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Studies have shown us that people are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off if they have SUPPORT from friends. So, I launched a new weight loss group as a secret place for motivation while embarking on your weight loss journey. You can follow along daily or just pop in at your convenience while you are doing the fun things that you like to do on Facebook. This weight loss support group is DISCRETE and filled with VALUABLE information that can help you lose weight. Plus, we have thousands of members encouraging healthy lifestyle changes.

Follow these steps to join our weight loss group:

  1. CLICK HERE to ADD ME as a friend on Facebook

     (With Facebook settings, I am not able to see messages or add anyone to the group unless we are friends, so please make sure to do this first.)

  2. Next, click the MESSAGE button on my Facebook page to let me know that you're interested in joining our weight loss support group.

    (As a friend, you can message me to request to join the group. You can also contact me for personal support or to chat as you please!)

  3. You can interact daily - or - just pop in at your convenience as you are doing fun things that you like to do on Facebook!

     (Get the encouragement and weight loss support you need, WHEN YOU WANT IT, instead of a bunch of extra emails flooding your mailbox.)


NOTE: Please keep in mind that this particular weight loss group is available to my customers, friends and social followers. If you are already a follower / customer of another Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor then you should contact that person directly for their support with your products or challenge help. That person is your Weight Loss Coach and will have a special information and support for you, too. Thank you for understanding!


Weight Loss Support Online Group (#wlso) - Join Us!

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Why all of the weight loss information?
Weight loss support can increase your potential for success. This is something to keep in mind wherever you are getting started in your weight loss challenge especially if you don't feel comfortable going to family and friends for support because this is the hundredth time trying to lose weight and don't want them to judge you. This is why Internet weight loss support became extremely popular. Unfortunately, most of the weight loss support sites are so large that people feel overwhelmed or even lost in using them, so finding smaller weight loss groups is now the better options. Joining a smaller weight loss group is better for getting the information, establishing trust and feeling comfortable. If this sounds good to you, feel free to join our weight loss support group online and get started today!

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