She Lost 50 Pounds w/ Skinny Fiber & Keeping It Off

She lost 50 pounds with Skinny Fiber; from 220 pounds to 170 pounds and is keeping the weight off!

My friend E'dee has done an amazing job at losing weight with Skinny Fiber and KEEPING it off, too!!! This is her weight loss testimonial:

"This is one of the toughest things I have done but I want to share this, I would like to share my weight loss Journey. In August of 2012 I had hit my heaviest weight ever at 220 lbs, I was very unhappy with the person I had become. I hated looking at myself in the mirror because when I did I didn’t know the person looking back at me. I had many different struggles going on in my life that lead to a lot of stress that lead to overeating, and being so depressed that all I did was lay in bed, and eat to try and make myself feel better, (it however did not) I had no desire to do anything. The things I loved to do didn’t matter to me, nothing mattered. Then one day In August 2012, I had a childhood friend come to visit, I had not seen her in years. I had known that she to had struggled with some weight issues as well. I was so surprised to see how well she was doing and to see the transformation she had made in her weight loss. Her and I sat and chatted for a bit and I asked her how she lost her weigh, as I had tried so many over the counter diet pills and nothing worked. I felt defeated each time I tried something, I spent countless of hundreds of dollars of diet pills. This is when she introduced me to Skinny Fiber. I have since lost 50 lbs and 64″, I went from wearing a size 16/18 pants to a size 8, and wearing XL/XXL to wearing a L. I feel so much better, I am no longer taking high blood pressure medicine and I no longer have to take diabetic medication as well. I Finally have my life back." ~ E'dee

What Exactly Is Skinny Fiber & How Did It Help?

Learn more about this all natural weight loss supplement and how the ingredients work for appetite control, natural energy, proper digestion and more. Visit the WHAT IS SKINNY FIBER page on this blog!

Here's to YOUR weight loss success!

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