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Skinny Fiber Before & After Weight Loss Pictures

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Losing weight is exciting!!! Check out the before and after pictures in the video and the weight loss pictures below. They are all real Skinny Fiber results from people we interact with online and offline each day. People of different sizes, gender, nationalities and health issues are working hard to take the weight off for good.  Most committed to doing the 90 day challenge while taking Skinny Fiber, but some did it on their own and then submitted their results. Skinny Fiber makes to lose weight by helping with appetite control, detoxing and other details that help the body get healthier to lose weight; including natural energy and fat blocking. The 90 day challenge helps you stay on track and with healthy lifestyle tips. Plus, weight loss support. Wouldn't it be great to have your own weight loss success story?

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Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Success Pictures

Both Skinny Fiber distributors and customers proudly submit before and after weight loss pictures while participating in our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. You may even have seen them posted online at our Facebook Page. They learn how to control their appetite, eat healthier, start exercising regularly and more. Most important is that no one has to hide that they are trying to lose weight or explain anything to anyone; they just get weight loss support when they need it. Plus, helpful health information any time they want it!

Before and after weight loss success Skinny Fiber pictures

Before & After Weight Loss Pictures! Real People ... 

We have so many before and after weight loss reviews that we could not put them all in a video, but this gives you a great example of the potential of Skinny Fiber for you! If you have a lot of years of weight gain, you cannot expect to dissolve your fat and lose weight overnight. It takes time. Skinny Fiber can help you control your appetite, increase energy, metabolize fat and more.



Skinny Fiber Results show pictures of people that have lost weight

Why are people so successful with Skinny Fiber? The company offers a structured 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge that helps you track and manage your weight. Skinny Fiber Distributors provide weight loss support to help you stay on track with information and personal support that you can use during your weight loss journey. All you have to do is pop into your weight loss group and / or contact your Skinny Fiber distributor whenever you have the need; it is likely that she will contact you periodically, too. This is not to push or nag, but just to make sure you are getting support that you need. We understand that some people are too shy to ask for help, so the offer is there without you having to state your needs.

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Even if you are not a customer, you are invited to join our Communities to watch, participate and learn how people are changing their lives by losing weight and becoming more healthier! THAT is the goal for all!!!

So Many Real Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Success Stories

Quite simply, our weight loss support works for people ...We are excited to have so many success stories to share with you and can hold our head up proud to share that Skinny Fiber is ALL NATURAL and works!!!


  1. What kind of food do you eat? I already have good eating habits by doing the HCG diet which I lost 70 pds..But I had gained back 20 0f the pounds back after 2 yrs maintaining.. I just cant bring myself to doing it (hcg) diet any more..I would love to lose 20pds to bring me back to my goal weight again..

  2. Hi Cathy :) Congrats on losing so much weight :) You'll take that 20lbs off in no time! Yes, the HGC diet is hard to do.

    Well, I personally started off with a complete diet change. I starting doing a raw food vegetarian, but that was short lived :) My family was not into it at all - except for some of the smoothies - I eventually lost the motivation. I then took a break from the all raw foods and ate normal foods. I eat a normal diet, though still make a lot of smoothies for breakfast because I am not much on eating breakfast at all and I make a conscious effort to eat more raw veges opposed to cooked and fried potatoes, though I do still eat them on occasion. I also do not use sugar any more and have reduced the refined carbs. I also switched regular milk for non GMO almond milk. I started drinking a lot of water and green tea, too. I lost 24 lbs in my first 90 days.

    I always try to eat natural / organic foods when possible. Aside of that, I eat pretty much a normal diet except for reducing sugar and refined carbs (switching out with shirataki noodles); the Skinny Fiber just helps me eat less and food works through my system so much better than before. I am also energetic, though not jittery as I would if taking a regular diet pill.

    The other people in our program - some of the ones above and more - ate normal foods, too, I noticed that a lot of them started making food changes because of the nutritional health reasons. For example, almond milk, more raw fruits and veges, South Beach / Atkins type diets.

    Exercising has become a motivation of ours, too.

    I hope this was helpful to you.

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