Silver Rank Advancement - Starting 2013 New Year

Silver Rank Advancement January 3, 2013

Starting off the 2013 New Year As Silver

"And what to my wondering eyes should appear ...

That is exactly what I felt when I saw WAHMOM USA / CAN among the list of Silver Leaders in our Skinny Body Care group. Talk about an awesome way to start the 2013 New Year because it means that more progress is being made within our business and with people starting their 90 Day Weight Loss Challenges for the 2013 New Year ... WOO HOO!!! I am happy for all.

Silver may be "small potatoes" to the 3 Diamonds and 11 Platinum leaders in our company, but there are only 96 Silver Leaders of thousands of distributors in this company. Pretty cool :) Now, the goal is onward and forward to join the 265 Gold Leaders :)

New Year / New You - What are your 2013 New Year goals?

I know that I risk sounding a bit cliche here, but what are you 2013 goals? If they include losing weight, getting healthier or helping a loved one with their fitness goals, then I want you to know that SBC has started another 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge which you are welcome to join at ANY time. Our distributors actually have "The Biggest Loser" theme this time around with T-Shirts for the winners and lot of valuable information to share. If your are interested in joining our 90 Day Challenge, getting paid to lose weight, trying our new Ageless Serum or starting a Skinny Fiber / Ageless business, no time is better than the present.

The opportunities are here for you!

It would be my personal pleasure to help you get started :)

Happy 2013 New Year!


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