May Fitness Challenge - Arms, Legs, Abdominal, Exercise, Summer

If sweating less and feeling more confident are goals you have in mind for this summer, then this May Fitness Challenge is for you. It's time to swap the heavy clothes for shorts and flip flops; ditch the couch potato habits to better enjoy fun in the sun. Are you ready? Here are the May Fitness Challenge Calendars and some other tips to help with your health and weight loss goals.

REMEMBER: This month is about MORE than just dropping a quick 20 pounds for swimwear and vacation. It's about starting a personal development routine that you can stick with for the rest of the year ... Let's commit to getting healthier once and for all!!!

May Fitness Challenge Calendars

2017 May Fitness Challenge Calendar for Beginners. Getting swimsuit ready for summer with exercise, healthy food, Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max!

The Beginner Challenge exercises are great for getting back into the swing of things at both a beginner or advanced fitness levels. Do just one set each day if you are a beginner or do more than one set of reps if you need more of an advanced fitness challenge. Click the image to open in a new window to print and use at home. Invite a friend or family member to join you in these workouts each day, so you can remain motivated and do well.

Arm & Abs Fitness Challenge Calendar

May Fitness Challenge Calendar to workout arms, abs, abdominal muscles while doing your Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge, Skinny Body Max

Step up your cardio and toning with this Arms and Abdominal Exercise Routine. You can do this challenge the same way as the Beginner's Exercise Challenge (one set each day) or double up each days requirement. Most importantly, do whatever it takes to make these workouts fun for you. Invite a friend or family to exercise with you; do them outside on nice days or while at the gym; stay hydrated and eat like you know that you can't out eat a bad diet!

Summer Weight Loss Tips & Health Goals


... and, if these exercise calendars are not enough for your summer body toning needs - OR - if you want to mix it up for more fun, make sure to join our weight loss support group and download one of the images with personal fitness challenges and tips.

Make a commitment to become more active in your daily life with more things you REALLY enjoy doing like swimming, bowling, golfing, basketball and so on. Choose activities that you used to do before your weight, finances, health, lifestyle ... insecurities set in and made you stop doing what you enjoyed each day; even if that was simply walking to the store and back.

One thing to keep in mind is to pace yourself for the long term commitment and another thing is to remind yourself that each physically active change you make back to your "old self" will help with pain, atrophy, embarrassment, muscle strengthening, body toning, sleep, energy, and so on. Exercise even helps with happiness, so work on increasing your happiness each day!


We are mostly made of water and our bodies use a lot of it for daily functions. For this reason, we have to make sure that we are drinking enough water to hydrate our cells, tissue and organs, as well as to keep potassium levels up each day. It is not as simple as grabbing a glass of water every so often ... We need to make a conscious effort to drink enough water for our body weight each day. This is especially important for those who are pregnant or nursing, eat a lot of salt, workout regularly, certain health conditions, live in warmer climates and for everyone in the hot summer months when we lose even more water from our bodies. You can get water from the fruits and vegetables you eat, but tracking clean pure water is the best way to guarantee that you are getting enough each day. See the chart below to learn how much water to drink:

NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER can make you gain weight and feel sick. Dehydration causes fatigue, digestive issues, kidney problems, bladder issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, allergies and affect your skin. Dehydration can occur without your even noticing, but usually a dry mouth and sluggish energy are the two easiest ways to determine that you need to drink more water. Prefer other drinks? Try these tips for hydration if you hate to drink water!


Eating for weight loss and health doesn't have to be such a complicating thing! Do your best to eat healthy by watching portions and choosing quality of food. This time of year is the easiest because the fresh harvests are plentiful ... PLUS, you can give your budget a break by eating according to season (foods being harvested over the next few months). Follow the harvests and plan for what you'll buy locally at flea markets and stands, or watch store flyers for other deals. If some fruits and vegetables you can even freeze some of the affordable fruits and veggies for later when you can't get the seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits. Here 's a great websites that help you track which local fruits and vegetables are in season: ...

Eating more leafy green vegetables and low sugar fruits in combination with lean proteins and real whole grains can make a world of difference in your Weight Loss Challenge results.


Do you get enough sleep? Have a sleep schedule or do you simply sleep when tired? Are your days and nights mixed up because of work? Do you wake feeling refreshed or not? Can you tell what quality of sleep you're having each night? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself if you notice dark circles, feel like you need to nap or think that you probably have broken sleep at night. Getting enough quality sleep should be naturally easy, but circumstances or genetics could be interfering with yours and this might be part of why you have gained weight, or struggle with losing weight in general. Pin pointing any issue(s) should be a priority for you. If you know that you have a problem sleeping simple changes like wearing noise cancelling earbuds, a sleep mask or using room darkening window fixtures can help. Exercise, proper water intake and diet also contribute to whether you sleep successfully or not; especially how close to bedtime you partake in any of those activities. There are also natural over the counter supplements like Melatonin that help with better sleep and more. Maybe discuss your sleep issues with your doctor, so that you can have one less deterrent to health.


Lastly, STRESS contributes to at least 10 correctable issues like obesity, heart attacks, strokes, depression ... Include managing your stress as part of your personal fitness challenge this year. Work on the inside and outside for that perfect summer bod ... Take as much time to take care of you as possible. Therapy or Life Coach can be helpful ... If you've been working hard, then maybe consider using accumulated vacation days for some actual time off. CLICK HERE for more useful tips on how to live a more stress free life for your health.

Hope this post helps with motivation!

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