12 Week Fitness Challenge | 2013 Holiday Season - Lose Weight

"If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got."

Lose Weight By 2013 Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, 2014 New year

With the 2013 holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time as any to GET FIT and LOSE WEIGHT and become more fit before the end of the year. We have 108 days until Thanksgiving & Hanukkah, 134 days until Xmas and 141 days until New Years Day. The goal is to NOT make another New Years Resolution to lose weight, go to the gym, get more fit!!! This has failed you each year and it just does not make sense to do it again! It is like the yo yo of disappointing yourself which is just as bad as the yo yo dieting you do each year.

Have a more rewarding New Years Resolution this year. For example:

* Help other people lose weight with what worked for me ...

* Make an extra $1000+ a month in my free time ...

* Volunteer with a local organization ...

* Run for more than 20 minutes each day ...

* Make more family time by committing to one activity a week ...

OK, you get the point by now, right?

The goal is for ANYTHING BUT WEIGHT LOSS as your 2014 New Years Resolution, ok???

You failed this weight loss goal every year but in the next 12 weeks you are going to do something about it. This year you are going to start the 2013 holiday season having lost weight and in better shape than you imagined last New Years Day!!! It will just take your commitment to do it and you have everyone at our Facebook page AND ME to support you!!!

How To Join The 12 Week Fitness Challenge

1) LIKE our Facebook page

2) Look for the current day's Fitness Challenge LIKE and / or COMMENT that you are participating.

3) Check in each day by clicking LIKE or COMMENT to do the challenge, get the additional healthy lifestyle tips that apply to the challenge (goals on each post) and all other page posts fitness challenge and healthy lifestyle related..

4) Commit to stick out the 12 weeks - INVITE friends so they can help keep you motivated!

5) Please SHARE the challenges and / or helpful posts to your wall.

Here's the "real deal" my friend ...

As the host of this fitness challenge, I can only motivate and provide you with the healthy lifestyle, weight loss and fitness information! Understand what I mean??? You live over there and I live over here, therefore I am not there to make you accountable --- YOU need to do that for you - OR - you need to INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to do this 12 week Fitness Challenge with you!!!

How To Invite Friends To The Fitness Challenge

Inviting friends to the Fitness Challenge is easy!

1) You can SEND THE LINK to this blog post by copy / paste
(or click the little email icon below).

2) You can click the REFER BUTTON at the top of our Facebook page!

3) You can click the SHARE link on the actually fitness challenge post.

If you are with me in this 12 week fitness challenge? Then make sure to follow the instructions on how to get started over at Facebook where I am hosting the challenge.

The sooner you get started ... The more YOU will benefit!!!

Additionally, if you are REALLY trying to lose weight and get in shape before the holidays, make sure to sign up for the Weight Loss Challenge, too. This way you will not feel deprived while making the clean eating changes you will start making and can track weight and measurements online, learn more, have fun and win prizes from the company (WOO HOO!!!)

Here's to getting our healthiest before 2014!!!

Your Friend,


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