4th of July Weight Loss Tips & Motivation To Stay On Track!

Are you going to a 4th of July picnic tomorrow? Cooking ahead or pondering over the menu today??? Here are some quick 4th of July Weight Loss Tips for foods to eat and dieting tips, getting yourself motivated to stay on track with your weight loss goals. You know how it is when you have one bad day; you could be setting yourself up to ruin your progress the rest of the month. This is short and sweet, but will help to get you in the mindset for tomorrow!

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#1 Skinny Fiber On 4th Of July

This 1st tip is obviously for those of you taking Skinny Fiber. Please make sure to take your Skinny Fiber before you go to the picnic (or whatever your plans for the 4th of July) and even take them with you (in a pill container in your purse), so that you won't get off track. I know that sometimes you need to make your plate as soon as getting to the picnic. DO JUST THAT and sit it aside if it is not time for your Skinny Fiber and getting prepared to eat. For those who are new to Skinny Fiber, you need to take it at least 30 minutes before you eat your 2 largest meals of the day and with 8 to 16 ounces of water. DON'T FORGET, so that you have Skinny Fiber helping with appetite control, cravings, metabolism ... Stick with your weight loss challenge even on holidays!

#2 Healthy Food Choices / Don't Hang Near The Food

First of all, stay on track today while cooking ahead or just knowing that the 4th of July might be a day where you indulge in what you normally do not eat. You know that choosing healthy substitutes is part of your weight loss and lifestyle changes, therefore there is no reason why you can't stay on track with what you are already doing. It will take some self control, but watermelon and other fresh fruits are an awesome personal choices instead of chowing down on cookies, pie or cake. Stay away from the food table(s) because they may tempt you to mindlessly snack. Call ahead to see what the menu will be; maybe YOU can be the one to bring the fruit salad or other low sugar / low starch dessert to the picnic. We have a ton of healthy recipes in our Facebook Weight Loss Group (click the Photos link to access Photo Albums with recipes) and Skinny Fiber Facebook Page (click the Photos link on the left hand side of the page and healthy recipes are there). It's not too late to whip up with your own special dishes to share!

Staying away from bread, potatoes, corn, etc if you are doing a low carb diet! Meat, Deviled Eggs, Cheese / Veggie Tray (even just Celery w/ cream cheese) and vegetables are always the best choices. If just eating a normal diet while on Skinny Fiber, remember not to ignore how the pills work and your body! Keep eating what you like but less, though it is still an awesome choice to limit your starchy sides to 1/4 cup of linguini salad / pasta salad / potato salad. Starchy, Sugary and Prepackaged / Processed Foods are addictive. It may be hard to stay on track if you make a habit of including those in your diet (whether for your Independence Day Celebration) or at any time.

You can stay on track for what has been working for you and stay away from what you know does not! 4th of July Weight Loss is just like any other day ... POINT BLANK!!!
#3 Make Sure To Have Water On Hand
Call ahead to make sure that your host will have plenty of water as well as the other traditional picnic beverages. If not, just bring a little cooler with your own water or a case of water to share! The weather is hot and your body needs at least 1/2 yoru weight in ounces of water, in general, so do not screw this up! You are at risk for eating more and drinking sugary drinks or diet drinks if you let yourself get dehydrated, so just make sure to have plenty of water on hand.
Stay On Track With Weight Loss Goals on 4th Of July
Having fun, eating well and not stressing yourself out is key! This is the say before the 4th of July, therefore you have plenty of time to get your head together TODAY about the healthier choices you will make tomorrow ... THIS is the KEY to not feeling bad about yourself 4th of July evening or the next day, as well as NOT GETTING OFF TRACK completely for the rest of the month. You know how it goes, so set yourself up for success TODAY instead of putting yourself at risk for not accomplishing your weight loss goals.


Much love and blessings to all of you!




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