How To Measure Inches For Weight Loss / Fitness

This body measurement video shows how to measure inches for the bust, waist, hip, arm and thigh areas. Knowing how to measure inches is important for any weight loss and / or fitness challenge that you do. Although body builders or people trying to gain weight, will measure inches gained ... Most of us will take starting measurement in an effort to lose inches and weight during the next 12 weeks or 90 day challenge.

Make sure to write down your inches each time you take body measurements, so that you can compare to the previous measurements each time - OR - login to your 90 Day Challenge website to enter your weight and inches in your private account!

How To Measure Bust Inches

Hold the tape measure flat across your back.

(One end of the tape measure in one hand and the other side in your other hand with arms out because it it behind your back.

Bring the two sides together across your nipple area to see bust measurement.

(The long part of the tape measure is smooth along your back and the front two sides you are putting together with each hand to obtain your bust inches.)

How To Measure Waist Inches

Stretch the tape measure and position behind your lower back. You are going to measure your waist at the belly button area.

(One end of the tape measure in one hand and the other side in your other hand with the tape measure sitting smoothly across lower back.)

Bring your two hands together at the belly button. Adjust the tape measure so that the two ends meet in the middle at the belly button. 

(When the two ends come together, the one side is starting at 0 and meeting the other side at the number which would show your waist inches measurement.)

How To Measure Hip / Buttocks

Stretch the tape measure and position behind your buttocks / hip area at the juiciest part. 

(You may need to turn sideways so that you are measuring the largest area and not below or above that area.)

Bring your hands together to measure your hip inches. 

(One hand will hold the zero and that meets up with the other hand with the larger and accurate hip inches measurement.)

How To Measure Arm Inches

Measure arm inches by wrapping the tape measure along the largest area of the bicep and tricep.

* Make sure to measure both arms!

(You are measuring the fattest / thickest area towards the middle of your upper arms)

How To Measure Thigh Inches

Measure thighs by wrapping the tape measure around the thickest upper thigh area. Bring the tow side together and record the measurements.

* Measure both upper thighs!

You can also measure your lower thigh area about two inches above the knee.

* Measure both lower thighs!

How to measure inches for weight loss and exercise challenges.

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Lets get ready to shrink some inches!!!

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