Digestive Enzymes in Skinny Fiber & How Enzymes Work in Body

Enzymes are the hidden keys to how our digestive system works. Without a balance of the right enzymes working together to begin and assist the digestive process, even a perfect diet will not properly nourish our bodies. When it comes to sustained weight loss, the enzymes in Skinny Fiber are silent workers behind the scenes, controlling everything on a microscopic scale. Unfortunately, many people just don’t have the correct balance of natural enzymes that are needed to do this important work and this is why having enzymes in Skinny Fiber make it more than just a fiber pill or weight loss product. The combination of these Enzymes, Glucomannan, Caralluma and Cha De Burge are all Skinny Fiber Ingredients that make it work.

Skinny Fiber Enzymes: Amylase, Lipase, Glucomamylase, Protease, Papain, Bromelain, Cellulase. How digestive enzymes work!

Starch Digesting Enzymes

Amylase Enzyme

This Enzyme, along with Glucoamylase Enzyme, has the job of turning starch into sugar. It does this so effectively that the process often begins in your mouth, which is why starchy foods like rice and potato will sometimes taste a little sweet as you chew – the amylase enzymes in your saliva have already started the work of breaking down carbohydrates and turning them into sugar. It is the Amylase that converts starchy foods into a source of energy.

Glucoamylase Enzyme

This enzyme works as a team with Amylase to break down starch and turn it into the glucose your body needs. The molecules of the starches are constructed in layers. The Glucoamylase Enzyme attacks the starch molecules first, going at the outer layer. Once the inner layer is exposed, the Amylase can do its work and soon your body has a burst of pure glucose energy.

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Protein Digesting Enzymes

Protease Enzyme

Protease begins the process which breaks down proteins so that you can digest them. Proteins turn into glucose during the digestive process, so when you don’t have enough of the Protease Enzyme to properly break down the protein, it results in hypoglycemia, which is a serious condition, not conducive to healthy weight loss.

Papain Enzyme

This enzyme works alongside the Protease to further break down protein. It is actually a natural ingredient to many meat tenderizers because of its strong protein demolishing power. Derived from the papaya, this natural enzyme has been used in South America to tenderize tough meat for thousands of years.

Bromelain Enzyme

This is another enzyme useful in breaking down those tough protein fibers. It is derived from the pineapple and has also been used as an ingredient in meat tenderizer. What is unique about Bromelain Enzyme is its incredible efficacy as an anti-inflammatory and immune system booster. It has even been shown to be an effective and safe form of pain relief for osteoarthritis sufferers.

Other Important Enzymes For Fat and Plants

Lipase Enzyme

Lipase is the digestive enzyme responsible for digesting fat. If you’re concerned with weight loss, you may already be on a diet that is low in saturated fat. However, our bodies need fats, including the Omega 3 fatty acids, in order to function properly. With the right balance of Lipase and other enzymes, your body will process the fats and oils that you ingest and turn it into the nutrition that your body needs.

Cellulase Enzyme

Cellulose is the polysaccharide that is the main ingredient in the cell walls of plants. Human beings actually don’t have an enzyme naturally to break down this plant fiber so that it can be absorbed or used by the body, so it is typically expelled without being properly digested. Cellulase Enzyme helps your body break down the cellulose so that your body gets more of the nutrients it needs.

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Skinny Fiber Enzymes & Other Ingredients

There you have it! A complete breakdown of the digestive enzymes in Skinny Fiber and how each works in the body. Between the other ingredients and how the enzymes work, you can lose weight naturally as well as experience the other health benefits that weight loss results. 

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