Top 8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight - Some Not Your Fault

Why can't I lose weight? Here are the Top 8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

The science of weight loss is supposed to be easy. Calories In (what you eat) vs Calories Burned (activity) is what works for most of us, as long as we stay committed. Lack of commitment is one of the major reasons why so many people struggle to lose weight regardless of eating plan and exercise routine. They don't stick with the time and effort needed because they want instant results and fast weight loss. IF THIS IS YOU ... jump back on the bandwagon and keep trying to lose weight. Slow and steady is not failure; health experts confirm that just 1 to 2 pounds a week is the goal.

On the other hand, if you've been failing to lose weight consistently or failing to lose weight at all, it feels like there's no reason to go on. You may have even experienced weight gain as your body adjusts or because of yo yo dieting. If this is you, here are the top 8 reasons why you're not losing weight (split into 2 categories) and suggestions for the problems.

Lack Of Healthy Lifestyle Changes

You might be tired of hearing these first 3 tips, but they REALLY are major reasons why you are not losing weight and won't keep the weight off long term.

#1 - Packaged Foods / Fast Foods / Chemical Foods

If you buy foods that say "low fat", "healthy", "made with real fruit", "all natural", "multigrain", "sugar free", "no sugar added", and so on, it is very likely that you are being tricked by the manufacturers because they replace what is supposedly removed with other unhealthy ingredients to balance the flavor and make us more addicted to the "bad foods". Sometimes you have to watch the "organic" labels to make sure the non-GMO and USDA Organic labels are there, too. The goal is to eat real whole foods that include fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats and seafood, sprouted whole grains and nuts, as well as low sugar dairy products like yogurt and cheese.

#2 - Sugary Drinks

Many people count the calories in food, but forget to include calories from drinks. One small glass of juice or can of cola can contain as many calories as a packet of crisps, chips or small chocolate bar. Sugary drinks have been linked to obesity and other health problems, making them a self sabotaging choice for most people, particularly when trying to lose weight. Drinking more water, green tea and occasional black coffee can help. You can add stevia to tea and coffee for sweetness instead of sugar. A lot of people ask if they can add flavor drops to their water or drink crystal light because they hate to drink water. Again, drinking calories, as well as chemical foods, have their disadvantages to weight loss and health. It is better to drink lemon water or other infused water recipes. The rule of thumb with healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss is to avoid foods that come packaged and with added chemicals.

#3 - Self Control = Self Love

As mentioned above, it takes time and effort to lose weight. The commitment must be there in order to accomplish your weight loss goals. If you are not losing weight because of inconsistency and lack of self control, then maybe you should start with looking in the mirror and equating it with SELF LOVE. Examples of sticking to what you need to do to lose weight and need to make healthy lifestyle changes include Meal Planning, Portion Control / Calorie Counting, Exercise Schedule, Sleep Schedule, Stress Control and Personal Time for reflection, hygiene, doctor, dentist, not smoking, personal care ... Taking the time to care about yourself in all areas of life is part of the self control you need. This is self love and as long as you stick with it you can accomplish long term weight loss goals and live a genuinely healthy lifestyle.

Reasons That Are Not Your Fault ...

There are several reasons why you're struggling with weight loss and they may not all be your fault, though some are correctable.

#4 - Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can make it difficult to lose weight and, in some cases, even cause weight gain. Hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) are among the most common health problems leading to weight gain.

#5 - Medication

Medication is another common reason for difficulties when losing weight. Contraceptive pills, insulin, corticosteroids and several other medications can cause weight gain and fluid retention. Switching to a different treatment or making a few lifestyle modifications can help in most cases.

#6 - Weight Loss Plateau

Dieters often hit a plateau after the initial weight loss. This plateau is usually triggered when the body becomes used to a lower calorie intake and responds by conserving fat stores. To push through the plateau, try varying your calorie intake every day. If you are restricting the amount of food you eat, it's important to have a break and eat normal portions at least once a week. Come add me as a friend @ and then send me a message to join our group for support and tips on how to get through a weight loss plateau.

#7 - Insomnia and Poor Sleep

Studies have shown that lack of sleep, poor quality sleep and tension can all make it more difficult to lose weight. Learning to relax and getting a good night's sleep can make a big difference to weight loss efforts. Meditation, mindfulness, visualization and relaxation exercises can all aid restful sleep.

#8 - Muscle Building

When starting a new exercise routine for weight loss, many people concentrate on cardio workouts like walking, running, elliptical and aerobics - which is AWESOME - but, developing new muscle tissue is just as important, if not more, even if you may notice an initial increase in weight. The weight gain is only temporary and the extra muscle will help to burn fat more effectively. The goal is to build muscle and burn fat; both, not one or the other. You can find videos for weight training at your level or you can join a gym and use the circuit machines to build muscle, as well as enjoy classes and utilize the cardio exercise machines.

Not Losing Weight & Need Help?

Weight loss can stall for a variety of reasons and most people experience a temporary plateau after a few weeks of steady weight loss. If you are unable to lose weight, despite eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise, ask your doctor for advice.

Check out the nutritional information for these weight loss supplements for when you have your appointment. If your doctor agrees, you can take Skinny Fiber or one of the other options, then they can help for vitamins, appetite control, inflammation, protein, etc.

Hope this post has helped you gain perspective on whether you have roadblocks to clear so that you can start losing weight and feeling your best again. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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