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Skinny Fiber Review #1 | Lost 75 Pounds No Exercise

Kayla gained almost 100 pounds while pregnant and was frustrated at not being able to take the weight off after the baby. She tried everything to lose weight naturally and so many different weight loss products that did not work, that she lost hope that anything could help her. Kayla really struggled to believe that Skinny Fiber would help her, but it did. She lost 75 pounds taking Skinny Fiber (down 210 pounds to 135 pounds) and is much more confident now that she's lost the weight. I think the best parts of this video is when Kayla explains how her confidence, relationship and health has improved since taking Skinny Fiber. She share which health issues in this review video. The following is Kayla's before and after weight loss picture, so that you can see her journey and which of the testimonials were hers. If you are just sick and tired of trying to lose weight because nothing has worked for you in the past, her video above is for you! Kayla recently shared her Skinny Fiber Testimony on Lifetime TV.

Kayla Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Pictures, Video and Review

It's beautiful to see how much weight loss through her pictures, but her Skinny Fiber review by video lets you hear first hand her struggle with being so over weight and what Kayla was able to accomplish without even exercising. You can start your Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge and do the same thing, too. You don't have to share your story like this, but you can. Either way, once your friends, family and YOU will see the progress, you can decide.

Skinny Fiber Review Video #2 | 54 Pounds Lost Total

In this Skinny Fiber Review video, Trish explains her challenging weight loss journey. She has always gained more than an average amount of weight with her pregnancies and was sick of how she felt being overweight. She noticed an immediate difference when taking Skinny Fiber, though was inconsistent with doing what she needed to do to have a steady weight loss. She "fell off the wagon" a few times: once during the holidays and then again with a death of someone close in her family. She also had health problems due to obesity and other lifelong issues, all of which have gotten better from losing weight by taking Skinny Fiber and Trish feels great. She has lost 54 pounds total and is at her goal weight; from a tight size 16 (really size 18) to a size 9 clothes. Trish admits how skeptical she was about taking Skinny Fiber at first and how much she had to work at being consistent with taking it in order to losing weight steadily, therefore if you are not sure whether Skinny Fiber is real OR have started taking it and having slow results, her video shares how she overcame the same issues. You can do this, too!!! The following are her AMAZING before and after weight loss pictures.

Trish Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Pictures, Results and Video Review

If Trish's Skinny Fiber Testimonial touched your heart, then do as she says and get started right now, so that you can experience weight loss success this 2014 New Year instead of suffering for another year with health issues from obesity (30 lbs or more overweight). If you don't like it ... Buy Skinny Fiber today to do what you need to lose weight and change your life, too!!! It is not a "miracle drug" and each person's results are different, but it can really help if you let it.

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If you are a distributor or customer of mine, please send over your Skinny Fiber review as a video or picture and written testimonial. Send me the link or the information to share by email and help encourage others!!! If you would like to try Skinny Fiber we have Buy 3 Get 3 Free and Buy 2 Get 1 Free specials (plus, preferred customers get a free bottle of Ageless $59.95 value). Go to BUY SKINNY FIBER click the button and register to place your order and you will see the 1 bottle, 3 bottle (perfect for 90 day challenge) and 6 bottle (perfect for 2 people or more) specials. We have weight loss support for you, too!

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