Portion Control & My Big Fat Greek Appetite

I love Greek and Mediterranean food, and I am not talking about all of those articles you read about the healthy Mediterranean diet. I like "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" ... In fact, I am an ethnic "foodie" for sure. I love the way they prepare meats and vegetables, though have not been successful at duplicating most.  This makes any kind of food a challenge for weight management when you are not quite sure how the food is made. It's not like we have the resources and time to look recipes up each time we eat out.

I often wonder how many adjustments and improvisions are made in the USA, due to western conveniences, opposed to how a dish would have been created in a particular country. For example, 1) preservatives and fillers in available ingredients 2) chemicals in salad dressings and sauces; 3) the fact that a restaurant might not use the same oils, spices or techniques because it is less expensive to cook with a western ingredient opposed to imported goods.

Have you ever thought that? That the ethnic foods you're eating may not taste like that at all in their country of origin? I personally could eat Greek food every day. I know this from growing up eating from restaurants and in the homes of Greek friends. The same goes for Italian, though not Asian cuisine (which I could also live on as long as it does not have MSG and are authentic dishes).

I have started making my own hummus or just eating the chick peas, spinich, garlic, lemon w/ out the tahini; opposed to buying store bought hummus. Going to a Mediterranean food restaurant does not always mean that I am getting fresh hummus as a lot used pre-made / prepackages foods just like the American cuisine restaurants. Plus, I tend to pay an arm and leg to eat Mediterranean food out because good restaurants are more pricey, and we try a little from a bunch of different dishes ... dessert included in the Mediterranean meal.

My point here being that I am learning how to cook the other ethnic and Mediterranean foods for myself. This way, I know that is is made according to the traditional recipes and that I can control the portion sizes and ingredients myself. If you like to cook and are concerned about what goes into your body, you may want to transition this route, too. My body is very sensitive to the amount of MSG (which is not good for us) in Chinese food, but I LUV eating it so much. I am trying to learn how to make Mu Shu taste the way it does in a restaurant.

If you are an Organic, Mediterranean or Asian food blogger, I would sure love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave your information in the comment section below.

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Here's to YOUR weight loss success!

Hugs & Blessings!


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