Fast Food Nation Coupons - Throw Them Away!

Fast Food Nation. Wondering why you're not losing weight?

Living In A Fast Food Nation Is Hard. No Fast Food Coupons!

I have finally lost all patience with fast food restaurants. Not only are they unhealthy and disgusting, but their coupons junk up my mailbox and cause problems in my home. Everything was fine before we moved into our new house because we lived miles away from fast food restaurants. We rarely received coupons and it took more gas to drive to them than they were worth. Now that we've moved a little closer to the city, we get bombarded by their junk food junk mail and the guys love to check out the deals; especially when they are BOGOs. My husband is like a "coupon king" by nature, therefore those junk food coupons are like hitting gold to him. On the other hand, the kids get excited when they see them and want to go back to old ways of eating. I see them as a constant reminder of the mistakes we have made in eating and feeding our children that unhealthy, fattening, fake food, crap ... Fast food coupons cause problems in my home for sure! They are like a drug dealer coming into my house and offering 1/2 price off deals to my family. I am just sick of seeing them.

Want to help your family get healthier? Stop eating fast food!

In addition to my husband's excitement about getting fast food deals (pizza is his drug of choice), the "golden arches" are like the ultimate temptation for my toddler. It's REALLY a drag that he's so attracted to McDonald when I spend my days making him delicious green smoothies and healthy treats. Regardless, he loves the McDonald's commercials and will sometimes dig the coupons out of the trash to demand that we go "bye byes mac donal". My husband used to feed into our toddler's craving for toys from saturated fat haven, though now says "no" because McDonalds hurts his stomach (he's healthier now). My thought is always "YUCK ... NO ... lets cook what's in the fridge" because in my heart I WOULD RATHER COOK than use those drug dealer's coupons on even my laziest day, but it obviously didn't always happen that way. Yes, I take total responsibility for my toddler's McDonalds obsession because I was the one that gave him that first chicken nugget. That lead to his father thinking it was so cute to buy him a Happy Meal ... Now, the thought of our baby eating that crap just gags me and I am so sorry to have created that bad habit in him. I feel the same way for everyone in our house ...

Want to start losing weight? Pitch the fast food coupons!

My teen LOVES fast food just as much as our toddler. His attitude towards giving it up has been like a thorn in my big toe. He is super resistant to green smoothies and will join the baby in temper tantrums when we say NO FAST FOOD ... I now just hide the coupons from him and throw them away when he's not around. It has pretty much eliminated arguments, too! He eats his home cooked meals and vegetables without a problem. I meet him 1/2 way by making sure we have his mac & cheese microwave meals in addition to fruits, veges, peanut butter, sliced turkey and other healthy foods he likes. He actually lost 10 pounds in the first few weeks of not having fast food. He still lets me know that he wants it, but the reality is that he now prefers looking good for the girls :)

The key to giving up junk food in a fast food nation ...

The fact of the matter is that we live in a fast food nation. It is not easy to resist the convenience, but you should for your health! By changing the television commercials, you are not letting them brainwash your children. Simply ignore their requests as you're driving past fast food restaurants will help your family catch on to your boycott. Most importantly, you have to educate your loved ones on why fast food is bad and should not be a part of their lives. Here are the reasons:

1) Fast food is high in saturated fats (bad artery clogging fats).

2) Fast foods are higher in calories (more than we need in a meal).

3) The raising, handling and processing of the meat is frightening.

4) Fast foods are not organic or naturally grown (GMO / Pesticides).

5) Fast foods have dyes, chemicals, artificial flavoring.

These are the 5 major issues with fast foods, but I could go on with how bad the white breads, sauces, American cheese and high fructose sugar are like killers for your system regardless of whether you choose the lower calorie options or not.

Fast Food Nation, I am writing this for you!

If you want to lose weight, maintain your weight and stop your loved ones from eating unhealthy; especially children at risk for obesity and obesity related diseases later in life, simply throw away those fast food coupons and you will be a step in the right direction for giving up fast food completely one day, too.

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