Skinny Fiber Small Business Saturday | Buy, Sell, Save!

Skinny Fiber Small Business Saturday Specials. One of a kind cash back rebate deals for new Skinny Fiber Distributors and New Customers.

Small Business Saturday is the day where we support small businesses in the United States; their potential as well as their valuable place in each community. It is a rather new holiday that has only been around since 2010 and is celebrated the last Saturday of each November which is the day after Thanksgiving --- TODAY!

If you already know that you would like to Sell Skinny Fiber or Buy Skinny Fiber, I invite you to become a member with me this Small Business Saturday. The red section below shows how you can support without buying. There are also Small Business Saturday specials (Buy 2 Get 1 Free and Buy 3 Get 3 Free) posted on the company website where you can save on Skinny Fiber today! Plus, my family and I REALLY appreciate your support!

Skinny Fiber Distributor - Personal Experience

My personal Skinny Fiber business a.k.a. Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor business has been in effect since July 2012. I started as a customer with the intention to sell Skinny Fiber if the weight loss product worked for me. I was about 100 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight and Skinny Fiber helped me lose a great portion of this post pregnancy weight. I gradually progressed with this company to become a Gold and Platinum Leader. It took a while for me to learn how to start, manage and build my Skinny Fiber business. The rewards have been incredible.

READ MORE about my experience as a Skinny Fiber Distributor!

I hope it encourages you to consider joining the many small business owners in the world by starting your own Skinny Fiber business. If you are not interested in starting a business though want to help supportmy Skinny Fiber business, any one of the following would be very much appreciated:

1) Click the SHARE buttons on the left hand side of the page each time you read and enjoy a post on this blog (starting with this Small Business Saturday post please).

2) Join my Facebook, Twitter and / or Google+ pages and follow along as often as you can. Click the SHARE, LIKE, RETWEET or +1 on the recipes, health and weight loss tips that you like or think would help one of your friends.

3) Buy Skinny Fiber from me if you need to lose weight or want to help a friend or family member that needs to lose weight. We have a 90 Day Challenge to help people stay focused and help with weight loss support.

4) Send the link to this page to a family member or friend,  so that they can learn more about Skinny Fiber and / or how to start a legitimate Skinny Fiber business to work from the comfort of home!

5) DONATE to help another mom start her small business with me. You can contact me directly if interested in supporting a single mom or someone who has the desire / potential, though not the capital to start a business right now. I will explain how you can help and send you verification of their start.

Thank you so much for helping my small business!

 - REBATE ON YOUR DISTRIBUTOR FREE (contact me for details).

 (will update on Monday).

Want to start your Skinny Fiber business with me?

If you’ve been watching and wanting to join me in this Skinny Fiber business, though scared that you can't do it or that it will be hard to learn how to make money with SBC, I encourage you to Sign Up today anyways and give it an honest try. It is a small business with thousands of people to support you, I believe in this company and anyone that tries it because I have experienced the potential for your success … I am very active each day and really will help you, too.

Don't be afraid to try and do whatever can help you!



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