A Fat Girl Dancing Videos & Self Love Campaign - Amazing or Not?

I have written in the past about how opposed I am to the Curvy Girl Initiative. I think that it is counter productive to the obesity epidemic that health professionals are working so hard to correct in this nation, as well as a damaging influence on our youth. It is not the self acceptance part that look down on, but that there appears to be more accommodations to the Plus Size pride than encouraging change of it. Regardless, when I came across this video of A Fat Girl Dancing and read her "No ((Body Shame)) Campaign" blog, I couldn't help but to admire Whitney Way Thore's newly found love of self and can relate to why the whole curvy girl presentation. In fact, there's a part of me that is proud of her and hopes that she's going to get down to a healthy weight with all of this dancing or at least inspire others to do so ... Her quote of choice really does clarify all: "The secret of how to live without resentment or embarrassment in a world in which I was different from everyone else was to be indifferent to that difference." ~ Al Capp.

What's The Big Deal About A Fat Girl Dancing?

Well, the obvious is that the average 350 pound woman does not make videos of herself doing elaborately choreographed dance routines. The average 350 pound woman is considered morbidly obese and struggles with wanting to do anything as physically challenging at all, so I think it's a HUGE deal is that Whitney Way Thore is dancing and blogging her way to a more confident and happy person. She's been bullied, humiliated, dealt with health issues and the same emotional roller coaster that most people go through during their weight gain. In this respect, she speaks miles in each video.  Not so much for the health benefits of dancing for fitness or that some other "fat girls" will be inspired to dance with her, but that all of the things she is in life (professionally trained dancer, intelligent, beautiful, etc.), she is acceptant that she is a "fat girl" (not curvy) and that's not an open invitation to disrespect her. No fat girl should have to go through the day being pointed at and laughed at just because of her size or demeaned by verbally abuse by men ...

Meanwhile, the reality is that if Whitney keeps this up, she's gonna end up a thin girl dancing with one heck of a testimony about how she got back in shape while showing the world how their prejudices and bullying can't break a fat girl.

If This Fat Girl Can Do It, So Can You!

Quite frankly, if she can do it ... so can any of us! I am not saying that everyone should start making dance videos to post on Youtube. I am just saying that if a 350 pound woman can decide one day to get up and dance her pain away, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot to get up and move everyday for a little while, too - Work your body out! Feel better about yourself and maybe even sexier as time goes on.

A Fat Girl Dancing Videos:
Here are some more Whitney Way's dance videos:

One of my favorite videos of Whitley Way and Todd dancing to Rolling In The Deep.

One of her alone dancing to Gasolina. She has awesome balance...




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