Hungry For Change - Health Film Video - Free Viewings 3/21 - 3/31

10 Days Free - Watch This Life-Changing Health Documentary

This is a quick post to let you know that the popular Hungry For Change documentary - - is featuring free viewings of their documentary from March 21st to March 31st and there is no obligation once registered to view the film.

This health video is about 1 1/2 hours long and features nuggets of truth and knowledge from industry experts such as:

- Dr Alejandro Junger (the author of Clean)

- Jason Vale (Master Juicer)

- Kris Carr (NY Times best-selling author and wellness coach)

- Dr Joseph Mercola (author of the No-Grain Diet)

- Dr Christiane Northrup (specialist in women's bodies and health)

- Jon Gabriel (Lose Weight Without Dieting)

- Evita Ramparte (European writer and health coach)

- Frank Ferrante ("May I Be Frank")

- David Wolfe (health authority, author, co-founder of magazine)

- Daniel Vitalis (health, nutrition, personal development)

- Mike Adams ("The Health Ranger", Renegade Water Secrets and founder of

- Joe Cross ("Fat Sick & Nearly Dead" and Juicing For Weight Loss expert)

These experts clarify misconceptions that food manufacturers don't want you to understand such as which chemicals are in foods, which foods are harmful, which affects on your health, why is high fructose corn syrup so bad, what are good fats, etc. Most importantly, how you can get more nutrition into your body through change that will improve your health (so not just weight loss or fad dieting, but doable life changes that will change your health completely).

It is well worth the few minutes of your life ... watch "Hungry for Change" with me!

Also, make sure to CHECK OUT the trailer for FRESH THE MOVIE because they offer a free viewing each year around summertime. Their's is a sustainable food movement that really did make incredible food changes in my life (learn about how your food is grown, chemicals fed into meats and added to other foods, and how you can make changes). I would LOVE for you to get the information, too. You can watch the clips from FRESH THE MOVIE here and go to their site to register for a notice for the next viewing.

Say no to GMO, pesticides and chemicals in your food. Say yes to clean and healthy foods

To YOUR Health and Happiness,


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