Top 5 Weight Loss Tips That Prevent Obesity

Weight loss tips. How to lose weight once and for all instead of becoming obese

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!" ~ Jim Ryun

This Jim Ryun quote applies so well to why we need to make healthy lifestyle changes instead of temporary solutions. Healthy lifestyle changes like eating foods that are good for your body, exercising, sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a night, etc., can prevent obesity. These are oppose to temporary weight loss solutions that include crash dieting, starting an exercise routine than quitting, and so on that can cause obesity. When you spend years mixing the healthy lifestyle changes with temporary solutions, you place yourself at a greater risk for becoming obese.  Point blank! It is better to wait until your are truly motivated to lose weight and develop healthy habits than it is to start making changes and then quit; this is true no matter how many times you repeat the motivation pattern. Here are some weight loss tips that could last a lifetime, as well as prevent obesity from sneaking up on you later in life!

Weight Loss Tips That Prevent Obesity

Weight Loss Tip #1 - Motivation & Habit

Motivation is what gets you started in your weight loss. Developing certain habits is what helps you stay motivated to lose weight and accomplish your goals. One major problem is that most of us start our weight loss plans with extreme motivation that fades once we notice that we are not losing weight as quickly as we planned. Another problem is that just one day of giving into unhealthy eating can stop the motivation completely. If either of these problems have been interfering with your weight loss goals, here are two of the first habits to form when trying to lose weight and get healthier:
  • Weight loss takes time. Keep this in mind when you are motivated to get started. You could even write this on a few sheets of paper and tape them to your refrigeration, bathroom mirror, car dashboard (your hand ... LOL). The key is to NOT stop trying to lose weight once you get started!

  • The second key to losing weight, as well as preventing obesity, is to not start a yo yo dieting process. This is a little different than #1 because this step involves when you shift from eating healthy to bad foods. Do not let one bad snack ... meal ... day ... get you off track for good. 
Your first step to losing weight is to create the habit of staying motivated and not giving up!!! You accomplish this by making habit forming lifestyle changes a bit at a time!!!

Weight Loss Tip #2 - Moderation

You cannot crash diet and think you will succeed at being thin for life. It is counter productive to crash diet and then go back to eating your normal way; especially if you do this over and over again (yo yo diet). This bad habit can make you become obese faster than not dieting at all. It is also hard on your body to make such drastic changes over and over again. The goal is to change the way you eat - in general - and make healthy food changes that you can live with.

"Everything in moderation" is what comes to mind when emphasizing this weight loss tip. If you make the changes gradually, you will become healthier and lose weight over time ... opposed to going "cold turkey" and expecting that you are cured of bad eating and unhealthy food choices. For example:
  • You could start by eliminating something that you know if horrible for you ... Sugar Drinks /  Soda  / Pop (even diet pop is bad for you). Drink water in place of the Fruit Drinks / Soda / Pop ... Even if you have to buy little bottles of water to replace the need of the portable drink in your hand. This will help reduce the bad carbohydrate (sugar) and chemicals that you are putting into your body each day (those that are being cleaned out when taking Skinny Fiber supplements).

  • Another example of gradual change is to eliminate store bought juices (which normally contain high fructose corn syrup and chemicals) and start making your own juice when you have the taste for it. You can get a Black N Decker citrus fruit juicer for under $20; you can buy a fruit and vegetable juicer for $40 and up (maybe even find a better one at a thrift store or yard sale). Making your own juices will decrease the bad juices you are drinking, and create the habit of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables --- AWESOME for weight loss.

  • Another major example, is to reduce the number of times you eat out or order delivery foods; this is until you quit eating it at all unless necessary. Fast foods are filled with fats, sugars, chemicals, bad carbs, etc. Your body does not need these types of foods and most people cannot burn fast foods enough to maintain / lose weight. Fast foods are self sabotaging and are a good habit to break ASAP, therefore by reducing your buying and eating fast foods, you are making the change towards a habit forming action. Buy a grill and make your own burgers; buy sweet potatoes and learn how to use them to make baked sweet potato fries; make smoothies in your blender instead of milk shakes and sundaes ... Reduce fast foods.
There are so many other small changes that you can make to stay on track and form lifelong habits that will benefit your health. The point is that by implemented these changes in moderation will keep you from yo yo dieting and gaining more weight. Some of us start losing weight immediately just by starting with these examples.

Additionally, you cannot bounce between diet types and think that you will become successful at losing weight and preventing obesity. For example, you can't do the Atkins diet and then switch to the 80-10-10 (raw food, low fat, high carb diet for a few weeks) to then turn around and do atkins for a few days and back to the raw foods ... Or starving yourself in between ... etc, etc, etc. This will make you blow up more and more each time. You have to learn how to eat correctly for you body. There is a process that you can use to determine whether one of these lifestyle changes are for you, though you cannot change the rules of them to accommodate how you feel like eating. They all take the same commitment as if you were eating a high carb low fat diet. * Diet being the food that we eat on a regular basis ("my diet consists of ..." and not a dieting ("I'm on the such n such diet). There is a huge difference!

Weight Loss Tip #3 - Portion Control & Food Combinations

Portion control is a HUGE problem for people trying to lose weight and prevent obesity. The way we combine foods can contribute to weight gain as well. For example, have you ever met a vegetarian or vegan this is chubby? This is because they are eating too much starchy and / or fatty foods. All are presumably healthy foods, but eating too many gourmet raw foods or vegetarian meals can make one gain weight. This is because they are combining the wrong good foods (maybe too many avocados, bananas, mangoes and / or nuts in addition to their salads and berries). The same goes for someone on the Atkins diet. If that person eats too many carbs with their proteins and fats, they will not accomplish induction goals and gain instead of lose weight. Last example applies to a standard diet of carbs, protein, fruits and vegetables; if you add too much fat and eat larger portions, then you will gain weight.

The key is to eat the right amount of the right foods for you body = Portions + Food Combinations. This can take some research, trial and error before getting it right. This is one of the reasons why Skinny Fiber is so helpful to people that are motivated to lose weight and adopt habits that will help keep the weight off. It helps control the portions, increase good water soluble fiber in your diet, detox the bad foods, aids in digestion and more.

Weight Loss Tip #4 - Motion

"A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force" ~ Isaac Newton

Ok, Isaac Newton's Law of Motion was more profound than what this weight loss tip states. Yet, it is relative and now that you have just read it, you will think it each time you are not moving enough in the day!!! Right??? The point being that you need to stay in motion and not let your MIND become an outside force that stops your habit of becoming more active. Exercise is necessary for your body and emotional health. If you apply what is stated above in weight loss tip #2 - moderation - you will improve your healthy considerably by just starting to get your body in motion a little more at a time. This can form the habit of exercising more and for the rest of your life. For example:

Walking, Gardening, Lawn Work, Vigorous Housework, Playing Wii Fit or Konect with your kids, Beginner's Yoga, Swimming, Biking ...

These are all examples of daily activities that you can introduce into your life again to become much more active. Pick one or mix them up ... set a time and work up how long you are active ... 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes ... Get the point? Do this until you are ready to jog / run, join a gym, start using the elliptical, etc. for longer periods of time. 

Do not sit for long periods of time unless you have to at work;
 if you have a sedentary job, then exercise in the morning, lunchtime and / or after work. You will also have to watch what you are snacking on while working. If you find it hard to become or remain active with the work you are doing, then maybe it is time to find a different job or start a business that supports your healthy lifestyle needs. "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten" ~Anthony Robbins, so if your work is making you unhealthy ... CHANGE THIS TOO!!!

Additionally, you cannot go from being active to just sitting around. The abrupt change from using your muscles, increasing flexibility, burning fat ... to becoming sedentary ... shocks your body. It begins to rebel once you stop taking care of your physical needs. Muscles get stuff and body gets flabby over time; weight gain can begin and your personality is affected as well. Exercising keeps our body functioning as it should and the serotonin released has many benefits with feeling good as a major advantage.

Start with a few minutes of exercise and increase as you go ... not only does exercise aid in burning calories, toning your body, feeling great and obesity prevention; your body will be less stiff, achy and hunched over when you get old.

Weight Loss Tip #5 - Support

- Find someone or a group to join for weight loss support.

- Tell on yourself when you lose motivation.

- Share what you are doing to lose weight.

- Share how you are developing healthy habits that stick.

and so on. It is statistically true that we are most successful at accomplishing weight loss goals when we do so as part of a group; accountability partners help, too.

These are my 5 weight loss tips  ...

I wrote this blog post for those of you that keep playing with your health. If this is YOU, then stop living your life as if you will always stay a teen or in your 20s, 30s, 40s ... These weight loss tips address some of the bad habits we have developed as a society. When motivation starts, though no good habits are created to keep us at an ideal weight and health, we begin to deteriorate.

If you are younger and reading this post, though are still less than 30 pounds overweight, please keep in mind that you can become obese over time (on the inside of your body) even though you do not see it externally for years to come.

Obesity can hit you hard after years of YO YO DIETING / YO YO FITNESS; this is part of why you see so many people become SO FAT, as well as SO SICK, so quickly.

We are in the age of OBESITY EPIDEMIC and it is very real in the United States and numerous other countries. Do something about your weight and health now before you are too old and / or too sick to handle the issues as easily. If you have a child or loved one dealing with these food and health issues, please help them implement these weight loss tips.

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