Beginner & Intermediate Workouts - February Fitness Challenges

This month we have 2 awesome fitness challenges. The first is a beginner's calendar with windmills, knee raises, arm circles and marching. The second one is a Beginner / Intermediate workout calendar with squats, lunges, crunches, leg lifts and push ups. You can actually do the 2nd intermediate calendar if at a beginners level or make it more advanced by doing each day's exercises two or three times; you can even even do both calendars together. The sky's the limit ... Just use these February Fitness Calendars to keep moving this month!!!

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Beginner's Fitness Challenge

February Fitness Challenge Beginner's Workout Calendar

Here are the exercise examples for the Beginner's Fitness Calendar. Just click the image to make it large enough to see more clearly and follow the instructions written to the side.

How to do the exercises for the Beginner's Fitness Challenge
Just as you see in the pictures: Stand up with arms out, bend at the waist to touch right arm to the left foot. Stand back up straight, bend at the waist and touch your left arm to your right foot.

Side Twist
Start with hands touching and elbows out. Slowly turn left and back to the middle position; then turn right and back to the middle position.

Chair Squat
Just like you do a squat with arms out, but don't let your bottom actually sit on the chair.

Knee Lifts
Sit on a chair, hand holding each side, lift your knees. Here is a video example.

Arm Circles 
There is not am image shown for the arm circles, but they are the same ones we did in gym class as a kid: small arm circles, large arm circles, forwards and backwards. You can do these as comfortable for your shoulders and arms; just make sure to do them for the range of motion and flexibility.

Beginner / Intermediate Fitness Challenge

February Fitness Challenge Intermediate Workout Calendar

This second calendar has exercises that are familiar to most of us from past challenges. Please use this graphic chart for examples of how you should do these intermediate workouts. Click the image to make it larger and see the exact formats.

How to do the exercises for the Intermediate Fitness Challenges.
Do them exactly as you see in the picture (arms folded), buttocks out, back straight at a slant.

Leg Lifts
If it is too uncomfortable lifting your neck as shown in the picture, you can lay flat and lift legs straight up.

Push Ups
Keep your arms and back in formation; on your knees and cross feet OR no knees and legs straight.

Do your lunges as seen in the pictures. Quality over speed; take your time and do them right.

Place a rolled towel under the small of your back for better comfort and form. Only go as high as you see in the picture.

Kick Backs
Make sure to choose a sturdy chair, hold and lean forward with a straight back, lift your legs straight as you see in the picture. Lift left leg and then right leg ---> That equals on set, so if the day says to do 12 that is 1 (left and right legs), 2 (left and right legs), 3 (left and right legs) and so on, so 24 total.
Check In Weekly In Our Weight Loss Group
Last month I posted the challenge daily, but I will post this February, I will post weekly and then do a check in the following week (on the 7th, 14th, 21st and March 1st), Please make sure to ADD ME as a friend on Facebook and send me a message to join the group to participate!

Madhu's Results - Skinny Fiber & Weight Loss After Pregnancy

The the following written testimonial and weight loss pictures are from my friend Madhu. She had a special request that I express courier Skinny Fiber because of postal delivery issues in her country. I was really nervous about doing this because the cost was high for her and I could not guarantee that she would get the delivery. Regardless, Madhu believed in Skinny Fiber and me so much that she was determined to try it. How wonderful she did because look at her Skinny Fiber Results!!! She went from struggling with weight loss after pregnancy to tons of inches and weight loss results. If you are struggling with losing the baby weight, then please let her testimonial be inspiration to you!

Skinny Body Max or Skinny Fiber can help with weight loss after pregnancy. Join the 90 Day Challenge and see for yourself!

Skinny Fiber Results Weight Loss After Pregnancy

In her own words:

"Hi Lea, the first pic of mine is after 3 months of my delivery i.e april 2014. I was 80 kg at that time. After one year I come to know about Skinny Fibers through Facebook. I just ordered Skinny Fiber and I was 76 kg when I started the course. I had taken 90 days challenge. September 2015 to till now i am regularly taking Skinny Fiber with lots of water and now I lost approximately 10 kg now I'm 65 kg. So happy and a big thanks to Lea Hunt who send me Skinny Fiber through courier." ~Madhu

 for us in the United States. This is a huge accomplishment because she had been trying to lose weight for a year after having her baby. I am really proud of her because weight loss after pregnancy is hard!!! Skinny Fiber made it easier for her, but she still had to do her part!

Doesn't she look wonderful? Madhu lost 10 kg with Skinny Fiber which equals 22 pounds in the United States.  She feels incredible and is working towards losing a bit more, so please comment below to congratulate Madhu and encourage her on her last few pounds!
Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Max for Weight Loss After Pregnancy. Having a baby shouldn't be your excuse. Accomplish your weight los goals!

Losing Weight After Pregnancy w/ Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max & HiBurn8 Nighttime Weight Loss Formula

Weight loss after pregnancy is a struggle for most women. I had this problem after each of my children were born; especially after my 3rd child despite breastfeeding and trying to eat healthy. It was really frustrating ... If you are struggling to lose your baby fat, take a minute to learn more about our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge and products:

Skinny Fiber (original formula):

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What Is A Burpee? Benefits of Burpees, How To Do A Burpee & Variations

What is a Burpee?  This is a fun exercise that you can do just about anywhere that you have the space. You can make them your full workout or you can do a burpee in between your weight lifting, planks, other cardio, etc. It is important to learn the proper form and know your body's capabilities before even trying to do a burpee routine.

Why do we burpee? The benefit of burpees is a full body workout that is both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. So, burpees burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and burn the body fat, too.

How To Do A Burpee?

The Adapted / Modified Burpee videos below will show you how to do easier and / or less strenuous versions of them, or you can challenge yourself with the Sumo Burpee routine in the 2nd video (add a push up in between or do them super fast). If you are not flexible or out of shape, or you have had a mild to severe injury, you should ask your doctor before doing these and / or use your better judgement before jumping into a burpee workout routine.

How To Do The Perfect Burpee - This guy does an awesome job of showing you how to do a regular burpee and burpees with push ups in between. Doesn't he make it look so easy? It might be for you; give it a try!

Sumo Burpee Exercise

This is how to do the Sumo Burpee on our calendar for the January Fitness Challenge. If you can't do a burpee, then replace with one of the modified burpee exercises below or do squats, plank or other helpful exercise.

Burpee Variations, Adapted / Modified Burpees Exercise

Check out these videos for burpee variations that are easier for beginners, out of shape or injury.

Step Out Burpees are easier because you adapt the speed and jumping. It is good for people who need to start off a little more controlled because of flexibility or coordination issues, or have a mild injury. Slow this down how you need; just make sure the format is right to avoid any injury.

Wall Burpees are an extremely low impact and easier way to do burpees if you cannot jump, get down on the ground or have injury. This could be good for seniors just getting back into a routine.

Benefits of Burpees / Burpee Exercise Routine

Here's an awesome chart for how to do burpees:


Weight Loss, Fitness & Health are major subjects we discuss in our Facebook Group, so please make sure to join us if you are just getting started, need some support or motivation to weight management. We do squats, 10,000 steps, burpee and other exercise routines from the comfort of our homes, outside or at the gym if we choose. Perfect for daily exercise or to supplement your routine.

CLICK HERE for the current fitness challenge posted on this blog. If there is not a current challenge listed, then please feel free to go back and do one of the previous challenges!


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Here's to your fitness and health!!!

Your Friend,

No Junk Food & Exercise Calendar - January Fitness Challenge

I am posting both of these resources just in case you missed them ...

This January 2016 we are exercising daily and doing a no junk food challenge. Don't worry if you missed getting started on 1st because you can jump in any day that is best for you (the sooner the better). The holidays are over, so we need to get back on track with our weight loss goals. Join our Weight Loss Support Group if you're with us, so you can check in, too!

The No Junk Food Challenge | Clean Eating Goals

The No Junk Food Challenge can help you lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.
The goal of the No Junk Food Challenge is to cut the processed refined sugars from your diet. You will eat NO JUNK FOOD and NO WHITE BREAD for the month of January 2016, and hopefully forever by replacing your favorite "junk" with healthy substitutions that you can stick to (I will post some of these soon!).

This is a great way to cleanse your body from all of the junk you ate over the holidays and get back on a healthy track. This food change can help kick start your 1 to 2 pounds a week weight loss (or more).
--- Wouldn't that be awesome!

NOTE: You can take this No Junk Food Challenge even further by giving up white rice and noodles, too!!!

CLICK HERE to print and put on your fridge!

How can I give up junk food, white bread and even the rice / noodles?

Do the best you can and take it one day at a time as not to overwhelm yourself.

Just get all the junk out of your house; buy, cook and eat whole foods!

Ask your family for support! They can do the challenge with you or at least agree to eat their junk food out of the house and far away from you while you are making this major effort.

Use the snacking time you're giving up to exercise:

Exercise Calendar | January Fitness Challenge

January Exercise Calendar, 2016 New Year Fitness Challenge
CLICK HERE to print this calendar as a guide!

There are just 3 exercises built upon each day:

Jumping Jacks

Sumo Burpees

Side Plank

Here's the deal ... Do what you can from this list. If you can't jump, then either do a modified jumping jack or skip the jumping jacks and burpees; just do the planks each day and take a walk. If you can't side plank then do a regular or modified plank. Do give yourself any excuse not to exercise with us each day even if you need to do chair exercises as your challenge instead. The goal is to plug in and exercise with all of us each day, so that you can become more strong, toned, energetic and feel great! Exercise helps us with weight loss and mobility as we age, too. So, please make sure to print, bookmark or share this page, so that you have this info when you work out.

You can do this January Fitness Challenge with or without the Skinny Fiber & Skinny Body Max Weight Loss Challenge; just make sure to join the group:

Here's to your happiness and health!!!

Your Friend,

Plank Exercises - Videos for Modified, Basic, Elbow & Side Planks

Want a full body workout in just a few seconds? How about tightening up your core / mid section without having to do crunches and use ab weight machines all of the time? These are the main benefits of plank exercises, so check out the videos below to learn more:

Traditional Plank - How To Do The Perfect Plank

This is how to do the perfect forearm plank (easier). She makes it look simple? Meanwhile, this bent arm plank becomes just as challenging as any other as time goes on.

This is the perfect straight arm plank. Similar to push up formation except you just hold the position for the designated amount of seconds or minutes.

Plank w/ Knees Down VS Regular Hover Plank

These two videos show modified plank styles where your arms are half down as normal, but your knees are down to make it a little easier on you. 1/2 way through both videos shows the second plank options where the legs are straight and the feet on the toes like a traditional plank.

Side Plank Options
Side planking is much more challenging and fun. Here are some examples:

Side Plank w/ One Knee Down

Side Plank On Toes

There are so many different ways to plank from these main formats. You can lift arms and legs in rotation, open and close your legs like jumping jacks, reverse your body, use a ball, etc. However you choose to plank, just use correct form and stick with it for strength and toning.

Plank Exercises. Traditional, Modified & Side Plank Poses

Plank Challenge / Exercise Routine

Fitness challenges are part of the fun in our weight loss support group. Make sure to click the JOIN button to be a part of that community. You can also find healthy recipes, tips and get support as you need it. Planks challenges are one of our favorites and often include giveaways to make it more enjoyable --- so don't miss out!!!! You can also CLICK HERE for fitness challenges posted on this blog. If there is not a current one, go back and do one of the previous challenges!

Don't forget to check out this page on BURPEE EXERCISE - it rocks!!!


Please leave a comment below if you liked this post; it will help me know whether to write more fitness post for you or not :)

Here's to your fitness and health!!!

Your Friend,

Cathy's Update - Skinny Fiber Results - Weight Loss After 50, 60, 70

Check out Cathy's Skinny Fiber results. She lost 22 pounds in the challenge and 40 pounds total. Weight loss after 50 is realistic!

This is my friend Cathy. Doesn't she look beautiful? She has lost 22 pounds with Skinny Fiber and watching what she eats. This makes a total of 40 pounds total in 6 months despite hip issues that affected exercise and mobility in general. Cathy's feels more confident about how she looks, as she should be!!! This is why she is sharing her pictures as motivation to you.

Significant weight loss after 50, 60 & 70 is possible ... 

There can be challenges with weight loss at all ages, but hormones, bad habits, health and mobility restrictions can make it even harder to lose weight after 50 years old. Regardless, you just have to commit to your decision, stick to healthy lifestyle changes and be patient because weight loss takes time at all ages!

Skinny Fiber Results & Weight Loss Challenge

Cathy still has a few more pounds to lose to reach her goal weight. She is starting a new weight loss challenge this month (January), so please comment to cheer her on!!!

If you struggled to lose weight last year and want to do better in 2016, maybe Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max can help. You can join the challenge, too!!!

Here's info on each product:

Skinny Fiber:

Skinny Body Max:

Here are details on the 90 Day Challenge and where you can register:

Please do not hesitate to contact me for help getting started or if you want to share your Skinny Fiber before and after weight loss pictures, too.

Thank you for reading along! Happy 2016 New Year to you!



June's Update - Skinny Fiber & Healthy Food - Weight Loss After 50

June lost 18 pounds and 4 dress sizes taking Skinny Fiber and eating healthy. Here are her results! Weight Loss After 50 Years old.

Here's a new weight loss testimonial from my friend June. My husband and I are really proud of her results!!! She lost weight by taking Skinny Fiber and healthy eating; specifically fresh fruit, vegetables and chicken.

Skinny Fiber Results | Weight Loss Testimonial

In her own words:

"To date I have lost 18 lbs I am so happy . I am going on a cruise in Jan so I wanted to lose for that reason but most of all for myself,I feel so wonderful I went from a size 12 to a size 8" ~June

Please make sure to give June your encouragement ... It's not easy to post pictures for the whole world to see. Plus, June wants to lose 10 more pounds and keep the weight off.

Weight Loss After 50 Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Over the past year, I've had a lot of online friends saying that weight loss over 50 years old is virtually impossible; June and many other people defy these odds. If this is how you feel, please let her before and after pictures, message and goals be inspiration because YOU CAN DO THIS, TOO!!!

Commit to doing the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge with us!

Here's to your health and happiness in the 2016 year!

Hugs & Blessings,


3 Reasons Why Cutting Refined Carbs Helps Weight Loss (Health Answers)

Best 3 reasons why you should give up refined carbohydrates for weight loss that is healthy and long term!

Research indicates that cutting back on carbohydrates is an efficient way to lose weight and improve your health. High-carb foods, like wheat flour and sugar, promote binge eating, stimulate your appetite, and increase caloric intake. The problem is that this is easier said than done for most people. Refined carbohydrates tend to make up the bulk of what an average person eats. Bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, cakes, and pretzels are just several examples of foods that contain wheat flour and/or sugar. Plus, all of the so called "healthy foods" we buy pre-made in the store have list of ingredients that we don't even know what they mean.

Since food labels tend to mislead us into thinking they're are healthy, it is best to avoid packaged and pre-cooked foods all together and replace them with REAL, WHOLE, FOODS like fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds. If you must eat processed foods, then only buy packaged foods if you understand what is on the label. Lastly, do your best to avoid labels that say "fat free" or "low fat" foods unless they are truly fat free or low fat whole foods listed above. This is because fat free foods have contributed significantly to the problems of obesity and metabolic disease.

Here are the 3 reasons why cutting refined carbs helps with healthy weight loss:

Refined Carbohydrates Encourage Binge Eating

Carbohydrates are converted to glucose (sugar) when digested. Wheat and sugar contain highly digestible carbohydrates that quickly enter the bloodstream and cause a spike in blood sugar levels. When this happens, your body sends insulin to bring those levels down.

When elevated blood sugar is lowered, low blood sugar levels become the uncomfortable result. Low blood sugar is dangerous, so your appetite increases in order to bring it up to normal as soon as possible. You crave foods that quickly elevate your blood sugar, starting the cycle all over again.

Junk food, white bread, noodles and sugar is addictive. This is how it hurts your body; causes obesity and metabolic disorder!

Wheat and Sugar Have Addictive Properties that Stimulate Appetite

Taking out refined carbohydrates decreases caloric intake. Studies have shown that those who remove these foods from their diets consume an average of about 400 calories fewer than those who maintain a high carbohydrate diet.

Wheat's polypeptides pass through the blood brain barrier, reaching opiate receptors in the brain and producing feelings of euphoria. Wheat becomes an addictive substance that can cause symptoms of withdrawal when cut from the diet.

Eating sugar leads to similar results. It releases opioids and dopamine, which are also activated by addictive drugs. This leads to craving and bingeing. A person who regularly consumes sugar will also experience withdrawal effects.

Weight Loss can be as simple as Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs; Cuttubg refubed carbs will help with your new years resolution to lose weight!

Low Carb Works Better for Weight Loss Than Low Fat
Several studies that have compared low-fat diets with low carbohydrate diets show that cutting carbs is more effective in promoting significant weight loss. In addition to taking off weight, low-carb diets improve other health markers, including lower insulin sensitivity and triglyceride levels in people who are obese.

Cutting out refined carbohydrates like wheat and sugar has proven to be a healthy and effective way to lose weight. A diet that is lower in carbohydrates tends to be lower in calories. When you remove high carbohydrate, addictive foods that stimulate your appetite and replace them with nutritious, satisfying foods, you can lose weight naturally without hunger.

Join our Weight Loss Support Online Group for low carb lifestyle tips, healthy recipes, diys, tips and friendships.
Join Our Weight Loss Group For Low Carb Recipes, Tips & Support!
Eating low carb (or even lower carb) does not have to be so hard or feel so depriving. It just takes understanding how to make the best low carb food choices, planning how to make this a lifestyle change instead of another failed fad diet and getting the low carb recipes, support and tips you need to make this a realistic weight loss and life long change for you. JOIN OUR GROUP to learn more!

Don't forget to order your Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max, so that you can start your 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge with us next month. It just takes a few days to get to you in the USA.

Look forward to chatting with you soon - Leave a comment or connect with me at Facebook :)

Your Friend,



Davis, William. Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health. Emmaus, Penn.: Rodale, 2011. Print.

Yancy, W. "A Low-carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet versus a Low-fat Diet to Treat Obesity and Hyperlipidemia*1." ACC Current Journal Review 13.8 (2004): 18-19. Print.

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Colantuoni, C., J. Schwenker, J. McCarthy, P. Rada, B. Ladenheim, J.-L. Cadet, G. J. Schwartz, T. H. Moran, and B. G. Hoebel. "Excessive Sugar Intake Alters Binding to Dopamine and Mu-opioid Receptors in the Brain." Neuroreport 12.16 (2001): 3549-552. Print.

5 Best Eating Tips For Weight Loss In The 2016 New Year

Is it your resolution to lose weight? Here are 5 quick eating tips for weight loss in 2016 new year! Merry Christmas!!!

ACCORDING TO NIELSEN RESEARCH, the top 5 new year's resolutions last year included staying fit and healthy, losing weight, as well as enjoying life, spending more time with family and spending less / saving more money. The article goes on to explain that fresh fruits and veggies were our top weight loss food choices, but 76% of people did not follow a weight loss or diet program in 2014 and "65% of U.S. consumers say they plan to exercise more this year, while 33% and 31% plan to focus on portion control and calorie reduction". *

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Its pretty much the same old story ... We set a goal to lose weight, get fit and healthy each year but have the habit of not following through on everything it takes to accomplish our weight loss goals even though we've done better at choosing more fresh fruits and veggies over junk food.

I think I'm safe in saying that losing weight, getting fit and healthy is at the top of your resolutions list this year. If so, make sure to subscribe to this blog to follow along for motivation, tips and weight loss support in the 2016 year.

Don't forget to READ the rest of this blog post for the ...


Even More Fruits and Vegetables To Your Diet

Eat more green vegetables and low sugar fruits for weight loss in the 2016 New Year
Vegetables and fruits are packed with compounds that improve health, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Increasing your consumption of these highly nutritious foods can help manage your blood pressure, cardiovascular health and regulate your blood sugar. They also help with your weight loss goals because high fiber fruits and vegetables fill you up so that you eat less meat and carbohydrates. Too much protein and carbs can be the ruin for many types of diets because the extra calories are converted to excess sugar and then turns to fat in your body. This is why eating more green veggies (especially green leafy vegetables) and low sugar fruits (like avocados and berries) should be a goal for your weight loss in the 2016 New Year!

Skip Sugary Drinks and Desserts

Give up sugary drinks and desserts for weight loss!
Consumption of sugar is associated with increased weight, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. These risks increase in women over the age of 50 and are direct contributors to the climb in child obesity over the years. Sugary drinks and desserts are empty calories that add weight and provide little to no nutrition. Keep this in mind at the end of meals when it's time for dessert. Choose fresh fruit instead of sugary canned fruits; low sugar yogurt (some on the market have under 8g sugar) or frozen kefir bars (only 10g sugar and has 10 Probiotic Cultures) is an awesome substitution for refined sugar ice cream and milkshakes; desserts made with stevia and / or low carb (not using white flour, sugar, etc) will do your body better, too; and creating the habit of drinking tea, with stevia or honey, after meals can help you completely eliminate the urge for dessert, as well as wanting to eating later in the evenings. As for drinks, we all know that water does the body BEST, but sometimes we need to break up water drinking with low caffeine teas, low sugar fruit smoothies (w/ green veggies) and small amounts of freshly made juices. If anything, you can always add some fresh fruits and vegetables to infuse your water with nutrients, as well as add a little flavor. You can find some of these infused recipes by CLICKING HERE! Ditching sugary drinks and desserts will help with your weight loss in the 2016 year. These suggested changes will eventually help you feel satisfied after meals and crave sweet foods and drinks less, though with better consequences for your health.
Change The Order Of Your Meals
Try eating a large breakfast and lunch, and eat lighter meals for dinner!
Diet experts recommend reversing the order of your meals. Breakfast should be the heartiest meal of the day. Lunch should be slightly less, but enough to fuel you through the day. Dinner should be the lightest meal to suit slower digestion during the night hours and lower energy needs during sleep. Eating light later in the day can also be helpful for anyone troubled by acid reflux when you lie down at night and the quality of your sleep in general, too. Changing the order of your meals is not an easy habit to make, though can really make a difference in your weight loss and health. I've even noticed that some of the raw food vegans I follow online eat their heavier gourmet meals earlier and have a large (maybe huge to us) salad in the evening with a salad dressing made of veggies and citrus. None of them are fat and have few to no health issues. Just saying ...
Dine In, Not Out
Cook more organic foods and whole foods instead of going out to eat all of the time!
Research shows that diners consume more fat, sugar and salt when they eat in a restaurant than they do at home. Restaurant chefs are more concerned with pleasing their patrons' taste buds than managing their weight. You will do a much better with weight management in 2016 if you limit eating out as often, as well as if you control your consumption of these ingredients (fat, sugar, salt) when cooking at home. Invite friends and /or family over to try new recipes (let them cook for you, too). You can also join our Weight Loss Support Group to participate in our 2016 weight loss project. This will be a great way to have fun while learning how to cook and eat better; or at least how to limit your calorie intake so that you can lose weight without being hungry.
Cut Out Fried Foods - Eat Healthy Fats
Over the years, there has been plenty of advice and studies about how beneficial good fats are for your diet, weight loss and health. THIS IS TRUE, but for most of us there is still an understanding of proper food portions and calorie intake to keep in mind; even if you're doing the Atkins, Paleo and Ketogenic diet. Protein and fats add up quickly, therefore going over the proper intake for your body can contribute to weight gain, plateau, ketoacidosis or even metabolic acidosis. Frying adds a lot of flavor to foods, but the additional fat makes a significant difference when trying to lose weight. Studies on weight loss for older women show that removing fried food from your diet will help you lose weight faster, keep it off more easily and another benefit is better cardiovascular health. If you are not an older woman, eating less fried foods can be just as healthful for you now and when you are middle age, too. However, if denying yourself fried foods feels too much like a deprivation, then still have them as an occasional treat. But remember that "occasional" should mean "every once in a while" and eat proper portion sizes.

Two Last Things To Keep In Mind ...

Work from home. Make money online selling Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max and HiBurn8 Nighttime Weight Loss Formula

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#2 - Although the first two goals on the list were weight loss related, the next 3 top new year's resolutions involved improving quality of life with more money and time for family.

How many times have you wished you could get a better job, find something on the side or even work from home full time? How many times have you wished you could get out of debt, save a decent amount of money or even take a family vacation without going in debt?

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Here's to a wonderful Christmas and 2016 Year!

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Instant Rebate on Skinny Fiber & Special Gift - Christmas Special

December is both a joyful and stressful time of year! We have bills to pay and daily responsibilities to maintain all while adding special Christmas shopping, events and festivities to the load. This makes WEIGHT LOSS even more of a challenge; especially when it comes to the tempting food, drinks and extra work. Yet, most of you are still trying hard to make healthy changes, so you can at least maintain and not gain weight. You really have to be careful not to let a treat or two turn into months of binge eating and ultimately failing at losing weight in 2016.


I would like to encourage you to STAY ON TRACK ... Read this whole post!!!

As you know, our product, Skinny Fiber, helps keep your cravings and appetite under control. It also provides you with healthy fiber and enzymes your body needs, as well as natural energy, cleansing and fat blocking. Skinny Fiber is a "must have" during the holidays and coming 2016 New Year, so here are 2 special offers to help with your order this month ...

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Website Purchase Rebates (Option #2)

United States & International Customers

If you feel more comfortable ordering through my company sponsored website, please use one of the following links to buy Skinny Body Max - OR - Skinny Fiber online for the following rebates:

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* $20.00 rebate on buy 2 get 1 free orders

* $30.00 rebate on buy 3 get 3 free orders

PLUS, earn an entry or entries to win a free bottle of Skinny Body Max ($59.95 value).

* One Bottle = 1 Entry

* Buy 2 Get 1 Free = 2 Entries

* Buy 3 Get 3 Free = 3 Entries

Available only to new customers who order Skinny Body Max or Skinny Fiber from the following special links between December 17, 2015 and December 31, 2015:


CLICK HERE to order SKINNY FIBER online!

NOTE: Rebates will be issued after 30 days on 1 bottle orders and after 90 days on 3 or more bottles! Rebate is void if returned! Rebates work in conjunction with the company's 30 day guarantee on one bottle and 90 day guarantee on 3 or more packages. 
Additional Details about These Christmas Specials ...

Both rebate offers are offered personally by me and not the SBC company.

I will select the winner for the Skinny Body Max drawing on January 7th and announce by the following day on this blog. I will also contact the person directly.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by the link above or phone with any questions or concerns you might have. I am here to make this an easy process for you and get your Skinny Fiber and Gift out quickly.

Merry Christmas to you!!!