May 6 - 12, 2013 - Weight Loss Goals & Summary

What are your weight loss goals for the week of May 6 to 12, 2013?

MAY 6 - 12, 2013 GOALS & Last Week's Summary

I have been posting my weekly weight loss goals in our private weight loss group, and decided to start posting them on this blog so that you can benefit from and share your weight loss goals, too.

(I will back post the others, so that we have a full record here)

Anyways, I actually forgot to post last weeks, so I am getting back on track.

The truth of the matter is that I ended up eating OFF last week, too. I did eat a lot of fresh veges, but not as many fruits or juicing as I normally do. I had a HUGE burger last week, some chocolate chips and chimichanga one day, too. I still lost 2 pounds more and that has to be because I exercised a bit.

It makes me wonder if I would have lost more had I not hit my body with harder to digest foods and less fruits ... I also forgot to take my weight loss supplement twice last week (so busy that I actually forgot - YIKES) and I am so appreciative that my husband was helping me stay on track with not skipping. It is nice to know that I still lost weight, but I am kind of bumming because my body does not get the full fiber and detoxing it needs without taking my weight loss supplement right and proper amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, so I'm on it this week by scheduling the dose times for the same time each day.

Anyways, here are my goals for this week.
Please feel free to share yours, too.

- Remember to take my weight loss supplement 2 times a day.

- Drink at least 64 oz of water
(water foods like watermelon, tea, etc, count)

- Eat breakfast no matter how busy or stressed.

- Go meatless this Monday (#meatlessmonday)

- Eat more raw fruits and lean meats this week.

- Do the fitness challenge from our Facebook page.

- Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

- Juice a at least once this week (mean green drink).

- One smoothie a day for breakfast.

- Try at least 1 raw food recipe this week.

OK, these are my weight loss goals for this week. They are similar to other week's plans, but with more focus on the basics because I only did 3 days of the fitness challenge at Facebook and Google+ (Join us if you would like! You have until 5/11 to get started - just scroll down to Day 1 and start there), one day on the tread mill and about 2 hours gardening when I wanted to do 30 minutes a day last week.

What are your weight loss goals for this week?

It can help you and others to share them :)

Have a beautiful and healthy week!

Your Friend,


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