White Potatoes vs Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes vs White Potatoes. Both are high in fiber which aids in digestion. Natural Skinny Fiber and Healthy Eating.

White Potatoes VS Sweet Potatoes - Get the facts!

Wondering which potato is better for you? This chart shows that they are pretty close in nutritional value, though sweet potatoes win with more fiber, vitamin and less carbs than white potatoes.

One thing to keep in mind is that is that both white and sweet potatoes are sold in organic form. You can buy organic potatoes at local grocery stores (you will have to research which ones) as well as at Wholefoods stores and local health stores. Potatoes are one of the vegetables on the list of what to buy organic to avoid eating pesticide and genetically modified foods.

The first paragraph of this infographic says it all ...


This also confirms why I am so passionate about getting the information out about Skinny Fiber out to whoever will listen to me.

It is not that we cannot get natural fiber and digestive enzymes from food; it is that no matter how hard some of us try, we will not get enough and / or will not stick with the healthy eating in order to cleanse, heal and develop the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

It takes will power and sincere commitment which is terribly difficult when you live in a society where fast foods, processed foods, sugar ridden, genetically modified and severely pesticide sprayed foods are the norm. YET, we can change all of this over time by learning and doing no matter how hard and how many times it takes until you get it right.

Learning why certain foods are good for you is a great start ...

So, make me proud (wink wink - just kidding - make yourself proud) and eat your organic potatoes; white potatoes or sweet potatoes have tremendous health benefits for you as you read from this chart.

Hugs, Happiness & Healthy Eating!

Your Friend,


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