Skinny Fiber Experiment | Absorbs & Fat Flush

How does Skinny Fiber works? Skinny Fiber Experiment proves that skinny fiber fat flush works

The Skinny Fiber Experiment

Part 1 (Make the water replicate a fatty meal)

- Take a small glass and fill it 3/4 with tap water.
- Then, add 1 tbs of very soft or melted butter
- Mix and watch what happens.

As the butter separates from the water it floats to the top much like oil because the fat in the water.

Part 2 (Show how Skinny Fiber works on fat)

- Now open up a Skinny Fiber Capsule and add it to the water
- Mix well and watch.

What is happening is that Skinny Fiber is actually attaching itself to the fat and carrying the fat down to the bottom of the glass.

So, scientifically speaking, Skinny Fiber helps grab the fat and sink it. Why is that good for you? Because instead of your body storing the fat it instead flushes is out.

Another GREAT reason to use Skinny Fiber.

For more information, visit the "What is Skinny Fiber?" page!

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