Amazing Kale Smoothie Recipe | Kale Makes Me Want To Exercise It's Such A Super Food

Organic Kale Fresh Green High Alkaline, High Fiber, High Vitamin K SuperfoodAlazingly delicious kale smoothies with banana, avocado, figs, almond milk

Kale is a High Alkaline, High Fiber, High Vitamin K, A, C Superfood

How can something so green, bitter and healthy become the foundation for so many tasty meals? I ask myself this every time I cook with kale; it is such an incredible vegetable and healthy super food. Kale is so jam packed with vitamins and fiber that I get a burst of energy every time I have a kale smoothie. It makes me want to exercise, therefore I want to share some of the incredible benefits of Kale as well as my amazing kale smoothie recipe with you. You're gonna love this!!!

Super Food Benefits of Kale

Kale is a High Alkaline food.

Kale is high in fiber.

Kale is high in vitamin K

Kale is high in vitamin A

Kale is high in Vitamin C

Kale is high in iron

Kale is high in calcium.

Kale is high in antioxidants.

In addition to all of these fantastic benefits of Kale, it is also a zero calorie super food that has natural anti-inflammatory benefits and helps detoxify the body. It is no wonder so many people have adjusted to the bitter taste of it raw and increased their intake of kale (especially raw kale) over the past few years. You can use kale in smoothies, salads, cooked and raw food dishes. Kale is easy to grow as it can withstand cold and is less bitter with winter harvests, though you can grow kale in the summer, too.

Amazing Kale Smoothie Recipe - Great For Kids & Adults

This amazingly delicious kale smoothie recipe will exceed all expectation of what a green smoothies should be. It is tasty, frothy, sweet and will give you a boost of energy better than a B shot or run in the park.

2 cups chopped kale (organic curly kale if possible)

1 avocado (extremely ripe)

1 cup almond milk (non GMO)

2 frozen bananas

1 or 2 chopped figs


Pour almond milk in the blender, kale (do not push the kale down into the blades, so it blends nicely), add figs and give a quick blend just enough to chop things up a bit. Add 2 frozen bananas (might be best to break them in half) and add avocado. Give a high blend and voila --- YUM!

* You can use one apple instead of the figs (skin and all) or both.

* You do not need ice if you use frozen bananas and cold almond milk.

* You can substitute almond milk for water.

Don't worry about the at from the avocado, it is extremely good for you in moderation AND this smoothie will make you want to "get up and move", so it is best for an early day meal or when you feel sluggish. I personally get hours of energy from kale smoothies and eating raw kale.

Try it and let me know what you think :)

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Here's to healthy you!



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