August Fitness Challenges - End of Summer Exercises - In & Outdoors

Summer is coming to an end. Schools about to begin and the cold weather will take a toll on our lives. I hope you've been taking advantage of these past few months. If not, it is not too late to start an end of summer exercise routine. Research says that exercising outdoors has numerous benefits over indoor workouts. This is true for both children and adults. Yet, living in a tropical region or certain illnesses can make these scorching summer months feel impossible to workout in, therefore having an indoor exercise plan - like the August Fitness Challenges below - are helpful. This is especially true for those of us who can't exercise outside because of weather and other personal reasons.

Click each calendar to enlarge and print to have on hand daily!

August Beginners Fitness Challenge Calendar

August Beginners Fitness Challenge for end of summer exercises that you can as indoor workout.

August Advanced Fitness Challenge Calendar

August Advanced Fitness Challenge Calendar when weather makes it hard to workout outdoors. Start an end of summer exercise routine!
Other Indoor & Outdoor Workouts For Summer

Fitness Gym (Indoor)

Depending on your budget and motivation, joining a YMCA / YWCA fitness center or traditional gym can be the best option. Not only can you choose exercise options according to your interests, but you can also get support from a fitness professional in their staff. Gold's Gym and Planet Fitness are two gyms where you can get a free workout routine set up, so you know what you're doing each time you enter the gym. Gold's Gym also has classes included in their monthly membership fee. YouFit and other gyms offer free assessments, free exercise classes and reduced cost personal training sessions (small group or individual) based on your budget. Some gyms have pools, tracks, childcare and extended hours to accommodate your lifestyle needs. Memberships start at about $10 a month; some offer special plans and SilverSneakers classes for seniors.

* You can attend fitness classes outside in the park or at the beach, too! Check up a website called or search Google for outdoor yoga, zumba, fitness classes.

Fitness Zones & Trails (Outdoor)

Whether you want to "mix it up" during the week or feel like taking advantage of good weather, some parks have outdoor exercise machines and / or trails. Here in Florida it is not uncommon to find outdoor weight machines, ellipticals, stationary bikes, calisthenics equipment, obstacle courses and unique trails. It was like that in one of my favorite parks in the north, too, so do a Google search to see if you can find a local park that lets you work out in nature. It can actually be a lot of fun for the kids, too.

Walk, Jog, Run (Indoor & Outdoor)

Walking is something that you can do anywhere; even in the comfort of your own home via Leslie Sansone videos or a treadmill. Mall Walking is an AMAZING way to stay cool and get more fit in the summer. Jogging and Running can be just as convenient depending on location and your health. Whatever you choose, if you want the best way to add some cardio to the August Fitness Challenges above, walking or running it is the easiest!

Swimming & Water Sports (Indoor / Outdoor)

Some local recreation centers, YWCAs and parks have both indoor and outdoor pools for free swim, laps and classes. Gyms usually have indoor pools where you can swim laps or take structured classes in water aerobics, strength training or yoga. Classes are usually hosted in the shallow end for the comfort of those who cannot swim, so don't avoid if you want to try water fitness classes. Swimming is the perfect option for people that want to exercise outside in the summer.

In addition to swimming, there are plenty of water sports that increase heart rate and keep you cool, too. Whether water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, parasailing, body boarding, rowing, pool fitness class, water polo, rugby, basketball and so on ... You can jump in a lake or the ocean to partake in challenging and refreshing water sports.

Bicycling / Spinning (Indoor & Outdoor)

Biking is another excellent indoor and outdoor sport. Stationary bikes have come a long way over the years. You can sit high or low; bike for exercise alone or join a spinning class if you choose. On the other hand, there is a range of beach cruisers to mountain bikes or hybrids, you have so many choices of cycles based on your local terrain. Plus, biking is a form of fitness that you can do with friends or family to encourage one another to remain active. 👍

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Summer To Fall Fitness Routine
Whether you choose to just stick with the August Fitness Challenges or supplement with some of these other ideas, you still have plenty of warm weather time to get into a workout routine that can carry over into the fall season.

Happy August to you 💗

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