Week 1 Winner - Plank & Power Fitness Challenge (November 2015)

Week 1 winner of our plank and power fitness challenge. Join our group to get in on the fun!

I know this is a little past due and I'll try to do better this Monday ... Here is the winner for Week 1 of our Plank & Power Fitness Challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated this week; please make sure to keep working out with us each day to keep fit and combat weight gain this holiday season. Maybe you'll be the next one selected for the week 2 gift, so don't give up :) *** PLEASE click the share buttons at the bottom of this page and share with friends to join us!

GROUP LINK -> http://www.weightlosssupportonline.com

Plank & Power Fitness Challenge Details

If you haven't been following along, here are the details of the fitness challenge. We are planking and exercising to better health, so we can shape up NOT bulk up this winter. 


Each day, I post the plank position examples and the number of seconds to hold the pose. There are easy to advanced plank pose options, so that we all can work on strengthening our arms, core, etc. no matter what fitness level.


Every other day I remind about the power fitness workout. The power exercises include 20 minutes of your choice of walking, running, treadmill, elliptical, stepper, arc, biking or whatever cardio exercise you prefer except more powerful than you typically do if you already workout each week. It can be a little more powerful or a lot (depending on your fitness level) and just getting up and exercising 20 minutes every other day if you are just getting started.


One participant is selected for a gift or prize (However you want to consider it) at random each week as motivation for the members of our group and Skinny Fiber customers that participate in the fitness challenge.  The first week's selection included everyone that checked in; the rest of the weeks include the names for everyone who participates at least 3 times a week.

* Not for distributors, representatives or consultants from health & wellness companies.

How To Join The Fitness Challenge?

To find out when we are having fitness challenges - or - to join the existing fitness challenge, go to our Weight Loss Support Online group, click the EVENTS link and find the most recent event posted. If you are not currently a member, add me as a friend and then go to the group link to join, Start on the most recent day and do your best at the challenge. We work on honor there, so don't check in when you don't workout and CHECK IN by either clicking LIKE or COMMENT after you have completed your daily workout challenge.

Who won the Plank and Power Fitness Challenge for week 1?
Who Won The Fitness Challenge For Week 1?
Congrats to Katey Z for winning the challenge this week.

She had the choice of a bottle of Skinny Fiber, Ageless or a certificate to put towards a purchase that will help with her health or fitness goals. She was really excited :)

Please make sure to congratulate and motivate her to keep working out!!!

If you have any questions, you can message me on Facebook or Contact Me here.

I look forward to working out with you this week :)

Hugs & Blessings to you!!!

Your friend,




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