Madhu's Results - Skinny Fiber & Weight Loss After Pregnancy

The the following written testimonial and weight loss pictures are from my friend Madhu. She had a special request that I express courier Skinny Fiber because of postal delivery issues in her country. I was really nervous about doing this because the cost was high for her and I could not guarantee that she would get the delivery. Regardless, Madhu believed in Skinny Fiber and me so much that she was determined to try it. How wonderful she did because look at her Skinny Fiber Results!!! She went from struggling with weight loss after pregnancy to tons of inches and weight loss results. If you are struggling with losing the baby weight, then please let her testimonial be inspiration to you!

Skinny Body Max or Skinny Fiber can help with weight loss after pregnancy. Join the 90 Day Challenge and see for yourself!

Skinny Fiber Results Weight Loss After Pregnancy

In her own words:

"Hi Lea, the first pic of mine is after 3 months of my delivery i.e april 2014. I was 80 kg at that time. After one year I come to know about Skinny Fibers through Facebook. I just ordered Skinny Fiber and I was 76 kg when I started the course. I had taken 90 days challenge. September 2015 to till now i am regularly taking Skinny Fiber with lots of water and now I lost approximately 10 kg now I'm 65 kg. So happy and a big thanks to Lea Hunt who send me Skinny Fiber through courier." ~Madhu

 for us in the United States. This is a huge accomplishment because she had been trying to lose weight for a year after having her baby. I am really proud of her because weight loss after pregnancy is hard!!! Skinny Fiber made it easier for her, but she still had to do her part!

Doesn't she look wonderful? Madhu lost 10 kg with Skinny Fiber which equals 22 pounds in the United States.  She feels incredible and is working towards losing a bit more, so please comment below to congratulate Madhu and encourage her on her last few pounds!
Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Max for Weight Loss After Pregnancy. Having a baby shouldn't be your excuse. Accomplish your weight los goals!

Losing Weight After Pregnancy w/ Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max & HiBurn8 Nighttime Weight Loss Formula

Weight loss after pregnancy is a struggle for most women. I had this problem after each of my children were born; especially after my 3rd child despite breastfeeding and trying to eat healthy. It was really frustrating ... If you are struggling to lose your baby fat, take a minute to learn more about our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge and products:

Skinny Fiber (original formula):

Skinny Body Max (enhanced formula with prebiotic, probiotics, etc):

Here are details on the 90 Day Challenge and where you can register:

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME if you have any questions.

You can also check out some throwback and current testimonials on my Facebook page at:



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