Blessed, Healthy & Happy Easter To You

Happy Easter from Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Support
(We do let the kids have candy on Easter, but fill the basket up mostly w/ toys, books, etc., and sunflower seeds for the older son)

Wishing You A Blessed, Healthy & Happy Easter Day

Easter Blessings to you from our family to yours. Although this special day is in honor of the most high, there are still lots of sweet treats in homes today and more than likely a big Easter Dinner planned. ENJOY!!! Don't be too tough on yourself today, but try to stay on track with the healthy food options and take your Skinny Fiber to help control how much you're eating. If you eat more sweets than normal or more food in general, just make sure to get right back to your healthy eating and weight loss goals tomorrow; don't let splurging carry over to tomorrow / next week! Just keep in mind that our goal is to make changes that you can live with forever. Watching what you eat and how much you eat are just as much the key to your healthy lifestyle changes as exercise, sleeping well, keeping stress to a minimum, etc.

I send you this reminder with your health and happiness in mind.

Happy Easter Blessings to you my friend!




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