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Health Benefits of Weight Loss w/ Skinny Fiber

(My Experience w/ Skinny Fiber & Health Changes)






When I was pregnant with my 3rd child (he is 2 years old now), I went to the hospital with horrible pain in my leg. It was an aching and tightness in my calf that would not go away. I thought it was a blood clot or pulled muscle because it felt like a painful ball in my leg. They took a bunch of x-rays, though did not find anything abnormal. The doctor chucked it off as something related to my pregnancy. My leg had not been right since then.

Over the next few years, the problem in my leg continued; it progressed to the point that I could barely walk first thing in the morning because my calf and foot hurt so badly. I had also fallen on my ankle twice after having the baby, so it got to the point where I needed "time for my leg to wake up" before doing anything in the morning. There were so many times my sons and husband watched me literally using the furniture to brace and dragging that leg along so I could go to the bathroom, get the baby out of the crib or whatever could not wait. The crazy thing is that after about 15-20 minutes of waking up, I could walk on it, though I always had a lingering pain that would hit me throughout the day. It progressed to the heal of my foot after my son was about a year and a half. This really affected my walking and doing aerobics. Sometimes, I would get muscle spasms in that same leg. They were so painful I screamed. I was scared. I started to worry whether I had Peripheral Arterial Disease, Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis and they just did not detect it. I finally started calling family members to go over our medical history. I figured that someone in the family could tell me what was wrong with my leg, but it was strange to them, too.

It was about 2 months into taking my weight loss supplement that I realized that my leg and foot were no longer crippling me in the morning. I took the pills each day and my leg was fine, too. I chucked it off as a coincidence until I had stopped taking cha de burge for a while (I started losing weight and thought that I did not need it any more --- long story of my short break). Anyways, it took just a few days before I started holding furniture to walk in the mornings, but the pain did come back. My husband and I could not figure out what I was having this change ... Did I eat something different? Did I pull it while out with the baby? Did I sleep on it wrong?

It was not until I started PMSing that he asked if I was taking my weight loss supplement (because it really does help with my periods and he swears it helps my attitude during PMS, too). Sure as sunshine! I started taking my weight loss supplement again and eventually my leg stopped hurting me in the morning. There is still a slight tightness and slight pain if I turn my ankle awkwardly while sitting (to test it for pain), but I jump out of bed just fine in the mornings and can walk the baby or on the beach just fine again, too --- things that I completely took for granted before my leg and foot started hurting so badly. Things I took for granted while forgetting that weight loss supplement has been helpful.

I totally forgot about this leg pain for MONTHS until it came up in conversation from another team member tonight. He mentioned that weight loss supplement was helping his Gout and I remembered how helpful it has been for me over the past few months.

Cha De Burge Is Good To Me

I was told that it is the Cha de Burge that is helping me with this pain. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and I thought that might have been it, but was glad to have someone confirm it for me. I have to admit that it works as well as Naproxen and Advil for me, though weight loss supplement is ALL NATURAL and I like that better!

I also mentioned that weight loss supplement has been very helpful with my menses and this is absolutely true. Before taking weight loss supplement my family stayed clear of me during "that time of the month". At around 40 years old, I started turning into a bear during PMS. I never had a history of getting so cranky, but I guess it just came with age for me. Plus, my periods had become very heavy. I do not know which weight loss supplement ingredient helps with these two issues, but it does help me immensely ... to the point that my husband checks to make sure that I am taking it for that purpose. I guess I was just that cranky before that he does not want to deal with it. Other people have mentioned that weight loss supplement has helped with their Menopausal symptoms and one of our distributors runs a PCOS support group where the members swear by weight loss supplement, so I guess that particular ingredient helps with that part of some women's reproduction.

* I will find out which ingredient it is and update this post with that information.

My Blood Pressure Decreased

One other advantage of taking weight loss supplement was that it started to decrease my blood pressure from almost the beginning. I wrote a blog post with pictures that shared how I went from Stage 2 Hypertension to Pre-hypertension by my 16th day of losing weight. I was in shock and knew that whether I wanted to take the weight loss supplement anymore or not, it was not an option because it was providing a natural way to help control my appetite while learning how to do this with foods. A lot of our customers and distributors have had the same wonderful experience.

Well, that is my testimony of how Skinny Fiber has helped me with more than weight loss. I did take off more weight when I first started and a few pounds each month thereafter, but I want to share this additional information with you as well because I COULD NOT BELIEVE that I forgot how badly my leg hurt for so long until I started taking Skinny Fiber. I am so glad that I made it to our team call tonight and heard someone else  mentioned a similar experience as mine; it was quite a reminder to me.

More about the ingredients in Skinny Fiber?

Visit http://www.skinnyfiberweightlosssupport.com/p/what-is-skinny-fiber.html to read more! Take some time to do research on the Caralluma, Cha de Burge, Glucomannan and Enzymes. They might be useful to you!

Also, if you find why Skinny Fiber helps some women with periods, menopause and PCOS, please be sure to comment with that information for me. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


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