How To Hydrate & Lose Weight When You Hate To Drink Water Daily

How to drink water when you hate it! Tips for hydration and weight loss.

You're probably tired of hearing the same advice over and over again: "drink water to lose weight". This is frustrating as ever if you hate to drink water daily, though trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. You are not the first to hate drinking water and this is why companies make vitamin waters, flavor drops and such. The problem is that most of those are just not healthy. Plus, NOTHING is as quenching nor as cleansing as a glass of water! Before you pick up that soda or vitamin drink today, remember this blog post and try to follow these suggestions. Those types of drinks contribute to dehydration which makes people feel hungry in between meals and also hard on your body organs. Here are tips on maintaining hydration for people that hate to drink water:

Eat Hydrating Foods

Make sure to eat plenty of hydrating foods like watermelon, mangoes, pairs, and apples. Vegetables are also great for hydration, especially peppers, squash, beans and leafy vegetables like spinach. However, you should avoid starches, like potatoes, pasta and white bread, because these foods can dry you out.

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is another great way to keep your fluid intake up. In addition, many varieties contain antioxidants which have been proven to prevent certain chronic diseases. Plus, they are a great way to stay warm.

Try to keep your intake strictly decaffeinated. Drinks like coffee and green and black teas contain caffeine which can interfere with sleep. People who are sleep-deprived often have a much more difficult time losing weight because sleep deprivation can reconfigure your hormones so that you pack on extra weight.

Try Drinking Water At Different Temperatures

Some people don’t like drinking cold water, but can stomach it at a more tepid temperature. If you want, you can try a cup of lukewarm water along with a cup of cold water to compare the taste. You may find that you can tolerate one temperature but not the other. In fact, it is recommended that we start the day with a cup of warm lemon water and drink room temperature water with meals (not cold which shocks the metabolism). Try! This tip may make the world of difference since you hate to drink water daily.

Try Natural Extracts and Flavorings

Sometimes, it’s just a question of improving the taste. Let’s be honest, water can be a bit bland. But you can always change up the flavor with a fun extract. For example, you can add a dash of lemon juice, a drop of orange zest, or mix up different fresh ingredients from a fat flush recipe. Just make sure that you don’t mix in any sugar or salt, as these items are what contribute to weight gain and can also make you feel lousy. The goal is to hydrate … Not the opposite!

Buy Bottled Water & Number Them Daily

Some of us are just so goal oriented that a simple change like drinking bottled water can increase the amount of water intake each day. Four 16 oz bottles of water makes the suggested 64 ounces of water each day. That's an awesome start and combined with hydrating foods can actually exceed that 64 ounces a day for those who need to drink 1/2 their body weight. Number the bottles daily (take a marker and write #1 on the first bottle, #2 on the second bottles and so on) and put them in the front of the fridge, on your desk or where you will grab them. You can even add the natural flavorings to break up the blandness. The point being that buying and numbering bottled H20 makes drinking water an effortless task throughout the day.

Keep Water To Drink Every Minute of The Day

Finally, it could be a question of simply keeping a glass of water or bottled water near you at all times (on your desk at work, in the car, while on the couch watching TV, etc). Glue water to the hip, per say, so that you can pick it up and sip mindlessly throughout the day. In this case, you won’t notice the taste so much and you won’t face the psychological burden of getting through an entire glass in a short amount of time.

Now that you know what to do to drink water daily when you hate it so much, you can really tackle your weight loss goals and enjoy your newly hydrated life! If you really want to get on track with your weight and have the ultimate motivation for drinking water, join us in the Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge - Cut cravings, hunger and get healthier with us!

Hope this helps!

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