Day 16 - Lower Blood Pressure & Some Weight Loss - Skinny Fiber

Day 16 of my 90 day challenge using Skinny Fiber Pills. This is my Weight Loss Journal
(My bottle of Skinny Fiber Pills - Vegetable Capsules)

Day 16 - Skinny Fiber 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I am excited to share that I had some progress in the first 2 weeks of my 90 day challenge! WOO HOO!!! This is much more than I was doing on my own last month.

I am now 16 days into my 90 day weight loss challenge and using Skinny Fiber Pills to help with appetite control. Yesterday, my husband made me take my blood pressure and do a weigh in. I was SO surprised by the results; I lost 12 pounds and 7 inches total (2 in the bust and 5 in the waste). 12 pounds might not seem like a lot for people expecting more from Skinny Fiber, but it was a lot to me. In fact, 12 pounds is the size of a small turkey ...

I've lost a small turkey so far ... LOL :)

Considering that it was 12 pounds in 2 weeks, this was great to me and more than I lost before starting the Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Challenge. All I did was take the pills each day, drink at least 8 ounces of water, decreased my intake of bread and attended 3 low impact aerobics classes.

The following is a copy of my 2 week testimonial in our Facebook group.

"I'm popping in to share some good news ... I have been with this company since 7/15 and have been taking my Skinny Fiber since about the 18th or 19th ... Anyways, my husband bought me a blood pressure machine before I got started because my blood pressure was horrible during and after having the baby. So, I was in Stage 1 hyper when I started my Skinny Pills - with my last reading at 128 / 90 / 80 - I am now in Stage PRE with my reading at 126 / 80 / 80. I am also down 12 pounds, 2 inches from chest and 5 from belly (I did not know to measure all body until I saw Wendy's 90 day posts, so I will have to update the rest later). Anyways, I am really happy with this product. With other supplements I tried, I had asthma, increased blood pressure, dehydration and I have not had ANY side effects with Skinny Fiber." ~ Lea Hunt

The following are pictures of my blood pressure machine results. I noticed that I made a mistake in the figures I posted in the testimonials. I was actually lower than I recollected off the top of my head :)

Blood pressure Lower After Taking Skinny Fiber.
(This picture was taken during my lunch break on 7/20/2012; a day after I got my blood pressure machine)

Skinny Fiber & Hig Blood Pressure
(This picture was taken at lunch time on 8/2/2012 15 days after taking skinny fiber.

* I am sorry that the dates are off on the machine because I never took the time to set them. I did not know that I would take pictures like this and need to post the correct dates as validation. Regardless, God be my witness (and my family), that all info posted here is true. On the other hand, if you do not believe me, here is the Walgreens receipt from when my husband bought the Blood Pressure machine from Walgreens :)

Is it safe to take Skinny Fiber with High Blood Pressure?
(Copy of the receipt from 7/19/2012 when my husband bought me the blood pressure machine).

My next goal is to learn how to adjust the dates on this machine and check my blood pressure more often. I know that I need to but it is such a pain (kind of like HAVING to exercise). I get busy and forget ... Plus, my husband and teen son are "all up in the biz" when I do anything like this ... UGG!

OK, so I will post more about my weight loss results as time progresses. I sure hope to continue losing  weight over the next few weeks.

Over all ... I am really happy that Skinny Fiber does not cause side effects like Adipex or Phentermine would have on my blood pressure. Plus, the 90 day challenge is making me more conscious of what I am eating and how active, or not, I am in a day.

Hugs & Blessings!


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