May Fitness Challenge - 10,000 Steps A Day + Strength Training

May Fitness Challenge with Lea Hunt. 10,000 Steps A Day and Tank Top Arms Strength Training @ Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Support.

As promised, we are kicking off the month with a new fitness challenge ...

Our May Fitness Challenge is two fold: The first part embraces a 10,000 Steps A Day goal as discussed in our weight loss support group. Strength Training is the second part of our fitness challenge. Between the cardio from the 10,000 steps a day and the strength training workouts, we are going to to turn our bodies in to toned, fat burning, machines as muscle building goes hand in hand with your weight loss, fitness and health goals.


Please check with your doctor before joining in the May Fitness Challenge, and make sure to stretch before and after each workout! Enjoy and Check In each week at our group!


May Fitness Challenge - How To Get Started!

PART 1 - 10,000 STEPS A DAY

It is said that most people walk 1000 steps (sedentary) to 5000 steps (moderately active) a day with 2000 to 3000 steps a day being the average. That would be a mile or two depending on how brisk you walk, jog or run and how long your walking stride. This would mean that 10,000 steps would equal to about 4 to 5 miles depending on your height, speed and the length of your steps. You can use this info as an estimate for how many steps while exercising until you get a pedometer or fitness tracker (see information below).

Our fitness and health goals:

  • The goal of the May Fitness Challenge is to see how many steps you currently walk, jog or run and improve upon that each day / week until you are at 10,000 steps or more daily. Our group is going to keep track of steps with a pedometer, fitness tracker or mobile app and share the results weekly in our weight loss support group (Click this link and login to Facebook. Click JOIN on the group page) and also add me as a friend at Facebook to follow along there, too.

  • You can record your steps at the end of the day on a calendar (manually) or by using an app that pulls that info from your fitness tracker - or you manual enter it. Check in at our weight loss support group once a week (Fridays are check in days and I will announce random winner on Sunday) to share your steps for the week and any other progress you feel comfortable sharing.

  • We are going to wear fitness shoes to protect our bodies and feet.

  • We are going to wear comfortable clothing each day because ill fitting clothes cause stress to the body.

  • We are going to be consistent in tracking and doing this each day, and completely honest.

  • All daily activities and workout types will count, but WALKING is the basic / standard for tracking, so don't stress yourself out if just getting started in working out again. You don't have to do advanced workouts - or - if you are more experienced, log in more than 10k steps a day!

  • You will need hand weights. One, two, three, four or five pound weights are plenty. You don't want them too heavy unless you have exceeded these weights. Just start low and work your way up because our focus is on more REPS not more weight. You can actually use food cans or water bottles if you don't have hand weights.

  • Most importantly, we need to eat healthy and drink water (1/2 our weight in ounces of water) each day to achieve weight loss, too!


The second part of this challenge is to include strength training - at least 3 times a week - to build muscle, tone and become a fat burning babe. You will get your cardiovascular workout from walking, running or other activities you do. You can do the strength training with the free videos I share with you --- you can weight train at the gym / class --- you can strength train or do yoga through a DVD at home --- Just as long as you include this as part of your May Fitness Challenge. Here are a few that I found for tank top arms and done standing (Make sure to stretch your muscles for a few minutes before starting your upper body workout).



What Do I Need For The 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge?

Comfortable Pair of Shoes - Preferably New & Specific

Two things you may not know is that fitness shoes break down every couple of months (even if they still look new) and fitness shoes should be specific to workouts. If you wear your shoes often, then you should invest in a new pair every 3 to 4 months. You should buy the type of shoes appropriate for the type of exercise(s) you do and your gym shoes should be worn for workouts only. For example, if you take Zumba, the shoes you wear for Zumba should not be the shoes you wear all day every day. The shoes you wear for Spinning class should be specific to that class; you take them off when you are done and put on your daily walking shoes.  In the case of 10,000 STEPS A DAY, you are going to wear your shoes all day long unless you are at a more advanced fitness level where you are going to run 5 miles or more at one time. With this in mind, you need to invest in a new pair of walking shoes, running shoes or cross trainers.  I know this can become expensive to buy a new pair of fitness shoes every couple of months, but is best because the fitness shoes should provide proper support and do not after a couple of months of continual usage because they break down inside. If this poses a strain on your budget, go to Payless, Walmart, shop sales or frequent your favorite discount outlet to find the best deal on a well fitted pair of walking shoes, running or cross trainers.  *** The alternative is to buy knitted ankle supports and / or new supportive shoe inserts until you can buy the shoes you want! ***

Clothing - Wear More Comfortable Clothing

Whether for work or workout, you need to be super conscious of the comfort of your clothing. Ill-fitting clothes actually cause stress that can affect weight loss and sleep. Keep it cute, light weight and fashionable for work, travel and daily activities, but COMFORT is key!

Pedometer , Fitness Tracker or Phone App

You are going to need to track your steps by using a pedometer, fitness tracker or phone app. Since you will need to track steps throughout the day, it is recommended not to use the phone app unless you are able to have your phone in hand or strapped to you all day, and it is an app that tracks accurately. It is easier to use a wearable pedometer or fitness tracker. *** If you don't have a pedometer or fitness tracker TODAY, just use your phone app or estimate how many steps you've taken based on the chart below until you get one, but keep in mind the chart is on average size so if you are overweight you may take less steps per minutes. On the other hand and on a more positive note, if you are overweight and walk briskly, you may burn more calories per active time than someone that is at ideal weight. Still, it is best to have a pedometer or fitness device that tracks heart rate, steps, miles, calories ...

Just keep these details in mind while choosing a fitness tracker, pedometer or app:

Check the Official Company Websites as well as Review Sites:
- Accuracy is one of the most important details when buying a pedometer, fitness tracker or using a phone app to track fitness. Look at the reviews to determine how accurate the pedometer, phone appp or fitness tracker is because that is most important. Use sites like Amazon, Walmart or Google searches to find the reviews (looking at the lowest as well as the highest), to determine the effectiveness of the tool. Do this even if you are comparing the pedometer, fitness tracker or app on their "official" sites.

Battery Type and Life
- Does it need recharged or does it use a battery? How long does it last. This is extremely important when choosing which fitness tracker is best for you especially since you are tracking all day.

Does it track heart rate, calories, distance, steps. etc.
- The more it does, the better you are going to learn how active you are and how to improve, as well as to keep yourself in a healthy heart range. Since interval walking can be highly effective for weight loss, having a heart tracker can help with achieving balance while interval walking.

Is it water resistant, waterproof or just splash safe?
- This would make a difference for those who will walk / run in the rain - or - just in daily activity where you may not have time to take a wrist tracker off like washing hands, doing dishes, getting caught in the rain, etc. Water Resistant would work in the shower, washing hands, etc. Being completely waterproof is extremely important if you like to swim or plan to do some water fitness to break up the walking, though still want to accurately track while in the water. Splash Resistant provides less protection on a daily basis.

Some other features that you might find important:
- Does it measure your sleep time and quality of sleep?
- Is it as light or heavy as you feel comfortable?
- Does it come in your preferred color?
- Which tracking app / software does it integrate with? Some us their own and some use myfitnesspal or other common services.
Accurate Pedometers & Best Fitness Trackers
Instead of cluttering this post with all of the options available, please click the links below to research which type of fitness tracker is best for your budget and needs.

Best Pedometers & Trackers by Customer Reviews

2015 Top Fitness Trackers Reviews & Suggestion

Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers For Swimmers
Ready To Get Started? 3 More Important Details!
Here are 3 more tips before you commit to get more fit:

Some people struggle with their weight because they are not active enough, others struggle with overeating, health issues, etc. If you struggle with your weight because of overeating or health issues, please feel free to JOIN US in the 90 DAY CHALLENGE, too.

It is is a weight loss program using All Natural Skinny Fiber, Tracking & Weekly Support. You can use any diet plan or exercise choice!

Some of the fitness tracking devices have their own software and / or integrate with free online services. You are welcome to track there instead of using a calendar or notebook for recording your daily steps and whether you did strength training.

I will include weekly prizes for group member that participate in the challenge and check in each week (selected at random). You can put it towards a new pair of exercise shoes, pedometer, fitness tracker, bottle of Skinny Fiber, bottle of Ageless or whatever you choose. All current group members can participate or not because is it not mandatory. I do reserve the right to approve or disapprove new members because this open to my customers, followers and personal distributors, but no one with conflicting business interests. I do hope you understand. If not, contact me with questions.

OK, that's it. You have the challenge info to get started.

Please make sure to click the share buttons to give this article to people you care about, so they can learn some other ways to manage their stress, too!

I am looking forward to enjoying this May Fitness Challenge with you.

Your Friend,



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