Day 60 - 18 Pounds Weight Loss - Skinny Fiber

I am down 18 pounds and feel good about results from Skinny Fiber.

On the other hand, I am kind of bummed out because I am not skinny by now. I knew when I bought Skinny Fiber that it was not a "miracle pill" and sat through the webinars on how it works for my body, but still ... I am like any other chubby mommy ... I want immediate gratification, although it has taken me almost 2 years to get to the point of really wanting to lose the weight.

I am upset because I want all of my weight to be off (like yesterday) and I know that is not how these pills or any pills work. They all say something like "lose 20 pounds" because it is easier to take weight off in the beginning of trying to lose weight. This is especially true for people that are heavier. So, I guess that I am on track with what the Skinny Fiber pills said they would do, but I still have quite a bit more to lose.

I have only just lost what I gained in my 1st trimester of pregnancy ...

In fact, I think I gained almost 30 in that first month. My baby is now 21 months old and weighs about 30 pounds ... see why I am bummed out right now?

So, I have been eating more raw foods and smoothies, so that I can try to keep the weight that I have just lost off. The Skinny Fiber Pills do help with my big fat appetite and I have lost inches, but this is the point where I always quit trying to take the rest of the "baby fat" off and I do not want to do that this time.

My next step is to exercise more consistently.

I have started walking again, but just not as frequently as would benefit my body. I also have to stick with this 90 day challenge and prepare myself that I may need to do another because it is working :)

Are you doing the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge with me?

If so, let me know, so that we can compare notes.

Do you want to lose 20 pounds or more?
Go to 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge to get started.

Until next time ...


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