Best Sports Bras For Non Victoria Secret C, D, DD Cup Models & Larger Breast Gals

Let's face it! Not every woman wears an average C bra cup size or looks like a DD Victoria Secret model. She may fill a D cup and look beautiful in her own right, though never walk in the same "cups" as Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Adriana Lima or Ambrosio. That is just life. Meanwhile, if you take a good look at pictures of the Victoria Secret models, I am sure that you would agree that their bras do not look comfortable for larger chested women. Some of those models could use more supportive bras for their perky "girls" - most of us could. In fact, unless you are a small chested woman, you need to wear well fitting, supportive, bras. I assure you that this becomes extremely apparent when you start an exercise regiment for your 90 Day Challenge. There is nothing worse than bouncing around and busting out of your bra during a high impact workout. In this case,everyday bras just will not do for exercise. I have explored all types of fitness bra options over the past few months including the Victoria Secret sports bras. They are not even close to being the best sports bras on the market. The majority of their sports bras are compression bras meant for smaller busted women. They have a few encapsulation sports bras that would look ill-fitting on the average body. I really do expect more from a company that specializes in lingerie for the well endowed women. Don't you?


Why wear a sports bra / gym bra?

If these Victoria Secret models are spilling out of their supposedly well fitting bras, then the average women certainly needs something much better fitting and supportive than these sexy bras!!! There are thousands of experts that would agree. The also suggest that C or larger cup women should wear a supportive sports bra during high impact sports (running and physical activity where your breasts bounce more) to avoid damage to Cooper's ligaments inside breasts, discomfort and embarrassment from bouncing. With this in mind, you need to learn how to choose the best sports bras for your cup size and fitness needs.

How to choose the best sports bra / gym bra?

Choosing the best sports bra is dependent upon just a few factors:

1) You need to choose the best sports bra for the type of exercise you are doing.

2) You need to choose the best sports bra type meant for your breast size.

3) The sports bra has to appeal to your taste or you will not be comfortable in it.

Types of sports bras / gym bras

There are 3 types of sports bras: Compression, Encapsulation and Combination.

Adidas Fitness Bra
Compression Sports Bras / Compression Gym Bras

Compression Bras are the popular one piece sports bras that you pull over your head. There are some that come with snaps, though they are not as widely used. Compression bras do not have cups that separate the breasts; they are more like tube tops with straps. They are made to accommodate small to XL sizes, though are best suited for women that have smaller breasts; A and B cups. This is because compression sports bras are not as supportive for larger busted women. They smash and flatten large breasts in a similar fashion as binding, so the breasts still bounce too much in most cases. * One example of a compression bra is the Adidas Women's Climacore in the image above. It is good for lifting and low impact; they have other bras for high impact aerobics. A good number of the Adidas compression bras have a 4 to 5 star rating on Amazon and other websites; they offer nice fitting fitness pants to match.

Glamorise Women's No Bounce Full Support Sport Bra
Encapsulation Sports Bras / Encapsulation Gym Bras

Encapsulation bras come in all sizes though are more popular and extremely useful for larger breast women (size C cup and above). They are designed more like a traditional bras with cups, straps and choice of underwire or not. These sports bras encapsulate each breast in their own cup instead of encasing them together as the compression bra does. These are sturdy fitness bras that are designed to dramatically reduce the bounce. * Example of an encapsulation bra is the image above of the Glamorise Women's No Bounce Full Support Sport Bra. It has 4 stars on Amazon (with over half of the women giving this particular Glamorise bra a 4 or 5 star rating).

Moving Comfort Women's Maia Bra
Combination Sports Bras

Combination sports bras are both compression and encapsulation bras. They offer the individual support of bra cups, though restrict movement by compressing movement. Combination bras are recommended for women that wear C or D cup sizes. * The image above is the Moving Comfort Women's Maia Bra which is very popular on Amazon. I personally prefer to to have the dual support, though have not yet found on that fits and controls bounce as expected.

Best sports bras for D / DD and larger busted women

At this point in time, I bet you are wondering which encapsulation bras are best for women that wear a D size cup or larger. It just depends upon how you are shaped. I am not fond of any of them because they feel like too much bra to me, though some do keep the "girls" in check when I am bouncing around. Yet, in all honesty, none stop the bounce completely and you will read that in the reviews on any site that sells these fitness bras, though are not the designers. This is a great market for future engineers and designers.

How does all of this pertain to the DD Victoria Secret models and you?

Well, once you become serious about losing weight and working out, you will want to make sure to buy sports bras that are best suited to you. I have experienced the difference in poor, good and great bra support while taking aerobics classes, jogging, etc. I have also done my "due diligence" on the best sports bras in the market, including the Victoria Secret Sports Bras, to know which ones work best for me. I am simply sharing knowledge gained and my experience with you.

You would do better to follow the sports bra guide that I am providing for you in this blog post, then to ignore these recommendations and waste money, time and feel embarrassed in a fitness class ... like I did. Take care of them "girls" while you are bouncing around to a new and improved - HEALTHY - you :)

Happy Shopping!

P.S. I'm proud to be an affiliate for the products mentioned above. This means that if you buy through a link on this page, I will earn an affiliate commission. I use this on costs related to maintaining and marketing my websites.


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