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Join our February Fitness Challenge at Facebook Skinny Fiber Wholesale Distributor page as we continue working on getting swimsuit ready by summer!

I just wanted to let you know that I have started the February Fitness Challenge on Facebook, so please stop by to get started or "catch up" for the day and everyday this month. This is a beginners challenge that you can do while participating in the Skinny Fiber Challenge or with what you are doing to improve your health right now. You are welcome to join us in this fitness challenge even if you are at a more advanced fitness level then the other participants. I have added squats for those who need a bit more of a challenge and you will be motivation for the others who are just getting started. The goal of the February Fitness Challenge is to continue working on our new year's resolution to lose weight, get fit and become more healthy ... with the motivational focus of getting more fit over the next few months and swimsuit ready by summer or spring break if that's your focus. There's just few more months to go ... so get busy!!!

Each morning I will post the February Fitness Challenge on these Facebook pages
(join us at which ever Facebook page you follow):



You might have to scroll down to find the post a if doing the challenge later in the day, but it will be there for you each day and get more challenging as we move forwards this month. Just make sure to LIKE or COMMENT on the fitness challenge daily to let us know when you've completed it. Please make sure to SHARE this information, so that others have the opportunity to join us.

Additionally, if you've been "sitting on the fence" about getting started with Skinny Fiber, now is as GREAT a time as any to get started in your weight loss challenge with me. You can Buy Skinny Fiber online and get a jump start on others who are waiting until summer gets here. You will get a free website with health and fitness tips, tracking tool and my personal support. Many people have had tremendous success in this program and without changing a thing, but most of us know that eating healthier and exercising is the key to our weight loss. Joining this fitness challenge while taking Skinny Fiber each day can certainly help make this easier for you; exercising daily is good for your body in general. Start working towards your weight loss goals as soon as possible, so that you are not feeling as self conscious and out of shape this summer. Isn't that what you planned as your 2014 goal? It is not too late to get started, but you have to make up your mind and do it.

Here's to your being consistent with your weight loss goals this February!

Hugs & Blessings!



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