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March Fitness Challenge - Get Swimsuit Ready - Beat The Blues!

Join the March Fitness Challenge! It's self paced, so it's never too late to get started. Take Skinny Fiber and exercise to gain muscle while losing weight!

March Fitness Challenge

This is a reminder that the March Fitness Challenge is posted in our weight loss support group! Hopefully you've started with us. If not, you are invited to join us and check in each day. There is a calendar with exercises that you can do from home. Each day, the requirements increase to make it a more challenging workout, though with your basic total body exercises such as squats, crunches, jumping jacks, planks and push ups. You can adapt the exercises as needed.

Our goal with the March Fitness Challenge is to BEAT THE WINTER BLUES by focusing on becoming more confident and SWIMSUIT READY over the next few months. You can join us even if you've been going to the gym or doing other forms of exercise. It's just fun and motivating to participate in group exercise challenges like this; not just for you, but to support some of the weight loss support group members that are just getting started.

So, join us in getting back on track ...

Have the flexibility of working out from home with an organized plan and receiving motivation from the group as you need it. It's free and convenient to do the March Fitness Challenge: Go to this page and the group link is there!

Trying To Get Swimsuit Ready By Summer?

Don't spend your summer covered up, hot and embarrassed ...

If you start working out today, you'll have at least 3 months until summer.

Plus, if you join the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge , you will qualify for the awesome new prizes the company is announcing April 2015.

* The weight loss program is not a requirement to do the fitness challenge, but together you will double the odds of feeling more confident and losing weight. Exercise helps you gain muscle while losing weight with Skinny Fiber - AWESOME!!!

Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge link is found on this page:

Make sure to check back for the special April Weight Loss Challenge details ... The company is going to pamper the winners with an amazing experience!

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Sick Of Drinking Water? Health Benefits of Green Tea

You can drink water and green tea for weight loss. other health benefits of green tea include the following!

We hear a lot about drinking green tea, but have you ever wondered how and why it has become so popular for weight loss? Do you know about the other health benefits of green tea? How about what type is best for you? Make sure to read this article to learn all of the health benefits of green tea and why you should add it to your diet.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest and most widely-consumed beverages in the world. With zero calories and a wide variety of health benefits backed up by thousands of scientific studies, adding green tea to your diet is an excellent way to get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle.

Below are some of the ways in which green tea can positively impact the human body.

Green Tea & Healthy Teeth

Green tea is a natural source of fluoride, and the other chemicals it contains have been shown to reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and even bad breath. Keep in mind that adding sweeteners such as honey or sugar may reduce or eliminate these benefits. In this sense, green tea can help with stronger healthier teeth!

Reduced Risk of Cancer

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which can help to prevent many forms of cancer. Studies have shown reduced rates of prostate, lung, breast, and stomach cancer. The chemicals in green tea can combat some carcinogens, cause cancerous cells to destroy themselves, and may also reduce the formation of tumorous growths.

A Healthier Heart

Green tea contributes heavily to a healthier heart by reducing LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, and harmful free radicals. The chemicals in green tea can also reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage related to cardiovascular disease. Drinking tea may also help the body recover more quickly following a heart attack.

A Healthier Brain

Green tea leads to improved blood flow to the brain, which can lower the risk of stroke. Tests have shown a link between green tea consumption and improved memory and problem-solving capacity. Finally, the antioxidants in green tea can potentially block the formation of plaques that can cause Alzheimer's Disease.

Green Tea & Weight Loss

The catechins found in green tea induce and prolong thermogenesis, which in turn results in the body burning more calories each day. Consistent green tea consumption has also been linked to higher natural rates of fat oxidation. And because green tea is calorie-free, substituting a cup of green tea for a can of soda each day would result in an average net weight loss of almost fifteen pounds each year.
What Types Of Green Tea Are Best?
Organic Green Tea is best and is fairly inexpensive in comparison to other organic products. Regardless pf price, it is healthier and as easy on the taste buds as the non-organic GMO brands - most say organic tastes better. When researching which brands, make sure not to buy green tea with additives in it ("natural flavoring", "soy lecithin", "high fructose corn syrup", "aspartame", etc  - NO GOOD).  Loose leaf is best, but there are some bagged and iced tea brands that are safe. Just keep in mind that "natural" does not always mean it's really natural by true by quality health standards..  The key is to make sure the tea you buy has the certified organic symbol or non-gmo guarantee that is for your country or states NON-GMO on the label and no additives.

Here's a link to start you search for NON GMO TEAS  - just remember to check the labels because NON GMO does not always mean pure tea, so check for additives before buying your green tea.

Worried about the caffeine in Green Tea?

* Green tea has 24-45 mg of caffeine VS brewed coffee has 95-200 mg of caffeine

* Decaffeinated coffee has 2 to 12 mg of caffeine

So, green tea has at least 1/2 more caffeine than decaf coffee, but way less than a cup of coffee.

Ask your doctor what he or she recommends if you have high blood pressure.

It's just amazing how one simple drink is so good for your health ... JUST LIKE WATER!!!

All in all, the health benefits associated with drinking green tea more than justify including it in your daily diet. The chemical compounds in green tea have a positive effect on nearly every part of the body, contributing to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Interested in learning more about the healthy drinks and food you should eat?

Come join our weight loss support group at Facebook and follow my Skinny Fiber page, too!!!

Hope that you enjoyed this post.
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6 Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight & Keep Pounds Off

What to lose weight? Adopt these 6 habits that help with weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Keep it off!

Here's what you know about your weight gain, though maybe don't realize ...

Over the years you developed good and bad habits that are directly connected to your health. Good habits such as bathing, brushing your teeth and other hygiene rituals came with very little resistance as they were EXPECTATIONS of you throughout childhood. The same goes for UNDERSTANDING that vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods were what you should eat as part of a heathy diet, and so on for proper sleep, relationship and behavioral habits. The problem is that CHALLENGES in these areas were carried over to adulthood. NECESSARY expectations were not placed on every health habit as you were developing; maybe because you didn't care care for certain ones (like eating green vegetables or going outside to play) or you had certain issues that prohibited the development of various health habits. Another reason is that some of these healthy habits were not requred of you because your mentor(s) did not find them as important (your mother or father did not like certain foods or drinks, therefore did not serve them) or because YOU CHOSE not to retain the instructed habits over time (distaste, rebellion, laziness, fear, etc.).

This contributes to why you have gained weight and / or become unhealthy!

You have to go back to basics in order to lose weight, strengthen your health and keep the pounds off for good. Yes, Skinny Fiber does help with avoding some of the annoying things about losing weight like toxins that cause resistance and having to to live off shakes or crash diets, but you still have to do your part. Here are some tips for re-establishing good habits that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good!

How To Lose Weight For Good

Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

You might wake up in the morning feeling hungry and wanting breakfast. This is normal since you haven't eaten anything all night, but before you make a big breakfast, make sure you drink a glass or two of water. Drinking water will re-hydrate and make you feel a little less hungry. You're not drinking water in order to skip breakfast, but to give your body what it really needs first. After you drink water you can enjoy a healthy breakfast.

Choosing The Right Diet, Best Foods, Shopping, Etc.

One part of committing to a healthy lifestyle is committing to a eating healthier. As much as I would want to suggest one way of eating over another (low carb, low fat, low calorie, vegan, etc), you have to choose which is best for you, BUT being consistent is the key. You can't switch back and forth; you need to commit to that particular healthy lifestyle change. Buying the right foods and portion control are two good food habits that relate to everyone regardless of the style of eating that works best for our bodies. Learning to eat for nutrition and fuel is one of the keys!

If watching calories and eating low-fat is a better eating habit for your weight loss, then choose low calorie / low fat versions of food when shopping. This does not include all of the packaged foods that say "Low Fat" on them because you want to keep the pre-packaged, processed foods, to a limit as much as you can. Eating a diet high in fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lean meats, gluten free / sprouted gains are best for you. On the oher hand, there are certain foods you just have to have as not to deny yourself too much and ruin your progress. These should be the "Low Fat" labeled foods you do buy; like low fat string cheese, keifer. certain frozen foods, etc. This is an easy change to make to your diet, but it's important to remember that when you do buy the low-fat versions of anything that you can't eat more than a portion. If you eat double because it's low-fat, you're really not saving yourself any fat and calories.

Same for if you eat low carb or even raw food vegan diets. TOO MUCH meat and cheese (low carb diet) or too many avocados, bnanas and nuts (raw food) can hinder weight loss for sure! Portion control is one of the most important habits to help you lose weight and keep it off; calories involved included.

Calories & Portion Control The Easy Way

Portions, snacks and meals are always going to be a big part of your healthy lifestyle. If you want to continue to eat what you like while losing weight and keeping it off for good, then you better learn not only how to eat propery for your body, but also how to portion food, so that you don't continue to weigh, look and feel like you do right now. Believe it or not, this applies for both bad and healthy foods you eat, too!!! Sometimes, you are in situations where the healthiest options are not available, so knowing what is the right amount of "this" or "that" is really important for weight management.

SKINNY FIBER can help you bypass the complications of portion control by helping you to eat less. Learning to STOP eating is the part you have to focus on with it, but the product helps.

This starts with knowing how to eat for your body, but following specified portions on any packaged foods and also having a better understanding of calories as well as what is considered low fat for basic diets, points for Weight Watchers Diet, carbs for Atkins Diet, which foods don't fit for Paleo, Vegan or Vegetarian Diets, etc., it all goes together.

A general goal of how many calories you want to eat is how much you want to weigh!


Want to weigh 130 pounds? Then eat 1300 calories a day. Want to weigh 130 pounds of muscle? Then exercise to build and burn fat, eat the proper diet for you, but make sure to retain at least 1300 calories regardless of all. Want to weight 150 pounds? Then eat 1500 calories a day. Want to be a slender 150 pounds? Exercise to burn the fat and work the muscles, eat lean amd green, ad make sure to retain the 1500 calories.

It sounds like a hassle and in the beginning might be, but once you see the results of portioning you will be happy you got started. Most people eat too much food. When you begin portioning, it will seem like very little food, but the truth is you will get used to it. The result of eating too much at meals is that your stomach stretches out. The good news is it can shrink back to normal size when you stop eating too much. You will begin to feel fuller when you're eating less.

Too much food is too much food regardless of what you eat, BUT too much of certain foods have far few reprocessions than eating CRAP. So, what you eat makes all the difference. You can binge on fresh greens with a veggie based salad dressing in comparison to a salad smothered with vegetable oil dressing, croutons, etc.

What if you're eating Atkins or other low carb diet where calorie counting ar not the norm!

Portion control is very important in these cases and it does not hurt to have a firm understanding of how many calories, too. Too many grams of carbs, too much meat and cheese, can make it hrder to get into or maintain ketosis; also now or later can hider weight loss. Too much meat has it's issues just as too much carbs; keeping glucose in control is important.

So, how what is calories and portion control the easy way?

Food planing helps keep calories and portion control on track. Whether you keep a food scale, calorie charts, follow labels, use a mobile app or online tracking site, special containers that serve to measure food portions for you ... DO IT and continue to until the proper calories and portios become second nature ... Keep up all that you've learned. Make what you can ahead of time and do exactly what you have planned for food each day. In the event that you are traveling, out and about, or unable to follow as closely as when you are in the comfort of your home, apply what you have learned in the social settings and you will be fine; eating lean and green can also help you avoid any confusion.

Drinks & Hydration Needs

Be picky about what you drink ...

While drinking fruit juice might seem like a good idea, it's actually a poor choice. Even 100% fruit juices can contain a lot of sugar, so they aren't something you want to drink often. If you want a glass of orange juice in the morning, make sure you drink a proper size glass. If you drink too much, you'll get too much sugar. If you drink soda, it's important to stop. Your best choice is to drink mostly water as it has no calories and it good for you. If you're bored with just plain water, you can add lemon and lime slices. Green tea is also a great choice. If you're a coffee drinker, make sure that you don't drink too many a day and re-hydrate with water often because caffeine is dehydrating.

Get Moving, Exercise AND Stay Active In Life!

YES, you should exercise NOT MATTER WHAT; even if your diet plan does not require it for weight loss. Exercise is a lifetime responsibility to help your brain, muscles, limbs, etc. As the years progress, the older you get, the more you will wish that you would have done certain things and working out is included. In addition to exercise, staying active in general is key to all. You may have heard an older person say that he or she keeps moving no matter what. If you want to be able to do that later, be the one who runs the errands, does the grunt work, etc., as well as exercise regularly.

Most Important Habit For Weight Loss / Maintenance

It's important to establish healthy lifestyle habits to lose weight and keep it off for good. Everyone eats and drinks, so starting with what and how you eat and drink is the best place to begin. Yet, staying clear of fad diets, friends that sabatoge weight loss, establishing and maintaining healthy habits takes self-motivation. The very last annd most importat weight loss habit is to remain motivated, dedicated and positive. All is possible from within you. Finding that combined drive, retaining it and applying all of these tips provide you with the 6 habits that will help you lose weight and maintain weight loss.

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2015 January Fitness Challenge - Easing Into Exercise & New Year

Come join the Jaunary Fitness Challenge with Lea Hunt. Start at any time; do alone or with the Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge (free gift for joining).

WOO HOO!!! It's time to pack up the festivities and get back to life as normal ... or better since it is a new year! It's time to start working on your New Year Resolution to get in shape and shed those holiday pounds ... It's time for our January Fitness Challenge - READY? Here are the details of the challenge; the exercises are the same as last year to help us easy back into exercise and exceed as we proceed through the year!

REMEMBER: Summer bodies are created in the winter, so NO EXCUSES!!!!

January Fitness Challenge - New Year / New You

Each day in January, I will post a new challenge to this blog and announce on my Facebook page, then link the fitness challenge to this blog post (scroll down this page to see), so you can find it when you want it. Make sure to save this page to your favorites / bookmarks to follow along with us live.

Each week in January, I will choose a participant at random for a special gift in appreciation of their doing the challenge with us, so make sure to LIKE and / or COMMENT each day after doing your fitness challenge. Your "Check In" will let me know that your serious about getting healthier, losing weight and / or getting in shape this 2015 New Year, as well as to add your name to the list for the current weeks gift giveaway!


What if you miss a day of the fitness challenge?
No worries! You can go back to do the workout(s) and "Check In" with COMMENT on the blog post with the challenge!!! The exercises are easy enough to double up when you need to. In fact, you can do one in the morning and one in the evening, or even do more than one rep of each if you are at a more advanced fitness level.

Can I share with my friends, family, followers or group?
Absolutley! You can use the SHARE buttons at the bottom of this post or copy / paste the blog link to your Facebook or Google+ page; if you would like to feature it on your blog, use this page to CONTACT ME for details!

What are the requirements?
This is not a contest or sweepstakes ... Just a simple giveaway from the kindness of my heart and to make this challenge more fun!!! I will dig into my "stash" of products based on the list I accumulate from the "Check Ins" each week, post the name and runner up --- You have until the end of the month to claim your gift!

I REALLY DO want you to be successful in your health goals this 2015 year. Whether your motivation is to weight loss, weight maintenance, to improve fitness, encourage friends and family to get healthier with you, deliverance from depression, to stay busy this month ... or to see if you can get the gift ... Whatever your motivation for doing the January Fitness Challenge is ok. ✿ All I ask of you is INTEGRITY ✿ Don't "Check In" on a challenge if you really haven't done it. Got it??? Also, this challenge is NOT for other Skinny Fiber Distributors unless you are a downline member of mine! ✿ Yes, please don't worry .... shipping is FREE! ✿

Exercise List For The Challenge

Day 1 - January 1st

Day 2 - January 2nd

Day 3 - January 3rd

Day 4 - January 4th

Day 5 - January 5th (Break Day - or - NOT!!!)

Day 6 - January 6th

Day 7 - January 7th

Day 8 - January 8th

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Day 9 - January 9th

Day 10 - January 10th

Day 11 - January 11th

Day 12 - January 12th

Day 13 - January 13th

Day 14 - January 14th

Day 15 - January 15th

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Day 16 - January 16th

Day 17 - January 17th

Day 18 - January 18th

Day 19 - January 19th

Day 20 - January 20th

Day 21 - January 21st

Day 22 - January 22nd

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Day 23 - January 23rd

Day 24 - January 24th

Day 25 - January 25th

Day 26 - January 26th

Day 27 - January 27th

Day 28 - January 28th

Day 29 - January 29th

(Gift Day is January 29th. CLICK HERE to see if it is you!)

Day 30 - January 30th

Day 31 - January 31st

Happy New Year ... May it be a happy, healthy and abundant one for you!

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Is Your Diet Making You Sick & Fatter? 3 Things You Need to Know!

Is your diet making you fat and sick? 3 food and drink tips that can help!

Working hard to lose weight and failing is one of the most frustrating things in life. Going down a few pounds, back up a few pounds, down a few inches and then back up a few inches ...  This yo yo diet affect can really take a toll. Yet, it's nothing to be ashamed of UNLESS you quit trying to accomplish your weight loss goals. If you have tried every diet to lose weight and are not doing well, this information for you. We all understand that one of the most common ways to lose weight is by following a strict diet and exercising, but if it is not working it could very well be that your so called healthy eating habits are affecting your weight loss goals. In fact, it could be that your diet is making you sick.

Food & Calories - The Right Fuel To Burn Fat

There's nothing wrong with cutting calories, but following a diet plan that is too restrictive can hinder weight loss and make you feel sick. Your body needs a certain amount of calories each day in order to have energy. If you aren't eating enough calories each day then your body won't burn fat as you need, too. This is why you will read and hear people say "don't skip meals while on a diet" or see meal plans where a certain amount of calories are permitted for each meal.

For most people, a diet of at least 1200 to 1500 calories each day is a good starting point for weight loss, but the proper amount of calories also depend on your pre-diet weight and eating habits. If you're used to eating around 2500 calories a day and drop to 1200 calories, it can make you sick and / or feel like giving up. This is because drastic food reduction can cause blood sugar levels to drop and then you start to crave certain foods, feel sluggish and ill. Your blood cells and certain organs are affected when blood sugar drops, it also decreases your energy and weight loss results. Instead of going for a dramatic calorie cut and putting yourself at risk of being sick, consider gradually decreasing your food intake so that your body has time to adjust to your new eating patterns.

For example, if you eat around 2500 calories a day (typically weighing about 250 pounds) and you diet includes unhealthy / high calorie snacks like cake, ice cream, fast food, cookies, sugar cereals, etc., then you can try decreasing to 2000 calories first and see how that works for you (can help you drop to 200 pounds). You can easily drop those extra 500 calories a day by replacing some of the bad food choices with healthier options. You will not feel as deprived as you would on a 1200 or 1500 calorie diet.

If you are used to eating 2500 calories of food (not so many snacks) and 2000 calories is too hard at first, then start by dropping in increments of 200 calories at a time. For example, if you are eating 2500 calories then drop to 2300 for a while (until you lose 20 pounds), then drop to 2100 calories (until you lose another 20 pounds / 40 total) and then drop to 1900 calories (until you lose another 20 pounds / 60 pounds total) and so on until you've reach the optimal calorie level for goal weight. You won't feel as deprived by weaning down calories and can keep your body at optimal energy level.


If you exercise in addition to watching what you eat, you can modify your calorie intake accordingly. For example, if you're eating a 1500 calorie diet and burn 464 calories on the Elliptical trainer, then you can eat those calories back to maintain the 1500 calories. Many people will notice they need to maintain at least 1500 calories because weight loss will stop even though watching diet and exercising; one of the reasons could be that your body needs that fuel to continue losing weight! Make sense?


Struggle with portion control? Check out this handy Portion Control Tool that you can use daily to gauge how much you're eating each meal.

Eating The Right Kinds Of Foods

That was quite a bit of information about calorie needs and energy, so I will keep this next part on food short. In addition to proper calorie intake you want to make sure that you understand that eating the RIGHT TYPES OF FOODS is equally important. Yes, you can take Skinny Fiber and can stay within calories to lose weight, but for some of us it does not work that way. Certain types of foods keep the weight on based on your body, genetics and health issues. Foods that are high in bad fats, gluten based, processed, high carb, high sugar, etc. are known to make you sick; maybe not today, but over time and certainly hurt weight loss goals. Whether it be insulin spiking foods for pre-diabetics and diabetics or chemicals that do not agree (like how fried foods and pop gives acid reflux), the quality of food you eat is important. Try your best to eat foods that grow (fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, beans) and minimize or avoid foods that are processed, starchy and sugar ridden, your body will respond much better for health and weight loss. Focus on eating far more vegetables than fruit; too much fruit can turn into starch in your system. Our bodies do not naturally produce vitamin C, so keep that in mind when selecting fruits; low sugar high vitamin C is ideal. Try to choose organic and natural options when available for you! A


Need help controlling your appetite AND keeping your body a cleansed fat blocking machine? The Ingredients in Skinny Fiber help immensely with those goals; especially with the power of the digestive enzymes in the product.
Proper Hydration Is Essential
Think water isn't that important to weight loss and health? Think again. Whether you're dieting in combination with an exercise plan or you're simply following a strict eating schedule, make sure that you're drinking plenty of water. If you become dehydrated, your body will have to work harder for you to lose weight and not enough water can stall the weight loss in general. Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water is best for hydration. If you are not currently drinking that much water, then increase your water intake if trying to lose weight and always drink water during a workout. If you feel thirsty while you're losing weight, remember to grab your water instead of opting for sugary or diet sodas.


Drinking filtered water throughout the day from a BPA Free Reusable Bottle is healthier and can help you drink enough water each day.

If you struggle with drinking enough water each day, you can make delicious Infused Waters to add flavors naturally. These also help with detox / cleansing and energy depending on which ones you make. Here are some healthy drink and infused water recipes - Just click the pictures and look to the right, the ingredients and instructions are there for you to LIKE, SHARE to your page and SAVE for when you want to use them.
3 Ways Your Diet Is Making You Sick & How To Fix It
OK, so there you have the 3 major eating tips to help make sure your diet is not making you sick. Plus, some extra resources that can help you follow these health and weight loss tips. I hope that you found this helpful; please SHARE by using the Social Share Buttons to save and give to friends.

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Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Tips - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holidays

Weight Loss Tips for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Healthy Eating for the holidays!

Thanksgiving and Christmas make it extremely hard to stick with weight loss goals. It's so much easier to get caught up in the festivities than it is to avoid all of the decadent food and drinks. Exercise becomes a struggle as the weather gets colder and holiday travel makes it equally hard to eat healthy, sleep right and maintain stress levels. All of these obstacles could affect weeks or even months of weight loss progress. They make it vitally important for you to approach the holidays with a weight loss plan that you can manage long term. If you don't, the odds will be against you! Statistics show that you are more likely to gain weight every single year that you succumb the holiday weight cycle. On the other hand, you are less likely to ever lose that weight in comparison to someone of average size who can shed the 1/2 to 2 pounds gained. *

Think about this for a minute!

It means that if you are already overweight, on average, you could gain at least 5 pounds or more each holiday season (this is in addition to however more you gain troughout the year). This equals at least 25 POUNDS more overweight in 5 years from now. 50 pounds more overweight in 10 years, and so on if you don't take control of your holiday weight gain. **

Here are some weight loss tips to help you beat the bloat and enjoy your holidays without packing on the extra pounds. Break the cycle now - for you - and future generations in your family!

Best Weight Loss Tips for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Take Skinny Fiber Daily!

Skinny Fiber is a dietary supplement with ingredients that help control your appetite. If you take it correctly each day and are mindful of portion sizes, it can really help control overeating during the holidays and throughout the 2015 New Year. The product also helps with fat absorption, detoxing and energy. It will only be to your benefit to take Skinny Fiber daily just as you do your other supplements. Since it only takes 4 to 7 days for delivery in the United States, as well as in other regions with distribution centers, you can have your Skinny Fiber in just a few days by ordering now ... in time for the holidays. Plus, the special BOGO packages make Skinny Fiber affordable enough to give the gift of health to friends and family this year. Keep everyone on track with you!

Healthy Food & Drinks - Do Not Skip Meals!

Many people let themselves build up a roaring appetite before Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, as well as when attending holiday events. They also do this to their kids (not wanting to spoil their appetitie for dinner). Can you relate? I certainly can! I remember my step mother feeding us breakfast and then going to work on the holiday meal. Meanwhile, I'd go crazy for the rest of the day until horderves were served right before a 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm dinner.  I was starving by then, and ended up with the same habit as an adult. This really does contribute to the obesity problems. Plus, fosters this bad habit for future generations during the holiday season.

This can be a dangerous for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight loss! Instead, it is best to stay with the routine of eating breakfast and lunch daily. Eating healthy snacks between meals are helpful, too. Staying on track with regular HEALTHY EATING (being mindful of portions and calories) helps ensure that you don't overeat when it comes to the richer, unhealthy foods, during celebrations. The ideal meals should be high in protein and fiber from vegetables; eating more dense foods earlier in the day and lighter eating in the evenings works well for weight loss.

If you are the one hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, please cook according to your weight loss diet (Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Etc) by planning exactly what you are cooking for the meal(s). There is no reason to stop eating what has been working for your weight loss. Don't shop randomly; find the recipes and make sure you know which are the healthier alternatives for certain ingredients. DO NOT SNACK WHILE COOKING!!! A taste here and nibble there can end up being as many calories as a meal. If you are a guest for holiday dinners, eat your healthy snack before leaving your home. If your holiday dinner is hosted by a family member, don't hesitate to call ahead to learn what's on the menu and plan to bring a healthy side dish, diet friendly dessert and / or drinks with you.

Believe it or not, beverages are an important detail to plan for your holiday meals. Thanksgiving / Christmas dinner means lots of soft drinks, egg nog and cocktails . While water is the ideal beverage for maintaining weight loss, don't be afraid to substitute tea with stevia instead of water if you absolutely can't do without the  flavor. If the alcohol starts flowing later in the evening, opt for a glass of wine or a light beer if you are watching your fat and calories. If doing Atkins, you must drink low carb alcohol options as not to ruin your progress. This will allow you to enjoy a celebratory drink without undermining your goals.

All of these healthy eating tips will increase satiety and make you less likely to get stuffed on stuffing at holiday dinners. The goal is to keep yourself filled up on healthy foods, so that you are not as hungry and much less likely to BINGE eat over the holidays. Treat yourself if a certain type of food fits your diet plan, though commit to just a taste instead of your previous year's indulgent portion sizes. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will also help!

Exercise - Exercise - Exercise

The weather, traveling, special events, get togethers and extra errands can interfere with your exercise schedule, so you need to commit RIGHT NOW to maintaining your fitness routine over the holidays, too! Mall shopping is not the same activity as mall walking, so don't try to fool yourself into thinking that your getting the same quality of activity! It's just not the same as an interval routine on your treadmill or speed walking the mall when it's empty in the morning. The general rule is not to go more than 2 days without exercising. NO EXCUSES! Wake up earlier than everyone else, so that you can hit the hotel pool or gym - OR - make it a family activity if your children are old enough to keep up! Pack an exercise DVD that you can exercise while staying with family - OR - opt to board with a family member that has an exercise machine or home gym! Additionally, schedule physical activities to do with the family. Winter sports are incredible calorie crunchers including ice skating, roller skating, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, sightseeing by foot, etc. The goal is make holiday fitness fun for your whole family and to keep yourself on track for exercise during Thanksgiving and Christmas months.

Healthy Habits While Traveling For The Holidays

All of the previous weight loss tips apply when traveling for the holidays, though you'll need to plan on even more details and get creative in some cases, too. For example, if you're doing Atkins or another low carb diet, eating on the road can be more expensive and feel torturesomely limited. It is so much easier to find gluten free and weight watchers meals on restaurant menus then to guarantee that there is no sugar in the sauces and spices in your meals. This is especially true for diabetic dieters, as well as those worried about high blood pressure or cholesterol. You have to ask the waitress to check every time or prescreen the restaurants' nutritional guides. This can help no matter which diet plan you follow. Go to the restaurants website first! Most of the popular ones either have alternate choices directly on their menus (such as the Olive Garden's gluten free section) or provide nutritional information on each menu item (look for this on the page with the food description or look for a complete list with all food items).

Sleeping During The Holidays Whether Staying Home or Traveling!

Another important detail for travel and weight loss in general is keeping a decent sleep schedule. This is not just for the kids, but also for your health and weight loss needs. We tend to push ourselves to the limit when taking long road trips or experiencing jet lag. It's just not good for you! All of the extra requirements we place on ourselves during Thanksgiving and Christma, are just as damaging to our sleep habits as the lack of sleep when traveling. Be mindful of your body's needs when calculating the holiday schedule. The hormonal imbalance from lack of sleep can cause you to store and gain weight, and also creates stress that you can only control by maintaining a healthy sleep schedule while traveling. ***

Tips For How To Lose Weight During The Holidays!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most difficult times of the year for anyone who is trying to slim down or keep off the weight . Yet, this doesn't mean that you have to give in to the holiday weight gain cycle. By using the weight loss tips above, it is entirely possible to eat delicious and filling meals without turning the holiday into a stressful event. You can maintain your fitness routine and sleep schedule, too.

Commit to staying on track by joining our weight loss program today! Eat normal foods while letting the weight loss supplement work in your body and do your part with the rest of the healthy lifestyle changes! Personal support is available to you free, too!

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season!

Hugs & Blessings,

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Losing Weight - Skinny Fiber Weight Loss

What are the health benefits of losing weight and keeping it off?

Losing weight and keeping it off is extremely difficult. One major contributing issue is food addiction / emotional eating. You can use Skinny Fiber to help with appetite control and cravings for reasons. On the other hand, lack of motivation is another main problem that makes weight loss hard. Fortunately, there are several health benefits to make your primary source of motivation. Here are the top seven incentives to lose weight and get fit:

Seven Health Benefits of Weight Loss

1. Helps Decrease Joint Pain

Losing weight can decrease joint pain. Research has shown that extra weight places additional stress on your joints, especially in your knees and hips. This added stress can damage not only your joints, but also the cartilage in these areas, leading to osteoarthritis. When you lose weight, the pressure is relieved, which prevents the breakdown of the cartilage and relieves stress on the joints.

2. Gallbladder / Gallstones

The next benefit is a healthier gallbladder. According to studies, having too much body fat increases your risk of developing gallstones. Individuals who are overweight also tend to have larger gallbladders than individuals who are at a healthy weight. This can affect how the gallbladder functions. Losing even a small amount of weight can significantly improve the health of your gallbladder and decrease your risk of developing gallstones.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

You can also experience a significant decrease in your blood pressure by losing weight. High blood pressure means that the blood vessels are under too much pressure. An individual with too high a blood pressure is at risk of getting heart disease, having a heart attack, and even having a stroke. Fortunately, losing just five or ten pounds can greatly reduce your blood pressure and your chances of developing heart problems.

4. Control, Reverse Or Prevent Diabetes

Dropping the pounds also reverses or prevents diabetes. Being overweight is one of the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Individuals who have type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of developing kidney disease, stroke, heart disease, and eye damage. Luckily, studies have found that losing five to ten percent of your body weight can greatly reduce your blood sugar levels and reduce your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. In addition, losing weight can return insulin secretion to normal and reverse type 2 diabetes.

5. Cholesterol / Heart Disease

Weight loss has been proven to lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a type of fat in the blood. Having high cholesterol levels can block your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease and having a heart attack. Similarly to diabetes, losing as little as five percent of your weight can significantly decrease your cholesterol levels and improve your overall health.

6. Decrease Risk Of Cancer

Studies have shown that losing weight prevents the development of cancer. Being overweight is linked with an increased risk for several types of cancer, including breast, liver, ovarian, colon, kidney, and pancreatic cancer. However, research has shown that losing weight reduces the levels of certain hormones that have been proven to cause cancerous cells to develop.

7. Improved Sleep & Weight Loss

Finally, losing weight can improve your quality of sleep. Excess weight increases your chances of developing sleep apnea. Individuals with sleep apnea often have difficulty getting to sleep and are frequently woken up. In addition, they often experience daytime fatigue. Losing weight can reduce the likelihood of experiencing sleep apnea and help you to have a restful and undisturbed sleep.

More Benefits of Losing Weight

There is no doubt that weight loss can be an extremely challenging process. However, being overweight can have several negative effects on your health. Being aware of the benefits of losing weight can be a great motivation for dropping the pounds and getting healthy. Additional benefits of weight loss include increasing confidence, decreased clothes size, feeling more energetic, looking more attractive to yourself, as well as the potential of a more emotionally abundant and healthy future.

Please take a few minutes to Learn More About The Benefits of Skinny Fiber and how it can help with your weight loss goals.

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4 Ways To Lose Weight This Fall & Winter | Weight Loss Plan

How To Lose Weight In The Fall and Winter Months

While it may be tempting to wait until the new year before starting a weight loss plan, this fall is actually the perfect time to make some changes that can last a lifetime. The cooler weather and abundance of produce will aid you in shedding unwanted pounds. Plus, you'll have the added benefit of getting into some better eating habits before the holidays hit. If you start applying the following tips, you can lose weight during fall and winter months this year!

Here are 4 ways to lose weight during the cold weather months.

Colorful Foods For Weight Loss

Eat a Range of Harvest Foods This Fall and Winter

Make the most of harvest foods right now; lay off the starches and processed foods. As you enjoy the blanket of fall advantages that surround you, you should think about incorporating some of those colors into your diet. Focus on vegetables that are red, yellow, green and orange. Choose complimentary lean meats to balance the potpourri. These colors will ensure that you eat plenty of vitamin rich produce and lean protein so that you are less tempted to reach for something sugary. It is the perfect time for you to add autumn fruits and veggies to your diet. You could find awesome deals on hearty Acorn Squash, Artichoke, ArugulaBeets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cilantro, Cranberries, Endive, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger, Jalapenos, Leeks, Mushrooms, Parsnips, Pumpkins, Radish, Rutabagas, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss Chard, Turnips and Winter Squash, as well as multi-season staples like Celery, Collard Greens, Green Onions, Kale, Leaf Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Peas, Potatoes, Spinach and Swiss Chard. Plus fruits like Apples, Oranges, Pears, Permissons, Pomegrantes and Tangerines are in season now, too. The bolded foods are in harvest for winter months of December, January and February including fresh Parsley, too. Make sure that your plate has a variety of colorful food so that you can add as many nutrients as possible to your meals. Small amounts of lean meats and lots of this produce will help you beat the holiday weight gain. In fact, it cam be the start to a slimmer new year for you!

TIP: Nosh on carrots, berries or apple slices when you start to feel hungry, and incorporate squash and nuts into your meals. Your tummy will feel full quickly, and your body will get a variety of nutrients that it needs in order to stay healthy and start burning fat.

Pick & Eat Pumpkins This Time!

Pumpkins are for more than just jack-o'-lanterns and fall decorations. They are also incredibly delicious and a healthy winter squash for you. The pumpkin flesh can make healthy soups, sauces, muffins and other delicious meals. You can snack on roasted pumpkin seeds as they are packed with fiber and protein, which are a scrumptious combination that will satisfy your cravings while filling you up.

Stock Up on Soups & Make Them Low Calorie

This is the perfect time to add some soups to your diet, especially if they are broth-based rather than made creamy by diary. Vegetable soups are an excellent way to fill up and warm up on a chilly autumn day, and they are brimming with nutrients that will strengthen your immune system. You can even toss in some garlic, sage, bay leaves and lean protein for a hearty, healthy stew. If you must have creamy soups, you can boil the veggies and spices first then puree for a thick and hearty soup. Your favorite squash or beans make perfectly lighten up stews and creamy soups.

Spice Up Your Diet with Cinnamon

If you love the cinnamon-filled scents of fall, then try incorporating cinnamon into your diet. This delectable spice is extremely versatile, and it is a natural appetite suppressant. Sprinkle it on your oatmeal in the morning; add a bit to your coffee, hot chocolate or make cinnamon tea; rub cinnamom into meat as a flavorful marinade. The uses for cinnamon are endless. Not only will you get the flavor that you love, but you will also enjoy a bit of extra fiber, iron and calcium.

Take Advantage of Cooler Weather For Exercise

Now that the heat of summer is gone for good, you can start enjoying more outdoor activities. While the days will continue to get shorter, you can still squeeze in an outdoor workout while the sun is up. Take a brisk walk in the morning as the sun is coming up or bike around your neighborhood after supper. You can also exercise as a family as you spend your weekends going hiking, playing football, exploring corn mazes or strolling through a pumpkin patch. The brisk weather will keep you moving; fall into fitness this Autumn season. It will help you stay on track during the winter months so that skiing, iceskating, sledding and hitting the gym is more enjoyable.
Gain An Hour & Sleep For Weight Loss
Clocks were turned back for daylight savings time on November 2nd. This means that your body should be well adjusted to the new schedule by now; which is awesome because sleep and weight loss have a serious connection. We need 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep a night. Broken sleep and lack of sleep can make you gain weight, therefore eating right, exercising and intentionally staying on schedule will help you lose weight during fall and winter months. The repercussion of not sleeping well is that you throw off two important hormones that regulate eating and when you feel tired. It is very hard to correct this once the bad habit develop and equally difficult to lose weight no matter what else you are doing to help increase the odds. Using a fitbit or working with a sleep specialist can help if you feel as though this is an issue for you; else, SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP like a bear during the cold weather months!
Skinny Fiber Helps With Winter Weight Loss Goals
Your weight loss plan doesn't have to sit on the shelf until January. By taking advantage of all that fall and winter months have to offer, you can start losing weight and feeling great before the holidays. Although eating as suggested has the advantage of eating more freely, vegetables are so nutritious and have less calories in most cases, but you still want to make sure that you're not overeating calories that can make you gain weight. SKINNY FIBER helps control your appetite and make your body healthier for weight loss. Use it daily to help lose weight during the fall and winter months.

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How To Do The Walking Interval Challenge w/ Diet Plan (30 Days)

Christmas is coming and we refuse to add the fat! Learn how to walk off the weight with this interval challenge!

I am really excited to share this new Fitness Challenge with you. It is a very easy FAT BURNING walking interval challenge that will help you blast that belly fat with both exercise and a special diet plan (you can use Skinny Fiber to help if you need). PLEASE MAKE SURE to either bookmark this page or click one of the share buttons at the bottom of the post to share this to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This is a chance for you to get your weight loss goals on track before the holidays (lose weight, get fit, have fun) and maybe even a surprise for you, too!!! (WOO HOO!!!)

How To Do The Walking Interval Challenge

I picked up a copy of Woman's World the other day while shopping. The article on the cover was titled "Proven diabetes protection! Walk off belly fat!" ...


After reading the article, I realized the tip was similar to our October fitness challenge where we did various interval walk / run routines (there are still copies of this in our Facebook Group if you would like to use them). The difference is that THIS interval challenge has a set pattern.

Here is how to do the Walking Interval Challenge:

3 minutes fast walking, 3 minutes regular pace, 3 minutes fast walking ... 
do this at least 10 times (30 minutes) and 5 days a week to lose the belly fat.

In fact, this article stated that, according to a Copenhagen University study, the effects of this walk interval routine, “burns off dramatically belly-plumping blood sugar than normal walking”. This is why it is so awesome for DIABETICS as well as those of us who suffer from metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, etc ... MOST OF ALL, that "Spare tire" around the mid section of our bodies ...

On average, those who did interval walking instead of normal walking lost 12 pounds in weeks with no dieting. One 36 year old woman was 400+ pounds and lost 228 pounds by interval walking and eating a balanced 1300 calorie diet. Another 38 year old woman lost 111 pounds doing this for 45 minutes a day. The 3rd woman, age 48, lost 52 pounds in just over 60 days of interval walking and eating this way. All of these women did a special 1300 calorie diet with the interval walking.

I will post the recommended meal plan in our group (,


Commit to doing this for 30 days depending on your healthy and weight loss need!!! (90 days is perfect for those doing the Buy 2 Get 1 Free / Skinny Fiber challenge, too --- but the holidays may interfere with the recommended diet, so take the Skinny Fiber 90 days, but the diet will be more flexible after 30 days)


Benefits of Yogurt For Belly Fat & Weight Loss

One of the main foods recommended to add to your diet is sugar free plain yogurt. The article stated that sugar free yogurt helps melt up to 81% more abdominal fat as well as to help improve digestion, lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart attack and prevent heart disease.


You don't have to take Skinny Fiber to participate in this challenge, but it can really help especially if you struggle with overeating, cravings, digestive issues, lack of energy, then it wouldn't hurt for you to use this all natural product to help with adjusting during this challenge, too.

Here is the link where you can BUY SKINNY FIBER TODAY for this Flat Belly Challenge. It delivers in the USA and other areas with distribution centers within a week or up to 2 weeks for many other areas. You can always send me a message to ask how long frst.

We will all start with a commitment to do this for 30 days. This includes:

1) Do the walk interval routine!
2) Follow the coordinating special belly fat diet plan!
3) Skinny Fiber (if you need it – could only help)!

I am going to post it on all social network pages, so that you can SHARE from your account with friends OR just click the links below to share this awesome fitness / food challenge with friends and family - the more, the better the challenge!

I will track all members who consistently participate in this WALK INTERVAL / FLAT BELLY challenge and place into special giveaways. Must be Skinny Fiber customer of mine (as to not have conflct with your commitment w/ other distributors) and/or follow the terms. The details will be in our Facebook group!!!

Lets get together to support one another in losing weight, getting healthier and SHARING the information with friends / loved ones who it can help, too!



(You could be the next $1000 weight loss winner for 2014)

Look forward to seeing you there!!!

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