some people start losing inches before they start to lose weight with Skinny Fiber. This is also common with any type of weight loss; product or when trying to lose weight on your own. Regardless, this is NOT a miracle weight loss pill. There are no miracle weight loss pills. It works if you keep taking it as instructed and pay attention to what indications your body is giving you to show how it is working for you.

For example, one day I ordered a chicken wrap from a restaurant. It was not what I expected at all ... In fact, it looked tiny in comparison to the wraps I was used to. I ate it thinking that I would still be hungry afterwards and was irritated for a minute or two until I realized that I was not really hungry. That the normal sized chicken wrap was really filling and all that I needed at that time. Eating anything else would be MENTAL and not PHYSICAL because I was not "stuffed" as I was used to, but I was satisfied.

It is like that when you take Skinny Fiber especially if you are used to not eating or overeating (even if appears to be normal portions based on how you ate growing up or when you go out to a restaurant). Some people recognize that they are full as soon as the feeling is there; others do not.You might have to learn to recognize when you've had enough to eat and STOP EATING. At that point in time you will understand that you are full and move on with what you need to do next (leave the restaurant, clear the table, clean the dishes, etc). You will realize that you are no longer hungry and the habit of this will come faster because you are feeling fuller faster from the Skinny Fiber. Your doses will will hold you between meals and you need to let it.

Here are some benefits that you are going to notice while taking Skinny Fiber for weight loss and typically within your first 30 days. If you are so used to overeating (not eating healthy portions), unhealthy (diseases, sicknesses, imbalances) or using Skinny Fiber because you have always been resistant to weight loss ... READ & APPLY all of the following to your experience.


Increase in Energy

Appetite Control

Weight Loss

Inches Lost

Increased Confidence

Loss of Stress

Other people and even I have experienced the following benefits while losing weight with Skinny Fiber...

- Hair and nail growth. In fact, my nails became very strong.
- Blood Pressure lowered.
- Diabetes regulated (some were able to get off of their medications).
- Anti-Inflammation (My leg pain went away).

It is a supplement and weight loss product that helps with appetite control, cleansing, digestion ... it gets your body ready to lose weight, but it is not weight loss in a bottle. You still have to do your part!

I sure hope that all of this has been helpful and motivational for you while learning how to make Skinny Fiber work for you. As you can tell, it is not so much how to make it work as it is how to detect when it working and work on some issues that are exclusive to you. Focus on this opposed to other people's results, measure you body as much as you weight it, and deal with your sleep, stress, hydration, motivation, emotional and food issues if needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form here or on Facebook. I am here to support your weight loss journey with product knowledge, experience, health and weight loss facts, and encouragement.

Your Friend,

3 Ways To Make Zucchini Noodles | Low Carb Pasta w/ Vegetables

How to make zucchini noodles. 3 ways to make zucchini pasta for low carb noodles vegetable meals.

Are you trying to eat less carbs and incorporate more green vegetables into your diet? This is an awesome goal because your body craves fresh fruits and vegetables in comparison to the other types of foods you eat. In fact, fresh vegetables and fruits can actually help you eliminate the cravings for the bad foods. One way to make this goal a reality is to start making small changes at a time. Since starches are an addiction for most of us and especially pasta dishes, here is one way to eat less carbs while still enjoying the same types of delicious meals that you love.

Make Zucchini Noodles / Vegetable Pasta Ideas

Invest in a good spiralizer and start making noodles of vegetables. Zucchini noodles are the most popular pasta replacement, but you can also use other squashes, carrots, cucumbers, celery, cabbage, 0etc., depending on the dish you are planning to make. For example, you can make spaghetti squash noodles for red sauce recipes or use cucumbers in cold pasta salads; they actually make a delicious replacement for regular noodles. Since zucchini pasta is one of the most common for both cold and hot pasta recipes, here are the instructions for how to make your own zucchini noodles.

3 ways to make Zucchini Noodles for pasta dishes!

1) The first way to make zucchini noodles is as shown in the picture above. Just clean your zucchini, spiralize, set on paper towel + lightly press another paper towel one on top to absorb moisture. Saute the zucchini noodles in a little olive oil and al dente (more firm than you would normally cook your zucchini, so the texture is like noodles). Keep the skins on for even more nutrients.

2) The second way to make zucchini pasta is to preheat the oven to 200 degrees while spiralizing your zucchini to make noodles. Absorb the moisture with paper towel and then grab a cookie sheet (more then one if you are making a lot of noodles because they need to lay in a flat single layer). Line your cookie sheet with paper towel, lay the zucchini noddles on it, lightly salt and then bake the raw zucchini in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes. You are "sweating" them or "dehydrating" per say. Once they are dried out you will cook them like normal noodles in boiling water with salt for 10-15 minutes. Drain and serve as planned. Some people do this in a microwave, but I think the oven is a healthier option, so I did not include the microwave version as a 4th way to make zucchini noodles.

3) The third option is to spiralize the zucchini and absorb the moisture with paper towel (same as the other 2 ways to make zucchini noodles), but do not cook them at all. Eat them as raw noodles for pasta salad, raw food vegan sauces and dressings.


Pasta is not the worst starch for you, but fresh vegetable noodles are the best!
All three ways of making zucchini noodles are absolutely delicious and better for you then traditional noodles, but I want to point out one more thing that might make you feel better about noodles in general and in comparison to rice or potatoes ... Pasta is more slow burning. This means that they actually take longer to convert into starch / sugar in comparison to how rice and potatoes are used by your body. This should make you feel more comfortable when eating them especially if you choose whole grain or wheat noodles. On the other hand, in addition to making your own fresh vegetable noodles or zucchini noodles, there are AWESOME alternatives like low carb noodles, shirataki noodles, vegetable or quinoa pasta that can let you eat more freely. They are delicious pasta options, too!
Low Carb, Fresh Vegetable, Healthy Lifestyle Changes
The truth of the matter is that making your own vegetable pasta (like the zucchini noodles) helps you get more fresh green vegetables into your diet and nothing can replace the benefits of that. Small changes like this can make a world of difference to your health as well as positively influence healthy lifestyle changes for those you love. This is my goal as a Skinny Fiber distributor. By all means, please use the product to lose weight if you need it, but my mission is to also inspire you to make the long term healthy lifestyle changes, so that you can lose weight naturally, become your healthiest, as well as an example for others. This is how we are going to combat the obesity epidemic throughout the world one person at a time. This is accomplished by educating ourselves, making the changes and becoming healthier as a whole.

Here's to YOUR weight loss success!

Your Friend,

Three $1000 Winners for 2013 Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge

I want to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the 3 winners of the Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge ... These 3 people were the "biggest losers" for 2013 and won $1000 for their accomplishments during their personal 90 day challenges. They did an AWESOME job for sure!

#1 Alana Selena lost 56 lbs in 90 days!
#2 Annette Lucas lost 53 lbs in 90 days!
#3 Chandra Butcher lost 51 lbs in 90 days!

Here are the pictures for two of them. I am waiting for the 3rd one.

Annette losy 3 pounds with Skinny Fiber in 90 days!

Chandra lost 51 pounds with Skinny Fiber in 90 days.

Join the Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge!

Are you impressed by the progress of these 3 winners?
Guess what? You can join the challenge and do this, too!

Just click the pink link on this WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE page and join us in learning, losing and winning in 2014. You can start at any time because the Skinny Fiber Challenge is based on each person's 90 day results. See you there :)

Hugs & Blessings!