Plank Exercises - Videos for Modified, Basic, Elbow & Side Planks

Want a full body workout in just a few seconds? How about tightening up your core / mid section without having to do crunches and use ab weight machines all of the time? These are the main benefits of plank exercises, so check out the videos below to learn more:

Traditional Plank - How To Do The Perfect Plank

This is how to do the perfect forearm plank (easier). She makes it look simple? Meanwhile, this bent arm plank becomes just as challenging as any other as time goes on.

This is the perfect straight arm plank. Similar to push up formation except you just hold the position for the designated amount of seconds or minutes.

Plank w/ Knees Down VS Regular Hover Plank

These two videos show modified plank styles where your arms are half down as normal, but your knees are down to make it a little easier on you. 1/2 way through both videos shows the second plank options where the legs are straight and the feet on the toes like a traditional plank.

Side Plank Options
Side planking is much more challenging and fun. Here are some examples:

Side Plank w/ One Knee Down

Side Plank On Toes

There are so many different ways to plank from these main formats. You can lift arms and legs in rotation, open and close your legs like jumping jacks, reverse your body, use a ball, etc. However you choose to plank, just use correct form and stick with it for strength and toning.

Plank Exercises. Traditional, Modified & Side Plank Poses

Plank Challenge / Exercise Routine

Fitness challenges are part of the fun in our weight loss support group. Make sure to click the JOIN button to be a part of that community. You can also find healthy recipes, tips and get support as you need it. Planks challenges are one of our favorites and often include giveaways to make it more enjoyable --- so don't miss out!!!! You can also CLICK HERE for fitness challenges posted on this blog. If there is not a current one, go back and do one of the previous challenges!

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