Day 46 - Second 90 Day Challenge - 10 LBS Again!

I have lost another 10 pounds using Skinny Fiber and use these weight loss suport groups online

Losing Weight Is Not Hard, Though It Is Not Easy Either

It's been a while since I reported progress with the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge, so I am giving this quick update. I lost 10 lbs without exercising or changing the way I was eating. Skinny Fiber controlled my hunger, so that I was not snacking as much as before and this is obviously one of the reasons why I gained weight in the first place, else I would not have lost this 10 lbs these first few weeks. In this respect losing weight is not hard. On the other hand, to lose more than the first few pounds and keeping the weight off is not easy. The quote in the image above applies to weight loss for me:

"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs"

Since Monday, January 14, 2013, I have been walking a mile a day and starting to change the foods I am eating to include more fresh fruits and raw vegetables; opposed to the meat and potatoes / pasta meal regiment that my family is so fond of eating. I know that eating more fruits / vegetables is helpful in weight loss from the experience that I had in my first 90 day challenge. It is just much easier to order a pizza or cook with other "convenience foods" (canned veges, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, spaghetti, frozen fries, etc) even when they are "organic". Processed foods do contribute to why we are an obese nation and I need to remember this each time I cook. I am just happy to get back on the wagon because being able to put the pants on, but not button the waste is no fun!!!

Being fat is no fun! Losing weight is delightful!

If you feel the same way, then I encourage you to join me in this 90 Day Challenge and have fun losing weight. Although my husband is much more supportive of my weight loss challenge this time around (because he has decided that he wants to lose weight, too - LOL), I have found a lot of resources and weight loss online support because he has not been as supportive in the past. Not because he was being mean; just in the respect that he was not exercising, eating healthier and trying to lose weight with me in the past. So, I found found that online weight loss support is extremely helpful to me. I may not always have had something to say in the beginning, but I read what people posted; learned and shared links with tips.  It can be the same for you or you can participate in the weight loss groups more than I did. I have recently started pages / groups of my own and invite you to join us there, too.

Weight Loss Support Group / Pages - Join Us!

Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Feel Great @ Facebook Page

Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Feel Great @ Google+

Here's to your weight loss success!


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