How Much Does Skinny Body Max & Skinny Fiber Cost w/ Shipping?

How much does Skinny Fiber cost? How much does Skinny Body Max cost with shipping rates in the USA?
Wondering how much Skinny Body Max and Skinny Fiber costs? This chart can help! You can buy both products here from an authorized distributor. Buying online will provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee on one bottle and 90 day guarantee on multiple bottle orders. All are sealed authentic Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Max delivered straight from the company's distribution center. See the following information to learn more! (Updated: 2017)

Skinny Body Max & Skinny Fiber Cost Per Package?

Packages Price Shipping - USA Total Cost Per Bottle
(w/out Shipping)
1 Bottle 59.95 6.97 $66.92 $59.95
Buy 2 Bottles
and Get 1 Free
119.85 8.48 $128.33 $39.95
Buy 3 Bottles
and Get 3 Free
179.70 11.64 $191.34 $29.95
10 Bottles
(Distributors Only)
279.95 $25.48 $304.43 $27.99
20 Bottles
(Distributors Only)
499.95 $34.72 $533.67 $24.99
* Shipping rates above are for the USA. Costs vary per country (see International rates).

* Taxes may apply for certain states / countries. Calculate this in for your area.

* Each bottle has 120 capsules and is a one month supply.

* Customers can purchase one to six bottle packages @ Buy Here

* Distributors may buy any package including the 10 bottle and 20 bottle options.

* Money Back Guarantee is offered by the company and only for products bought through one of the distributor approved websites. All links to buy on this go to an approved site.

Not in the USA? Need pricing for your country?
Visit this page for International Shipping Rates!

How To Buy Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max From A Distributor?

Some authorized distributors have private blogs, social network pages (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc) or place advertisements on classified sites. This is where they share information about Skinny Fiber with you (like this blog you are reading today), but no matter what the resource they use for sharing the product information, all real distributors will direct you to one of their secure company websites to buy Skinny Fiber unless they are selling face to face in their city (which is permitted, too). I am an authorized Skinny Fiber Distributor with the company. If at any time you are confused as to whether you are buying from a distributor, you can use the Corporate Website for all products.

CLICK HERE to Buy Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max online from our secure company websites!

How To Become A Skinny Body Max / Skinny Fiber Distributor

To become a Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor is only an one time $10 added to your first order. You can start with as little as one bottle or up to 20 bottles of Skinny Fiber when you first register to become a distributor. The company provides you with a free virtual office, approved websites, free training, support and resources, as well as the option to purchase business cards, brochures, etc., or you can make your own business cards.

Learn more about starting a business or qualifying for bulk orders to sell Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, HiBurn8 or Skin Care Products in your fitness center, spa or salon by visiting @ Distributor Opportunity Page


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