Is Being Overweight Ruining Your Life?

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Is being overweight ruining your life? Maybe you are starting to notice differences on your own and want to get control of it. We all know that being overweight is going to affect our health, energy and lifestyle quite a lot over time. It is drilled into our heads by the media, it is drilled into our heads by medical professionals and it is even mentioned time and time again by our friends and family. These are things you knew before becoming overweight. You don’t need another person giving their opinion on how likely it is that you are obese and at risk for getting certain diseases, so I won't go there. RIGHT NOW, lets look at weight gain completely different. Lets look at how being overweight can affect your life in other ways and see if they apply to you!

Is Being Overweight Hurting Your Finances?

Firstly, I want to point out the financial impact of being overweight. Have you noticed that it feels like your money goes more quickly these days? I am not talking about bills and such. We all know the economy has taken it's toll and made life adjustments over the years, but is being overweight making you spend more in certain areas than you're used to ... like food, clothing, weight loss programs, etc?

It is no secret that the more bad foods you eat, the more at risk you are for becoming ‘addicted’ to food. The more addicted to food you are, the more you need to consume. This can have quite an effect on your financial situation … particularly if you are addicted to those hideous sugary foods, chain and fast food restaurants (blah!). Once you start to lose weight you will free up a lot of money that you spend on food (extra junk foods and going out to eat). This money can be spent on other things ...  better things for you. Think how much money a good home cooked meal will cost three times a day compared to buying a fast food meals, processed foods and snacks! Appetite control and moderation included in this thought, too. Processed foods and fatty foods are addictive; removing them from your diet and replacing with whole foods can actually provide proper nutrients and fiber that helps you eat less and spend less on certain foods. For example, an apple is a snack ... not a sandwich! A few donuts makes you hungry again and puts you at risk for gaining more weight faster than a smoothie. Think about how much money you have had to spend on larger clothes, furniture or whatever you have needed to accommodate your weight change.

Is Being Overweight Damaging Your Self-Esteem?

Next, it is likely that your self-esteem is impacted because you put on weight. You no longer feel as though you have the confidence to go out there and face the world. Your relationship is affected with your skinny friends because you don't want to be the fat one. You don't want to do any physical activities or even eat around coworkers (when you do, it is not the same as when you are alone). Your not dressing as stylish as you were before. Your intimate life is affected and you being depending on your loved one for things you normally do. You feel as though everybody is judging you (they aren't, but it certainly feels that way). Feeling like this is not good and definitely a sign that being overweight is ruining your life - YOU KNOW IT. You start to neglect the important things in your life: exercise, hanging with friends, sex, etc. In fact, poor self-esteem will lead to even more ‘out of control’ eating just to make you feel better. Poor self-esteem will cause a lot of problems such as depression, change in how you care for yourself, friends you keep, energy to play with kids, etc. You do not want to sink into depression. This is why you need to get confident about your body and you do that by committing to losing weight. You need to stop thinking everybody is judging you and do the things that help you lose weight. Making yourself go out and do things; especially exercise that will increase serotonin is an awesome start. If you are not comfortable with the weight that you are then take this as motivation to lose weight. Knowing that you are hurting yourself - your life - should be motivation for sure. If you cannot, then doing certain things offline can help you kick depression or even laziness in the butt. I have already mentioned exercise, but there are free weight loss groups, interest meet ups, nutritional programs, etc. for your to explore. Google for them in your area and pick which is best for you. Also, a nutritionist or therapist can help if you feel that you are too depressed to handle these changes on your own. There is nothing wrong with getting help and they are not allowed to tell anyone that you are their client - private and beneficial solutions for depression and weight gain.

Need more weight loss motivation? Add me as a friend and follow what I am doing in terms of which recipes, weight loss tips and healthy lifestyle changes I am applying, as well as the Christian and motivational images I share for you! This is a great start for when you are online :) Not because I am your authority on this subject, but because having that additional support can be helpful to you.
Is Being Overweight Hurting Your Life Socially?

Finally, is being overweight stopping you from doing the things that you love to do? Believe it or not, this happens at both spectrums of weight issues. Anorexia causes a person to be withdrawn and depressed because of how the lack of food and nutrients affect the body, as well as physiological and emotional issues. Being overweight can have the same social ramifications, too. Think about it ... Life may not be as dramatic as a complete withdrawal, but you may feel as though certain things that you thought were fun in the past are no longer fun things to do. In fact, you may not even be able to tackle them anymore. For example, you may not be as effective in sports. If you enjoyed amusement parks then you may find that you are unable to fit on the rides (weight restrictions are actually quite tough on the more thrilling rides). Maybe you don't like to go swimming or to the spa anymore. One of the most common is not wanting to go out with your skinny friends anymore because you feel embarrassed or self conscious. In short, you will not have as much fun. There is still plenty for you to do out there but as you put on weight you will find that there is less and less for you to do comfortably and therefore being overweight starts ruining your social life.

Weight Loss Helps Correct Issues

As you can see, being overweight has a major impact on your life that go beyond the ‘health’ aspects. This should go to show that there is more than one reason as to why you should attempt to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes to make sure that you don't gain it back. You really do not realize just how much freedom you have lost until you start to lose weight again ... each pound lost brings better realization of how much better things and how being overweight ruins your life.

Need help getting started with this? Join us at Weight Loss Support Online and start learning how to take control in many areas that are affected in your life.

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