Winners Of The 10,000 Steps & Strength Training Fitness Challenge

Here's a list of the winners from the 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge w/ Strength Training. Several of the participants kept up for the whole challenge and it was fun! Of course the prizes and weight loss goals were awesome incentives to stay on track through the four weeks. I hope that everyone continued to step away throughout the month of June, too. I am planning for another fitness challenge soon, so make sure to subscribe to this blog using the form on the right hand side of the page. Scroll down to see the box and enter your info!

Winners For The 10K Steps A Day Challenge!

As previously mentioned, all of the 10,000 Steps A Day challenge winners were randomly selected as seen in the first blog post w/ our week 1 winner. The prizes were either a bottle of Skinny Fiber, a bottle of Ageless Anti-Aging Serum or a $30 Amazon Gift Card. The members checked in each week by posting their stats in our Weight Loss Group. My toddler helped select a winner each week except for the one where he did not feel cooperative :)

Here are the pictures with the challenge winner's names and prizes selected:

Week 1 winner for the 10,000 Steps A Day Fitness Challenge!
JOAN W was the winner for week 1. She had already ordered her Skinny Fiber, therefore chose to have a bottle of our other product - Ageless Anti-Aging Serum - as her prize! Joan excitedly reached her 10,000 steps a day goal!

Week 2 winner for the 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge
KARLA K won the fitness challenge on week 2 and chose an Amazon gift card as her prize, so that she could buy compression socks for running (great choice, right?) since she had already ordered and taking Skinny Fiber before we started the challenge.

3rd week winner for the strength training and 10k steps challenge.
KRISTY B was our week 3 winner. She has been working on her weight loss for quite a while now and is almost at her goal weight (Very proud of her! She such an inspiration.). Kristy chose the Amazon gift card as her prize to buy a mat or resistant bands to help increase her strength training! FYI: Kristy exceeded 10,000 steps a day consistently throughout the challenge.

Winner for week 4 was Kristy!
KARLA K won again on week 4 - Lucky Girl! She chose the Amazon gift card and mentioned that she was up to an impressive 20,000 steps a day by week 4.

I want to extend a HUGE CONGRATS to everyone who participated in the 10,000 Steps A Day Challenge and did their Strength Training at least 3 times a week. You are all winners to our weight loss support group family! Thank you so much for participating ...

Also, a shout out to my little guy for helping with the challenge! It was a learning experience for him and rewarding to us as a family for him to learn the importance of what I do to help people AND in his striving for at least 10,000 steps a day with me :) He did at least a mile each time and then rode in his stroller while I walked, so I am extremely proud of him.

Why Fitness Challenges Are Important To Us

Although many people take Skinny Fiber and lose weight without working out at all, I ALWAYS ENCOURAGE customers and weight loss support group to exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise helps with weight loss, muscles, body toning, cardiovascular health, mood, energy, aging and so much more. It really is a necessity in our lives regardless of where we are at in our weight loss and / or health journey. It should become a consistent healthy lifestyle change during and after your weight loss challenge!

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Here's To Your Weight Loss Success!!!

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