May 2013 Fitness Challenge - Contest & Giveaways

May 2013 Fitness Contest Virtual Exercise Challenge courtesy of Florida Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor

Summer is right around the corner and many of us need some motivation to start getting fit and skinny ... Now is a great time for a contest and giveaway (A few from the company and one from us)!

So, my husband and I are sponsoring a Fitness challenge for all of our subscribers, group and page members. We are also hosting a 90 Day Challenge giveaway for Bonus and Premier customers that choose the Preferred option (this is in addition to the FREE AGELESS and 90 Day Challenge prizes).

If you are 18+ years old - subscribed and verified by email to this blog (click here) and a member of our Facebook page, you are eligible for one or both of the following offers. My existing non-preferred customers can qualify -  Both of the GIVEAWAY and CONTEST details are stated below!

UPDATE * Make sure to verify your email address when you subscribe to this blog or it does not count. Do this by logging into your email and clicking on the verification link.


Everyone that completes in the FITNESS challenge (starting May 3rd and running to May 31st for those who start a little late - up until May 11th will work) and checks in each day will get entered to win a free bottle of Skinny Fiber, so you can start the 90 challenge with us - winner announced at the end of the month before the next challenge).

You can join this fitness challenge and qualify for an entry in this fitness contest by clicking this SUBSCRIBE link for blog updates. To get started in the actual challenge you must be a member at Facebook page: Don't forget to check it each day at either one of the pages.

* If you start the challenge at Facebook, then you need to check in there each day. If you start the challenge at Google+ then you need to check in there --- be a member following either one of those pages and subscribed to this blog for updates.

Get skinny w/ Lea and Coby! Join the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge to win prizes, free gift of Ageless Anti-Aging and fitness bonus from us!


Everyone that joins the 90 Day Challenge w/ BUY 2 GET 1 - or - BUY 3 GET 3 packages and JOINING AS a preferred customer (tick the check box while ordering) our company will give you a FREE bottle of Ageless Anti-Aging Serum with your first order (remember, you have to tick the Preferred Customer box to qualify) and remain Preferred Customer, you will receive a special fitness bundle personally from my husband and me.

UPDATE * Please make sure to use the same email address for both your subscription to this blog and when you place your Skinny Fiber order, so that we can track correctly!

Special Fitness Bundle will include DVD combo w/ rockin' health / fitness supplies to keep you on track and put your fat burning on fire if you use them (a beautiful gift package that you can either keep for yourself or give to another person as encouragement to start their fitness challenge with you).

Why just these 2 packages? Because we want you to commit to the 90 Days or more if you need it. It takes about a month for your body to get used to detoxing and taking Skinny Fiber, so you really do need the 90 days to do a good challenge --- This is a good start for those who have a lot to lose. Plus, you can have a family member or friend do this with you .... A weight loss and fitness buddy helps a lot.

ADDITIONALLY, if you login to your 90 Day Challenge site and do what is instructed for participating in the SBC 90 Day Challenge, you can win an awesome 90 Challenge T-shirt and Certificate of completion  from our company. Plus, 3 people will win a chance for $1,000 cash! * Our special fitness bundle giveaway portion goes until May 31st. ** The company Preferred Customer special for the ageless goes as long as it is available and 90 day challenge prizes is according to their ongoing terms.

You can join the 90 Day Challenge by clicking the link on this page:

*** No current SBC distributors or competitive direct sales companies or weight loss / challenge affiliates may participate. No current customers may participate unless they are already a non-preferred customer with us.

*** One entry per person, per email address, per network, per household per the duration of the contest / giveaway periods. Any entries in excess of per person, per email address, per network, per household will be void. All entries will become the property of the sponsored and will not be acknowledged or returned. (In other words anyone trying to cheat the terms will disqualify completely anyone participating honestly will qualify.)

Welcome to either challenge. I will be praying for all of us to do well and stick to our health goals. It is my husband, my and our company's goal to help more people become the healthier person that you desire to be. Be it just to detox, get more active and lose a few pounds - or - to start fighting obesity with all natural, healthy, active, clean food, healthy lifestyle changes, it is our passion to do this with you, and support you along the way.

BTW, we do have a special weight loss group for everyone:

We also have a private invite only support group for customers of the 90 Day Challenge program that would like to work directly with us while doing their challenge.

Much love and happiness to all of you,


  1. I love this product lea, one does have to drink lot's of water with it though to start seeing results!

  2. Thank you, Brigitte :) Yes, a lot of water or green tea. We post recipes for infused waters and such to teach customers how they can break it up with some flavor and real vitamin water :)

  3. What do you mean by "recipes for infused waters"?


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