Fast Food Kills Weight Loss Goals | Bad Eating Habits Infographic

Are high calorie fast food meals killing you?  Change your bad eating habits!

The average person cannot exercise that fast food meal away!

This health infographic is a wonderful reminder of how fast food kills your weight loss goals. Look at how much you would need to exercise to burn off calories in a value meal at your favorite fast food restaurant ... It is virtually impossible for the average person like you and me. So, why even do this to yourself?

I know from experience how hard it is not to eat fast food; especially with kids.

Our culture has been shaped for convenience and cheap ... Our children are marketed to between shows and attracted while we are driving past these fast food joints ... Processed foods and fast foods have become a part of our daily lives for so long, that we crave these opposed to the "real foods" that are good for us no matter how much we eat.

Take a good look at the health chart above!

That one fast food meal over 1300 calories is the daily calories needed to become / maintain a 130 pound body. Not only is it toxic to your body as genetically modified / unnatural food that is filled with bad carbs and fats that you just do not want to put in your body. Each time you do, you sabotage your weight loss goals and health.

The next time you order one remember me telling you this "Are you crazy??? It will take swimming 6.5 miles, running 16 miles, bicycling 29.5 miles and so on. Are you able to exercise that much? Don't do this to yourself!!!"

In yeomans terms "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT" ...

The average person just can't burn off fast food and athletes won't touch it! Why would you?

Here's To Your Health,



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